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Cannabis CBD VS Hemp CBD

The world is truly revolving just as the demands of various cannabis and hemp products. CBD is one of the main compositions in every cannabis and hemp. It has been highly regarded due to its effects not only on physical health but on all aspects of the human system. 

In this article, we will talk about cannabis CBD vs hemp CBD. But before we even go further, let us have an overview of their technical definitions and all the things that you need to know about both of them. 

As the main and common denominator of these two terms is CBD, let’s have a quick understanding of what CBD is. 

Things you should know

What is CBD?

CBD or also known as cannabidiol is commonly distinguished as the main composition of cannabis. Though there are hundreds of cannabinoid inclusions in marijuana, this substance doesn’t cause someone high. But little you know, this core component is directly obtained from the hemp plant which we will discuss in the other section of this article. 

The main reason why CBD has been massively existing in the market is none other than its benefits and effects. With various conclusions based on many science experiments and researches, CBD has been regarded as very helpful and magnificently beneficial to the human system. 

CBD has been discovered as capable of treating numerous health conditions such as epilepsy, mental-related difficulties, body-related ailments, psychological illnesses, etc. Though there may be some side effects in taking it, its loads of advantages can wash away all its negative results for a greater cause. 

In understanding what CBD is, you will be able to slowly comprehend the difference between cannabis CBD and hemp CBD. Now, let us now talk about the difference between cannabis and hemp. 

What is cannabis?

Cannabis is a genus flowering plant that belongs to the cannabaceae family. The Cannabaceae family is grouped in 11 genera which are of course our point of discussion; Cannabis, and other sorts like Humulus and Celtis. 

Cannabis includes three species known as indica, sativa, and ruderalis. It is commonly known as marijuana, weed, grass, herb, Mary Jane, pot, ganja, bud, and other slang names. 

Cannabis is primarily grown for recreational use, yet various researchers regarded it also as a medicinal icon with several aspects to study. Relatively, cannabis includes a great amount of THC that is very psychoactive and can present its users with boosting high. 

When it comes to its physical description, cannabis has huge leaves and can produce loads of buds on its stalks that are typically grown of pistils. 

What is hemp? 

Biologically, hemp, and marijuana are the same as they both belong to the same family. However, these two are different in many aspects such as its morphology, substance composition, and use. As cannabis is a group in the cannabaceae family that includes three different species, hemp is a variety of cannabis. 

Hemp is commonly known as a variety of cannabis plant used for industrial purposes. Unlike cannabis which normally produces high THC content, hemp produces low THC inclusions. This means, it cannot in any way result in a psychoactive effect or it can’t get its users extravagantly high. 

As it is mainly produced for industrial applications, hemp allows various manufacturers and the like to generate different beneficial materials such as food, clothing, textiles, cosmetics, paper, cordage, composite materials, plastics, etc. 

When it comes to its physical description, hemp leaves are commonly thinner and skinnier and can grow up to 20 feet. Hemp does not typically have huge buds surrounding its stalks, unlike cannabis. 

The summary of the difference

  1. Cannabis is a group of plants that belongs to the cannabaceae family while hemp is a variety of cannabis.
  2. Cannabis and hemp are biologically the same as they are derived from the same family. 
  3. Cannabis is composed of high THC while hemp is incorporated with low THC. 
  4. Cannabis is normally produced for recreational use while hemp is for industrial applications. 
  5. Cannabis can get you high while hemp can’t. 
  6. Cannabis includes notable colas, and buds while hemp’s remarkable physical description is just a long fan-blade with no buds or colas significantly seen by the human eye. 

Cannabis CBD vs Hemp CBD explained

Now that you have a great summary of technical definitions, you will be able to immediately understand the difference between cannabis CBD and hemp CBD. CBD is only derived from two plants, these are cannabis and hemp. However, there are a lot of aspects that are different. These are the following: 

  • CBD derived from cannabis is still illegal at the federal law while CBD derived from hemp is completely legal as long as it follows the imposed rules of substance composition. 
  • Cannabis CBD is acquired from marijuana in various processes while hemp CBD is acquired from hemp. The difference between cannabis and hemp is already discussed above. 
  • CBD obtained from either cannabis or hemp remains the same especially at their CBD molecular level. There may be some differences when it comes to smell and flavor as cannabis CBD is extracted from a marijuana plant itself which includes buds, stems, and leaves that may contain some or minimal psychoactive properties. 
  • Cannabis CBD is produced by various licensed manufacturers. Hemp CBD, on the other hand, is mainly produced by industrial hemp plants. 


As CBD is increasing its demand in the market nowadays, a lot of products and items are continuously produced with diverse compositions and arrangements. 

For the record, there are two classifications of CBD derivation, it is either a cannabis-derived CBD or a hemp-derived one. While cannabis-derived are technically acquired CBD directly from cannabis plants, hemp-derived CBD is obtained from hemp plants, seeds, and fiber. 

Though cannabis and hemp are biologically regarded as the same as they belong to the same plant family, their differences vary depending on their morphology, chemical compositions, and uses. 

Cannabis and hemp are structurally similar by physical description, hemp does not have notable buds and colas, unlike marijuana which are seen as bulky, larger, and heavier insight. 

With understanding the difference between cannabis CBD and hemp CBD, you will be able to distinguish their purpose differences. Although CBD has a similar molecular level, the effects of cannabis CBD and hemp CBD can only differ due to added substance mixture such as the buds and other cannabis parts extracted and looped from the process. 

Hopefully, the above information has helped you understand everything you need to know about cannabis CBD vs hemp CBD. Meanwhile, both of them are great but not both of them are legal. So be very mindful of what you purchase and always check the description for details. 

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