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Can You Get Seeds From Feminized Plants? 

The feminized cannabis plant is the most popular seed type for growers because it is the one that produces flowers or buds which is in-demand in the market. With the right process, the feminized cannabis plant has the ability to produce seeds without help from a male cannabis plant. In this article, we’ll know more about how feminized cannabis plant produces its own seeds.

How Does a Feminized Cannabis Plant Is Produced?

A feminized cannabis plant is a result of pollen from another female plant. There are two ways by which a feminized cannabis plant produces seed, through fertilization from male cannabis plant or through pollination from itself or from another female plant. However, these feminizing techniques may lead to producing hermaphrodite plants. 

Creating a feminized seed is a bit complicated but it will help you save a lot of time and energy in the future. If the creation of the feminized seeds is done correctly, then there will be a low chance that you will be having a hermaphrodite cannabis plant.

How Does a Feminized Cannabis Plant Produce Seeds?

For you to be able to create a feminized seed, you must be able to induce male flowers in a female plant. There are two ways in doing this, its either you would put adequate stress to the feminized cannabis plant through light stress, mechanical or some environmental stress or to just let the cannabis plant to stay in the flowering stage by not changing the light hours. This process is quite complicated and dangerous because you might incur damage to your cannabis plant if done incorrectly that is why you need to have sufficient knowledge in doing this.

These stresses that you can impose to your cannabis plant just to produce seeds may lead to hermaphrodites, where your end result will not have a distinct quality of a male or a female. There is also a big chance of getting hermaphrodites as your end result if the process is not carried out correctly.  The ideal way of producing feminized seed is through the alteration of the hormones of the cannabis plant through the use of inhibiting plant hormones to produce male flowers. These are the common ways to do it:

  1. Colloidal Silver

This is the least expensive way of producing feminized seeds. You can buy it in the market or you can make your own so that you don’t need to invest too much. This solution, particularly the silver particles, inhibits the female flowering hormones in cannabis to have male hormones. You’ll just have to spray the area for 10-18 days until you see flowers that may appear. Wait for the pollen to mature because this pollen will be used in pollinating a good quality female cannabis plant.

  1. Silver Thiosulfate (STS)

This solution takes effect by stopping the production of ethylene. It has the same process as that of the Colloidal Silver but Silver Thiosulfate is more difficult to make and find. You’ll just have to spray the cannabis plant every 5 days after changing the lighting schedule for the flowering period and spraying it again after a couple of weeks.

  1. Gibberellic Acid (GA3)

Among these three techniques, this is the least effective. Most growers who use this solution would use 100ppm concentration and they would spray the plant on a daily basis for 10 days during the flowering phase until the male flowers are produced.

Facts about Feminized Seeds

Most of the techniques in creating a feminized seed are relies on putting stress on the cannabis plant until it becomes hermaphroditic so that it has the ability to pollinate itself.

There is no truth that when a feminized seed is produced from hermaphrodites it is already unstable. There is no proof to support this claim yet but most of the hermaphrodite offspring has the same characteristics compared to a seed that has undergone the germination process.

In the past, feminized cannabis seeds are way too expensive compared to a regular cannabis seed but since there is already a wide range of seed selection there are now a lot of affordable yet high-quality feminized seeds to choose from.

Feminized and regular seeds grow under the same conditions. Growing feminized seeds does not require you to add additional equipment, nutrients, and growing techniques just to grow it healthily.

Feminized cannabis seeds are a go-to strain type especially for medicinal cannabis because of its natural characteristics and high potency.

Final Words

You can definitely get seeds from feminized cannabis plants by following different techniques to be successful. One of the most important reasons why it is important to constantly produce feminized seeds is to be able to reserve its genetics and characteristics especially that feminized seeds can benefit a lot when it comes to the cannabis industry.

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