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Cannabis Greenhouse: Sheltering Your Weed Plants

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As the use of cannabis greenhouses are slowly becoming more popular, a little more thought should be placed into having one. Do you know how to build a greenhouse? What is the easiest way on how to build a greenhouse? This and a lot more factors will surely influence your decision for cannabis growing. So, let’s talk about cannabis greenhouses!

One of the many decisions that you will have to face when growing cannabis is whether an indoor or outdoor growing setup works best for you. While each of these have their own perks and benefits, it will most likely depend on personal preference with such. But wait a minute, is there any way wherein you can actually combine the two? If you take some of the best qualities of an indoor growing garden and combine it with an outdoor setup, what do you end up with? The answer to that is simple: a cannabis greenhouse



What is a Cannabis Greenhouse?

A cannabis greenhouse is basically a growing site that is usually located outdoors but houses the plants in an indoor environment. It is safe to say that a cannabis greenhouse generally combines the best qualities of both setups for best results. While the greenhouse will generally still make use of the fresh air and sunlight from the natural environment, it also relies a ton on some installations of equipment to fully control the environment. Talk about getting the best of both worlds!

Wait a minute, if this is the case, then it is surely a hassle to set up, right? Well, there’s that. A cannabis greenhouse is a pretty advanced form of cannabis cultivation. As such, it will take a pretty hefty amount of experience in order to operate one! Additionally, the steps and procedures on how to build a greenhouse is no simple matter, either. It is a costly thing to do that will require a lot of time and effort!

Of course, in the long run, knowing how to build a greenhouse will serve you invaluable benefits! 

Why Should I Grow Using a Cannabis Greenhouse?

Is learning how to build a greenhouse truly worth the time and effort? What are things that typical growers will gain when they decide to use a greenhouse? 

Here are some of the most sought-after features of using a cannabis greenhouse. Knowing how this affects your growing experience will surely influence your decisions to learn how to build a greenhouse!

  • Using a cannabis greenhouse, combines the best uses of natural elements with the full control over the environment! This way, growers are left with a much wider range of opportunities to tweak and adjust their gardens. 
  • Despite growers placing them outdoors, the surrounding tents are actually durable enough to protect your cannabis plants from harmful elements! One of the main disadvantages that outdoor setups have is their susceptibility to outside factors. But with greenhouses, your  weed buds have the same protection as what you would get from an indoor garden!
  • While the seasons may play a part in your planning and scheduling, using a cannabis greenhouse does give you the opportunity to tweak the growing conditions! As such, a lot less seasonal influence is placed onto the growth of your weed garden. You can give your plants a lot more light than if they grow outdoors. Additionally, cold weathers and seasons may be compensated for by adjusting the lighting patterns in your gardens. Growing during any time of the year is definitely a plus!

and Here is More…

  • Like we said, learning how to build a greenhouse is very intriguing. This is especially true since you can maximize the controls that you have over the outdoor elements! Are the climates fluctuating in your area? No problem! You can simply switch to relying on equipment (lighting systems, fans, air vents, heaters, cooling systems, etc.) in order to simulate an outdoor setup!
  • Now, it is pretty clear that you can expect better outputs and larger yields during the harvests in a cannabis greenhouse. In fact, the advanced growers who already make use of such a growing method are known to produce the most resinous and potent buds out there! Using a cannabis greenhouse is a state-of-the-art growing method so it shouldn’t come as a surprise for the resulting weed buds to turn out pretty glorious. Most commercial distributors and big-time cultivators use this. 
  • You’re still gonna be using a hot of the sun’s light and heat. As such, it isn’t as energy-draining as other indoor gardens would be. In the long run, you can actually save up a sizable amount of money from electricity savings.     

Tips For a Cannabis Greenhouse: The Right Elements!

Before you actually start rushing into learning how to build a greenhouse, there are a few other things that might want to consider! You might end up investing a lot of time and money into learning how to build a greenhouse only to find out that it isn’t a practical choice for you!

Here are some of the most important factors that will help you pick what kind of greenhouse you wish to build and how you want it to operate:

Pick the Right Strain

I’m pretty sure that all of you are aware that not all cannabis strains grow the same! While there are a great deal of strains that do well indoors, many others prefer an outdoor environment. Now, while this actually gives cannabis greenhouse owners a much wider variety of weed strains, you’re still gonna have to choose carefully! 

Picking a strain for your greenhouse is gonna be the same for any other setup. You are still going to have to take into account the climates in your area, the lighting sources, air circulation, tidiness, and even the size of your growing area. 

Photoperiod seeds (regular and feminized) are going to be a lot harder to grow if you opt to choose natural lighting in your greenhouses. Because they will mainly rely on the amount of light that they receive, you should make sure that seasons in your place are not subject to as many fluctuations. 

On the other hand, autoflowering strains are going to be less demanding when it comes to sunlight but more demanding in terms of training techniques. Autoflowering seeds are known to bring smaller yields to your gardens. As such, it might be a good idea to use training techniques to increase yields for a better output. 

Choosing the Right Location For Your Greenhouse

Looking for the sweetest spot in your backyards or fields is going to be a big reason for your garden’s success. Make sure that you allot a sufficient amount of space for your growing area. It is important to remember that you won’t only need space for the pots and plants that you grow! You also need a storage area, enough space to walk around, your equipment and facilities, as well as enough room proper air circulation!

Grow rooms are often built as being able to accommodate all cannabis plants. It is quite common for cannabis plants, especially sativas, to reach heights of up to 15 to 20 feet tall! Grow rooms should be designed to allow marijuana plants to grow and expand to their full potential. If plants hit the ceilings of your greenhouses while growing, then this might indicate a need to expand the roof a little more.

One other factor to consider is the direction in which your greenhouse faces. If it is placed somewhere that can maximize the exposure to sunlight during the day, then you can definitely make more use of natural lighting. 

Most backyards wouldn’t be big enough to house a full-sized greenhouse but personal and small-time growers who wish to learn how to build a greenhouse can definitely make use of the space that they have. PLan things accordingly!

Material to Use for Your Greenhouse

The material that you will use for the walls and covering of your greenhouse is both a financial and durability decision to make. As you have probably seen in many videos and TV shows out there, greenhouses can be made of pretty much any material. But the two main ones that stand out are glass (which a lot of people fall through in movies) and heavy-duty plastic

Glass is often used for bigger companies and established distributors. They are great for spreading an even coating of light through to the garden and provide a much more visible view from the outside. However, glass is pretty heavy and they will cost a pretty hefty price, most especially for larger greenhouses. Despite industry-grade glass often being used, the fact still stands that glass is pretty fragile and can break with the right amount of pressure. 

Go Polycarbonate

On the other hand, we have plastic. Now, you can either opt for simple, soft plastic sheets (polyester and/or nylon). Or a harder and more durable polycarbonate coating. The quality of material will clearly reflect on the cost that you pay for it. Nylon coatings may be cheaper but will have a higher risk of ripping apart and breaking. Polycarbonate is a sturdy alternative to glass but does not offer the same reflective prowess as glass. Still, this is something that can be dealt with through lighting systems.

Greenhouses are often built with translucent materials in order to allow the exposure of light into the garden. This gives the setup a more natural and organic approach all the while still implementing complete control over the environment.

Sealed and Secure

Despite being built outdoors, it is very crucial to make sure that your greenhouses are perfectly sealed and secured! If not, outdoor pests and insects may still find a way into your gardens and contaminate your cannabis plants. The entrance to your gardens should be able to withstand any strong winds from breaking it down. While a zipper would be a bare minimum standard, having a glass door or a plastic barrier is a much safer choice.

Security also means that you should build your greenhouses discreetly. Hide them away from your neighbors in order to avoid arousing any suspicions. Building a small greenhouse is entirely possible! It doesn’t need to be something extra large that can be seen by many. As such, if you are a home cultivator who wants to use  of a greenhouse, perhaps a smaller scale greenhouse is your best choice. 

Sufficient Planning is the Way to Go

Even if you have not even started planting your first seeds, you should already plan the whole cultivation process under the greenhouse! From canvassing the prices of your materials, maintaining the garden, all the way up to the harvest, you should already have a firm plan on how to operate your greenhouse. 

Properly segregate the sections of your greenhouse so that each process of cultivation can be done under the ideal climates and conditions! For example, the plants under the vegetative stages will need to be placed under a section with more light exposure. For flowering, make sure that you have tents in place in order to block out the sun and cover the plants!

Pretty much everything in a greenhouse will need a detailed plan in order to succeed. It may definitely be difficult at first but you can get the hang of it with a few cultivation batches.

Conclusion: Should I Learn How to Build a Greenhouse? 

After reading through this article, you will find that operating a cannabis greenhouse is more inclined to advanced growers. But you should not be intimidated by this! Everyone has to start somewhere. Using a cannabis greenhouse or learning how to build it is something that most people should do if given the chance. The benefits of using one far outweigh the costs and drawbacks that you will initially invest in. 

Try familiarizing yourself with indoor and outdoor growing first before opting for a greenhouse. As you slowly start building up the experience of cannabis growing, it will make the transition to using a greenhouse much easier! 

If you do decide to make that leap, there are guides that will teach you how to build a greenhouse. Go ahead and see what all the hype is about! Good luck!

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