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Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online Legally in the US?

can you buy cannabis seeds online legally in the us

There are two ways you can order seeds when you live in the US; you can buy from a seed bank near you or you can buy seeds online. But are there reputable seed banks to buy seeds from? Can you buy cannabis seeds online legally in the US?

A short answer:

Yes, you can buy cannabis seeds legally online in the US but you may only do so in a state where marijuana smoking and growing is permitted. Keep in mind that not all states in the US permit growing cannabis, therefore, it’s going to be hard to order seeds online if you are in a state that has strict regulations regarding growing.

Basically, you may be able to purchase marijuana seeds no matter where you’re located in the world BUT the real problem is, will you be able to receive your order?

The most common reason why customers don’t receive their orders is that they fail to check if the seed bank they ordered from delivers to their country or state. The very first thing you do must be to determine this before you start checking out the different strains and seeds available.

How to check if the seed bank delivers seeds to your location?

The places where the seed bank delivers are usually stated on the first page or home page. Most seed banks online display the flags of the countries where they deliver but if you spot a seed bank without this, check the FAQ.

The site’s FAQ has updated information about their delivery options and the places where they deliver. Look for online seed banks that ship to the US and not just a site that claims to ship all over the world. If this information is not found in the site’s FAQ, contact customer service and ask.

Why people in the US order cannabis seeds online

In states where cannabis growing is permitted, growers still turn to online seed banks despite having a local storefront to buy seeds.

Local seed banks only have a small number of seeds in stock

Local seed banks will only give you hundreds of seeds strains but when you order online, the world is your oyster. You’ll be able to order just about anywhere as long as the seed bank/banks you want to order from delivers to the US.

You could be in the US and be able to buy legal weed seeds from a seed bank in Spain or from a remote grower in Canada. You’ll find hard to buy landrace strains as well as very popular marijuana strains in every region.

Not all seeds strains are available locally

As a beginner grower, you naturally want to try out all kinds of strains but no matter how easy it is to buy from a local seed bank, it’s impossible to have a shop that has all the different types of seeds.

So the best way to find different types of seeds is to shop online. Here, you’ll have access to all kinds of seeds like regular or photoperiods, feminized, autoflowering, medical seeds, high CBD, high THC and landrace seeds. If you want a better challenge, why not grow Cannabis Cup winners?  You can’t find this variety when you are just shopping from a local seed bank.

Online seed banks save you money

You need to pay for shipment and deliveries when you buy online but you may still save money in the long run. You’ll save money when you use deals, discounts and special offers. You may also find free delivery offers in some seedbanks if you reach a certain total.

You can also save money by buying seeds in bulk. You’ll have a lot of seeds to use or to grow new plants and you don’t need to pay for shipment or delivery fees for a long time.

Online seed banks have different payment methods

Local dispensaries and seed banks may only accept cash and if you want to pay using your card, you won’t be able to buy here.

So if you can’t pay using cash, buy from an online seed bank because these seed banks accept a wide variety of payment options bank transfers, wire transfers, Western Union payments and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or  Litecoin.

Online seed banks are for people who live remotely

Seed banks are businesses and businesses need to make profits. The only way a business can profit is it has to be in an area where there are lots of people. This is why seed banks are in urban areas, in cities where a lot of people can have access to their services.

Take seed banks from Las Vegas for example. These businesses are found in Sin City

near establishments like hotels, airports, casinos and other entertainment centers. People who live remotely in Nevada state need to go to the city just to get their supplies.

With online seed banks, a remote grower does not need to leave his home and to journey far. He can order in the comfort of his own home and have the seeds delivered to his front door.

Cannabis seeds plus growing or smoking accessories

Some customers also order growing and smoking equipment online, not just seeds.

Usually, seed banks are one-stop cannabis online stores where customers can get everything they need especially the equipment they need for growing cannabis.

How to safely order cannabis seeds from an online seed bank?

Take note of the following characteristics of a safe, reputable and legal online seed bank:

Check the home page

The online seed bank’s home page will immediately tell you what it offers and a lot of details regarding the business. From the seed bank’s latest products, deals, contact information, partner breeders or grower, links to different products, links to the blog page and so many more. You should find appropriate images on the home page, images related to cannabis growing or about marijuana.

Initial pop-up page

Legal online seedbanks and dispensaries have a pop-up page that appears before you see the home page. Usually, this pop-up has a message asking for your age or your birth date or birth year. In the US, you must be at least 21 years of age to enter an online seed bank.

Products page

The cannabis seeds products should be arranged according to the type of strain so customers can easily find what they need. A site with a large number of products is expected.

Click on different products to enter individual product pages. Check if there is a description of the product, information about its components, the breeder and other information related to growing the seed. The price must be clearly indicated and the number of seeds per pack.

Any promos or discounts

Legal seed banks have different promos all year long. There are seed banks with seasonal promos and deals while some have special discounts for people like a discounted rate for seniors, veterans, students teachers and for medical patients.

Company contacts page

As much as possible, there must be three contact details. There must be a business number, email form, and chat service. It’s not always that online seed banks have physical stores or local storefronts but if the seed bank has one then consider this a plus.

You need different ways to contact the seed bank because, in case of problems with your orders, you can immediately contact the company for assistance. You need the method that will let you contact the company the easiest and the most convenient one for you.

About us page

This page tells all about the business, how it started and regarding its ideals and its goals. The about us page should be well structured and easy to read and understand.

Payments page

If there is a payments page that informs customers about the different payment options then this is a plus. This reduces the worries of ordering different products which you would later dismiss once you find that your preferred payment method is not accepted.

If a seed bank online asks you to send money before your orders are shipped then find another business to order from. You should be comfortable with the preferred payment option. If the way payments are handled is a bit shady then order elsewhere.

Check  the FAQ page

Sometimes you are still in the process of comparing seed banks or you’re uncertain as to where to order from. The FAQ page gives you a simplified picture as to how the seed bank conducts business and how it deals with everyday orders.

A good FAQ page has details about its delivery methods, payments, promos and discounts, guarantees, germination techniques and so on.

Yes, you can order cannabis seeds legally online in the US but selecting the best and the most reliable seed bank remains in your hands. So take your time and shop smart to find the seed bank that will give you the best service.

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