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Can You Smoke Weed After Surgery?

In the past few years, marijuana has become one of the most commonly used remedies for various health problems like depression and anxiety. However, people know just a bit regarding how they can use cannabis as a remedy if they underwent surgery just a few days ago. 

Can a patient subject to surgery smoke weed after surgery? Are there risks to encounter if you smoke after the operation? 

If you will undergo a surgical operation and have questions concerning cannabis and how it can affect your condition, it’s best to consult a doctor. However, here are some ideas and tips that can help you. 

Can a Patient Smoke Cannabis Before Surgery?

There were some studies held that can share something conclusive regarding marijuana and surgery. A lot of doctors aren’t well-trained to understand what the endocannabinoid system is. The reason behind this is that the endocannabinoid system was never included in the medical school research and curriculum for over 40 years. 

In terms of consuming weed before undergoing a surgical operation, it is nearly impossible to get high when you lie down on the bed if you follow the provided directions and hospital policies. It is due to the effects of consuming pot typically wear off even before you face the preparatory procedures for surgery. Remember, no one will allow you to smoke cannabis while you’re in the hospital. 

When it comes to edibles, the physicians routinely advise the patients to not eat anything before the operation. Meaning, you are discouraged to avoid eating any food for the succeeding 8 hours before the schedule of surgery. 

You can’t even drink anything in the last 2 hours before the operation. So, you may be tempted to drink something with cannabis extract out of the strict 2-hour window. Perhaps, you want to enjoy your tea with cannabis extract right after the doctor told you to fast. Still, you should resist the temptation for the meantime. 

If you’re a medical marijuana patient or a recreational cannabis user who consumes pot regularly, you must let your anesthesiologist know it beforehand. You have to disclose it, especially if you have done smoking or consuming cannabis before the procedure. Do not hesitate to tell him even if you’ve done it unlawfully. 

Keep in mind that your anesthesiologist is not a policeman. He just wants to ensure you will get through the operation without complications. If you can, just follow the advice and always remember it’s not for good. 

Can I Smoke Weed After Surgery?

A lot of medical specialists advise their patients to refrain from smoking cannabis after undergoing a surgical operation. It will be a must, especially when you have undergone a lung or heart-related process.

However, some studies suggest consuming cannabis after surgery because it can help wean the patient off of the painkilling medicines routinely prescribed to be consumed after surgery. Physicians specializing in marijuana treatments may suggest a more effective way to manage the effect of those medicines. 

The truth in whether one can smoke cannabis after surgery or not will always depend on personal experiences. The World Wide Web provides personal opinions and stories of some cannabis users who consumed it as a post-operation remedy. 

Unfortunately, the claims for this lack of further research & medical opinion. So, it is best to visit your doctor before and even after you undergo any procedure. If you’re advised to take a break from using cannabis, then follow it. Just be patient as it won’t be for a lifetime. 

Dangers and Recovery

Several risks have been linked to using weed right away after surgery. Generally, surgeons want your body to be sober after the procedure. This way, when a complication suddenly comes in, it will be easier to determine the cause behind it. Some of the big risks or dangers to consider are reduced blood flow, risk of infection, and sluggish recovery process. 

Smoking cannabis involves consuming more particulates. The process can harm your immune system and form a probably unclean environment. Likewise, smoking cannabis after surgery can trigger coughing that can result in the breakage of the stitches and drain leakage. Those constraints don’t apply to a person who uses cannabis in some other way, like topical application. 

Marijuana consumed as edibles or oil doesn’t have a negative effect on the recovery process. However, you should be more careful about using marijuana after surgery, even if as edibles or a topical solution. This is so true if you’re taking painkillers. Cannabis may interact with those medicines, leading to a change of mood or behavior patterns. 

When Can You Smoke Again?

While the case various for each procedure, the recuperation phase for most of the surgical procedures may last for 4 weeks or even longer. After 4 weeks, doctors may allow their patients to exercise once again. At that time, you can resume and smoke cannabis. 

In the long run, your wounds heal and will no longer need painkillers. In this period, you can freely consume your favorite strain without having to worry about any side effects. Only your doctor can tell when you will stop taking painkillers. That is when you can also ask permission to smoke weed again. 

Help yourself. For now, you need to forget your smoking routine no matter how you miss it. This little sacrifice will mean more to your safety and life in the long run. You must carefully follow the advice and instructions of your physician. 

Never try to violate any of those, smoke cannabis, and keep it a secret. You cannot keep it a secret because the moment something wrong happens to you, your doctor will know you didn’t follow him. 

The Bottom Line

The recovery process after undergoing surgery is not easy. It is long and boring. Your wounds will be painful, so you need painkillers. That means you should never try to smoke weed once or twice. You have to remain sober while recovering. Just think of the possible side effects if you smoke weed after surgery. From there, motivate yourself to resist the urge. You will be doing it for yourself. 

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