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Cannabis and Religion: Everything You Should Know

cannabis and religion everything you should know

Religion has various positions on the consumption of quality cannabis seeds for sale, presently and historically. In ancient times, some religions consumed cannabis as an entheogen. The use of cannabis has indeed been very popular worldwide. However, there are a lot of arguments raised by religion when it comes to cannabis consumption.

Religion on Quality Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Here are some things you need to know about religion on quality cannabis seeds for sale:

Religion is not in the right position to tell whether or not the use of cannabis be legalized and be available for medication. Nevertheless, there can be a good reason to allow cannabis usage if it is intended for a much acceptable purpose. Thus, if the cannabis is consumed in some kind and under the supervision of a doctor to rescue those who are suffering from pain or people whose current medications are nor working favorably, it should be permitted. It is understood that there are disagreements against the medicinal consumption of cannabis, but religion cannot collaborate with them.

Just recently, the Colorado citizens authorized Amendment 64 which permits the personal consumption and supervision of adults for people 21 years old and above. Even though cannabis is not yet legalized under federal law, the legal 4, in Colorado. The judgment of Colorado opened the opportunity to cannabis legalization for more than medical usages in some other states such as Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon.

This has created boundless arguments and discussions among religions as to whether the consumption of cannabis can be considered a sin. This argument is directly referred to the consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes to which the main intention of the user is to get high.

Does the bible talk about the use of cannabis? The answer to this question is both yes and no. Some people believe that the consumption of cannabis is specifically emphasized in Genesis 1:29 where it was God has been quoted to tell Adam that God has given Adam every plant on earth that yields seed, including each fruit-bearing tree with seeds in it. God was quoted saying that Adam can have them for food.

However, how many of the cannabis consumers are taking it as food. The verse provides no approval for the practice of cannabis smoking to get high. No food is taken on smoking.

Hence, other than this verse in Genesis, cannabis is nowhere stated in the Bible. The question we have to learn to answer is this – did we find anything from the Bible which is comparable to the recreational consumption of cannabis? The answer to the question is “Yes” – intoxication through alcohol drinking.

But what establishes intoxication? If the Bible allows the intake of alcohol in average quantity, can it not also allow the consumption of cannabis in average quantity? We are aware that an individual can intake a little amount of alcohol without the desire of being drunk. Shall an individual likely intake little quantities of cannabis without the plan of being intoxicated? To clarify, “intoxication” must be defined.

How about caffeine? A lot of people drink cola and coffee and some energy drinks to attain a physical impact. That is true, however, there is a remarkable difference. Cannabis can momentarily harm the dependable processing of enclosing reality. Commonly, caffeine grinds processing. A lot of coffee drinkers wish to stay awake, execute their tasks more efficiently, and drive home safely. It is possible to misuse caffeine, however, being a natural energizer, it is most widely consumed not as a way to escape reality, but rather an effort to responsibly connect with reality.

Hence, different from caffeine, cannabis is not widely perceived as an entrusting drug which lets you become alert, aware, and more competent. Instead, for many consumers, it is a recreational escape, that generated reduced preciseness of memory, reasoning, and observation. And it may create a lasting unpleasant impact on the ability of the mind to execute what God made it do.

Writing in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 says that you are not aware that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, whom you have reserved for God. This means that your body is not your own since you were bought with a corresponding price. Therefore, learn to glorify the Heavenly Father by respecting your body. Opposite to what others believe about themselves, religious people do not have the eventual jurisdiction over their bodies to do whatever they want. Our body belongs to Jesus Christ. The body is the home of the Holy Spirit. The body is to be used to glorify and honor God.

Thus, if you select smoke cannabis or drink to excess to get high, you need to question yourself – will this decision please Jesus?

It is written in 1 Corinthians 6:13 that the body is intended for the Lord, so as the Lord is for the body. The human bodies are equipped with the creation and reclaimed by Christ’s blood so that they can be instruments for his glory and use. Thus, people must try to see and understand. Our minds are polished by God to recognize Him and flourish in our devotion to him. We must turn our back from things that weaken our minds in this regard.

What kind of a follower of Jesus when you involve yourself in the recreational consumption of drugs whose intention is to bring about a state of inertia and reduced preciseness in mental scrutiny and basic reasoning? Not an ideal thing to do.

You should question yourself, will it build up the cause of Jesus Christ? Will it solidify and intensify your knowledge for Jesus Christ? Ask yourself these questions and you may bring out the various answer from the one we commonly hear.

Lastly, put in mind that the only power externally to which you must surrender conscious control is God’s Holy Spirit. Do not get high on cannabis because that is revelry, but be occupied with the Spirit.

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