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Cannabis and Phosphorous

cannabis phosphorous

Cannabis needs many elements and nutrients to grow properly and vigorously. The major elements for your Cannabis are nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium or N-P-K. They are food for your Cannabis plants in which if they will not be given in right amount and application, your weeds will starve and grow unhealthy. The most important nutrient for Cannabis growing is nitrogen; however, other nutrients are also needed to maintain a healthy growth of your weeds.

What is phosphorous?

Phosphorous is the second element for Cannabis growing. This is a kind of macronutrient in Cannabis and is present among weed plants. This element is a big part of the overall cycle of your weeds. It is present in any part of the Marijuana plants which has an overall weight of about 0.1% to 0.8%. This element is very vital in both seedling and flowering stage because it is the one who will help the plant in the photosynthetic process and transfer of energy. Another big emphasis of phosphorous is the fact that it is present in the DNA molecules and has a big role in the reproduction process. Growers must bear in mind that phosphorous should be abundant in Cannabis plants especially if you are planning for seed production and to reproduce strains because this element will help in the seed production of your weeds as well as in the process of passing the traits of the genetic information from generation to generation.

The right amount of phosphorus in every stage of Marijuana life

During early stage

For the early stage, you need to apply phosphorous in your Cannabis to help the plant in its faster growth and will achieve an overall strength. However, even this element is important during this stage; you still need to start in low dosage because the plant is very sensitive and delicate during in its early stage. 1/8 or ¼ of the required dosage amount is enough as a start.

If you are using a kind of soil which is rich in nutrients it will be okay to not apply phosphorous yet.

Pre-flowering stage

During this phase, all kinds of elements are needed. Phosphorous is not that important during this stage because your weeds will need more nitrogen and potassium during pre-flowering. In the application of phosphorous, you can use either chemical or organic, but make sure to not overfeed your weeds with any of the said elements because Marijuana plants are also sensitive during pre-flowering.


Flowering stage is a phase where the flowers will start to show. These flowers are like pistils and are hairy. In this stage, you need some fertilizer switching. In flowering stage, your fertilizer would be 10-20-20 or bigger amount of phosphorous and potassium and a lesser amount of nitrogen.

The very reason why your weeds need a larger amount of phosphorous during the flowering stage is the fact that phosphorous has a vital part in the flowering process. But bear in mind that even your weeds need a large amount of phosphorous you still not to overfeed it. On the other side, a smaller amount of phosphorous will result in production of smaller flowers and if this will happen it will result to decrease of your yield.

Chemical fertilizers with phosphorous

If you preferred to use chemical fertilizers for your Marijuana plants, you can use P202 form. Using a fertilizer like N-P-K will be enough to support the growth of your weeds.

Organic fertilizers with phosphorous

If you are growing organically, you also need to use fertilizers which are organic. There are organic things which are phosphorous rich and you can use them to feed your Marijuana plants. They are the following:

  • Bonemeal

It is a form of crushed bones of animals is known as phosphorous rich matter. However, they can be absorbed slowly so you might not see results right away.

  • Rock phosphate

This is a kind of salt which has overall salt content. However, the bad side of this mineral is the fact that it is very slow moving; as a result, your plants could not able to absorb it right away. The best way to use this mineral is to manufacture it in another way or form to make it more effective and easy to use.

  • Bat guano

This is a manure or waste of bats and it has 20% or more phosphorous content. However, this organic matter has a large percentage of nitrogen which makes it not advisable to use for young Cannabis plants.

  • Animal tankage

Animal tankage is dried products of slaughtered animals. It is a good source of phosphorous and even nitrogen. Its phosphorous content is higher than nitrogen so it still safe to use for your weeds.

Signs and symptoms of phosphorous deficiency

Most of the time, the symptoms of phosphorous deficiency can be seen in the leaves. They are evident in the following forms:

  • Give negative effects to lower and older leaves
  • Leaves will turn dark and shiny like turning into dark green, grayish or blue.
  • The leaves will turn into  yellow
  • Some leaves may turn into bronze or purple while some may start to have brown spots and blotches
  • Will thicken the leaves causing it to dry and stiff
  • Sometime, the stems will turn into bright red or purple

Solutions in case your weeds will experience phosphorous deficiency

  • Adjust your Ph level into its correct range
  • Make sure to give enough care of the roots of your weeds
  • Make some steps to provide the right amount of temperature
  • Give the right nutrients

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