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Can You Grow Indica and Sativa Together?

Wherever you go, marijuana has become a hot topic because of how it is now getting more accepted by governments and by society as well. Given that, pure indica and pure sativa seeds for sale are now more common than before because people are now more educated about the different types of marijuana strains and what they do to your body. This has become an important part of the cannabis world especially now that there are more hybrids than ever before.

In that regard, it is also important to note that more people are now growing their own cannabis seeds than ever before because places where marijuana is legal also allow home cultivation of marijuana plants but under certain limits. And because those limits restrict you in the sense that you can only grow a few marijuana plants, you might need to grow indicas and sativas together at the same time if you want to make the most out of your time?

But is that possible? Well, before we get there, let us first revisit the basics of indicas and sativas.

Marijuana Fundamentals: Indica vs Sativa


Indica marijuana plants are considered the “second” species of cannabis because it was not until the 1700s when it was classified as a totally different type of marijuana. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a noted name in the field of biology back then, discovered that the marijuana plants he collected and observed near the Hindu Kush mountains of India had different attributes compared to the Cannabis sativa that westerners were accustomed to. As such, he named the plant Cannabis indica.

Cannabis indica plants are shorter than their sativa counterparts. They do not always grow to heights of over six feet tall. Moreover, these short plants tend to be bushy and stout. They also have leaves that have a darker shade of green and are faced close to one another.

When it comes to effects, the classic indica is the type of marijuana that hits you with a wave of relaxation that tends to make your body heavy and lethargic. This is the “stone” state that people often associate marijuana with. In this stoned state, you will most likely feel heavy, intensely relaxed, and calm and at peace with your surroundings. It will be almost impossible for you to feel strong enough to overcome this relaxed state.

Indicas are plants that grow better when cultivated in an area that is quite cool and dry similar to the northern climates that their ancestors were accustomed to back in the day. As such, they are best cultivated in high altitudes or in a grow room that allows you to control the temperature and humidity settings.


Sativa marijuana plants are the ones that were once more popular in western countries back in the day because its other variant, the Cannabis sativa l or hemp was used for industrial purposes. And, at that time, Cannabis sativa was regarded as the only species of marijuana until the discovery of Cannabis indica.

Physically, sativa plants are larger than your indicas. The tower to enormous heights and can easily reach over 10 feet depending on the strain you are using. There are even others that can be as tall as 15 feet. Despite their towering presence, sativa marijuana plants tend to be slender in appearance and have leaves that are of a lighter shade of green and are also spaced far apart. Imagine a tall and lanky basketball player. That is one of the best ways to describe sativa plants.

In terms of effects, sativas are more mental than physical. They will hit your head with a euphoric buzz of energy that will instantly uplift your mood to make you feel more mentally energized. As such, sativas are known for improving creativity and for inducing a more productive state of being. At times, sativas can even energize the entire body and is used as a good substitute for coffee.

When growing sativa marijuana plants, you can expect them to cultivate better in warm and humid climates that are almost tropical. Think of California or a place like Hawaii as examples of places were sativa can properly grow. They also need a lot of sunlight, so you better cultivate them in a place where they can get ample light to grow too tall heights.

Will you be able to grow them at the same time?

Cutting to the chase, yes, you can grow indicas and sativas together at the same time even though they have different growth characteristics. Just because an indica thrives well in a cold climate, it does not mean that it cannot grow in a place that is a bit warm. The same can be said about a sativa, which might thrive well in warm areas but can still grow in a cold climate. So long as you are using growing conditions that are favorable to both of the strains, there is no reason why you cannot grow them at the same time.

As such, it is best if you use a grow tent or grow room that allows you to control the climate conditions so that the conditions can be good for both your indica and sativa plants.

However, there will be some issues here that you might encounter. Sativas tend to be faster in terms of growth during the vegetative stage and will easily dwarf your indicas in no time if you grow them at the exact same time. What happens here is that your indicas will not get the same amount of light they need unless you put them on stools that would put them at the same level as your sativas. To avoid cases as such, you can train both plants together so that your sativa won’t tend to outgrow your indicas quicker.

The light cycle can also be a problem because indicas tend to have shorter flowering periods and will flower quicker than sativas. As such, when you switch the light schedule to favor your flowering indicas, it might affect how your sativas will grow during their vegetative stage. In that case, you might need to use a standard light cycle that favors both plants. Some prefer using an 18/6 light cycle but you can add more light hours if you want. But do not expect the plants to flower at the same time as some (especially the sativas) will have to stay in the grow room longer.

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