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Cannabis Bud Taste Harsh – Reason Behind It

When you find that your harvest of buds that you thought are good quality actually taste harsh, there might be a problem with how you prepared them post-harvest. After harvest, you have to do three steps in order to get to a point where your weed is already smokable. These steps are flushing, drying and curing. And if your cannabis tastes harsh, there might be a problem somewhere along the three steps.


Flushing your cannabis buds is done during the last two weeks of your marijuana plants’ flowering stage. It is done by using plain water that is already pH balanced to water your plants instead of using nutrient solution. The term “flushing” is very appropriate for this step because watering with pH balanced water would “flush” your plants of unwanted chemical compounds. Doing so will leach out residual salts that would affect your buds otherwise. You do the flushing by pouring lots of pH balanced water on your plants until most of it comes out from the bottom. When you’ve done this, you may notice that your plants start turning yellow or brown. You should not be alarmed by this reaction because this only means that flushing has worked.


After flushing then comes drying. Drying is done after harvesting your cannabis buds. You need to do this until your harvested cannabis buds are bone dry. The one thing that makes the drying process such a crucial step is that you need to take care to slow dry your buds. Quick and fast drying is not advisable as it will result to weak weed and all your hard work of growing your cannabis plants would have been all for nothing. There are several kinds of methods for slow drying. Most growers just hang the buds inside a cool and dark room. Just make sure that you control the temperature and humidity inside your drying room to prevent he formation of molds and other bugs and pests on your buds.


Once you’ve spent about a week of hanging dry your cannabis buds, now comes the last and final step in preparing smokable weed: the curing. This step is usually where something goes wrong that results in a harsher tasting smoke so you better pay attention. To know that your cannabis buds are ready for curing, make sure that the  dried branches already snap and not just bend when you try to manipulate them. If this is already the case, you can now take out the individual buds from their stems. Put the buds in airtight glass jars and open them only at least once a day to get rid of any air and moisture that have collected inside. You need to do this process for at least two weeks.

When you’ve done all of these three steps properly, there should be no problem with harsh tasting weed smoke anymore. After curing, your buds will be ready to be grinded up and smoked, no problem.

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