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Cannabis and Nitrogen

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Nitrogen is not just an important element of Cannabis growing but it has also a big part of its overall growth. Cannabis plants and nitrogen has an important and big connection with each other because if your weeds will not receive enough amount of nitrogen, it will surely end up to damages.

What is nitrogen?

Nitrogen is an important element in the structure of amino acids. The amino acid is a kind of molecule which will help in the production of protein. Together with other forms of biochemical, it will help in the photosynthetic process of the plants. Nitrogen is present in genetic material like chlorophyll, that is why you need to make sure that your weeds will receive enough and right application of nitrogen to ensure overall healthy growth.

Why does Cannabis love nitrogen?

Nitrogen is an essential element in Cannabis growing. Did you know that Cannabis plants are nitrophile or a real lover of nitrogen? With this element, your weeds will achieve faster and lush growth.

Nitrogen deficiency

Lack of nitrogen will result in unhealthy leaves that will eventually lead to death if will not be treated right away. One of the most identifiable signs of nitrogen deficiency is the discoloration of your Cannabis leaves. Normally, leaves are in green color, and if it will turn to yellow and will become soft and some sort of folds, your weeds need nitrogen. However, you must also bear in mind that signs of nitrogen deficiency in leaves will normally show up in the lowers leaves. This means that if the signs of damage will appear on the upper leaves of the plants, then there might be other problems your weeds are facing.

Nitrogen is a kind of mobile nutrient; this basically means that it can move throughout the plants. Leaves need nitrogen to process its own food together with the energy from the sun. If some of your leaves will not receive enough amount of this element, it will steal nitrogen content from lower leaves; as a result, lower leaves will die and wilting. A good solution is to supply your weeds right amount of nitrogen.

Nitrogen and vegetative stage

If you are expert growers, you will really hate to experience nitrogen deficiency in the vegetative phase. For those beginners, it is an important point that you should make sure that you weeds will receive enough amount of nitrogen. During this stage, a higher level of nitrogen intake must be given to your weeds. If your weeds will experience some discolorations or yellowing of leaves at this stage, make sure that you will treat your weeds right away. The very reason why nitrogen is very important in vegetation is the fact the leaves will manufacture their own food and if the leaves will be damaged, the photosynthetic process will also be affected.

Nitrogen and flowering stage

Nitrogen is an important element however you also need to control its application or else it will result in nitrogen toxicity. During the flowering stage, there will be switching of fertilizer’s amount of application. For pre-flowering, you need to lower down nitrogen application because your weeds will produce buds this time and too much nitrogen will prevent your Cannabis plants to produce bigger buds.

Nitrogen toxicity

Nitrogen is a major need of Cannabis plants but too much application of this element will also result in possible damage like nitrogen toxicity. Signs of nitrogen toxicity are the darkening of green leaves while some leaves may turn to shiny, stems will become weak and overall it will cause your weed’s slow growth. Most of the time, growers cause nitrogen toxicity in their Cannabis when they feed large intake of nitrogen in their weeds during the flowering stage.

What are the signs of nitrogen toxicity?

It is important that every grower will know the signs of Cannabis toxicity. So that that you will find good solutions for it. These signs are the following:

  • The leaves and foliage will turn into dark
  • The tip parts of the leaves will turn down even there are no signs of overwatering
  • as time goes by, you will notice that the leaves are starting to turn yellow
  • The presence of claws in the leaves show up more often
  • As time will pass by, the clawed leaves will start to turn yellow.

Solutions for nitrogen toxicity in Cannabis plants

If you happen to see some signs of nitrogen toxicity in your beloved weeds, the first thing you must do is to control and lessen your nitrogen application. Following the right amount and formula in nitrogen application is a must especially during the bud production. However, if you happen to apply the right amount of nitrogen and there are still signs of toxicity, then maybe you are using hot soil. Hot soil will give extra nutrients to your plants. The commonly known solution it so flushes off a filtered and ph leveled water to your plants to wash out extra nutrients especially nitrogen.

What are the main reasons why you should make prevention and treatment to nitrogen toxicity?

  • If your Marijuana plants will get too much nitrogen especially in vegetative stage, it will not grow healthy and vigorously
  • Too much application of nitrogen in flowering stage is a real disaster, this will cause your weeds to produce smaller buds
  • If you will respond quickly, you have a higher chance of helping your plants. Upon noticing some signs of nitrogen toxicity, make sure that you will make possible ways to solve the problem right away.

Nitrogen is considered as a foundation for the growth of your weeds, as growers, your role is to meet its need without overdoing it. Since the vegetative stage is where your weeds will need a lot of nitrogen, then you should provide it, however, bear in mind that too much nitrogen will also result to plant’s damage.

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