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Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Africa?

If you’re one of those people who is wondering whether or not you can buy cannabis seeds in South Africa, then you’ll benefit from this article. By doing an online search, you’ll notice that some stores or dispensaries offer cannabis seeds for sale in South Africa. Is it legal? 

Yes, you can possess cannabis seeds in South Africa, however, it’s still illegal to buy and sell seeds in the area. Back in September 2018, the government has legalized the possession of cannabis seeds in the country. But it can be quite tricky when it comes to the trade and market of cannabis. 

The History of Legality of Marijuana in South Africa

In 2017, the government of South Africa prohibits any use, consumption, or cultivation of cannabis, also known as dagga. Anyone who was caught buying or selling cannabis was punished according. It’s considered as a criminal offense and offenders were put to prison or paid a hefty amount of penalties. But the table turned after that year. 

The judge in the High Court of Western Cape ruled that the prohibition on private or personal use of cannabis constituted an infringement on the people’s constitutional right to privacy. And in 2018, the highest court in the country, which is the constitutional court, the existing ruling was ratified. At the moment, the personal use of cannabis within one’s private home is now legal. 

A lot of people in South Africa celebrated after the ratification. Many physicians and medical institutions were rejoicing since now they can treat patients who are suffering from certain medical conditions through cannabis. It’s out in the public that marijuana can indeed cure various kinds of diseases and medical conditions. Ever since the law was changed, marijuana stores and dispensaries are now popping out almost everywhere in the country. 

Legal Amount of Cannabis

There’s no specific amount of cannabis that an individual can use or possess in South Africa. However, the government emphasized that it should only be for personal use only and should be taken at home. You can use or consume as much marijuana as you can so long as you stay within your home. But the government said that they are still planning to improve the law regarding the amount of cannabis that an individual can possess.

Buying and Selling of Cannabis

Take note, buying and selling of cannabis is still a criminal offense. Individuals and citizens are not able to take advantage of the ruling made by the Constitutional Court. If you want to possess cannabis, then it’s necessary that you learn how to cultivate them. You need to have a green thumb in order for you to enjoy weed. But then again, the government did not emphasize how many plants you can grow or possess. 

For you to feel safe and secure, it is best that you stick to using or cultivating a small amount of marijuana. You’ll never know when a new law will appear. It’s also recommended that you stay discrete when cultivating marijuana. Even though it’s already legal to possess your own cannabis, it’s still necessary that you remain vigilant. 

How About the Importation of Cannabis Seeds in South Africa?

The country’s highest court implied that the individual is only allowed to use or consume marijuana when they plant their own seeds. But is still legal to import cannabis seeds? The question can be answered affirmatively? You can now grow your own cannabis garden and therefore, it’s logical to say that you are also allowed to buy cannabis seeds. These seeds can be bought locally or can be imported from other countries. 

It is said that buying cannabis seeds overseas is far more reliable than buying local. This is because the country has just started legalizing marijuana and there’s not much research and progress regarding cannabis seeds and strains. You’ll also hear locals saying that cannabis seeds that are from abroad are more high quality than that of local South African produce. 

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds online, you still have to stay vigilant since the Constitutional Court’s judgment about this concern is a bit hazy. Cannabis seeds can be bought locally but it’s recommended that you import them. But you have to be very careful though when buying cannabis seeds online since not all of them are trustworthy. 

How Much Should You Pay for Cannabis Seeds in South Africa?

It really depends on the strain that you’re going to buy. The higher the quality of the strain is, the more expensive they are. You can buy a bag of cannabis seeds from stores or suppliers for as little as R25 or you can also find seeds that can cost you more than R1000. 

Buying Tips

As mentioned earlier, you really have to be very careful when it comes to buying cannabis seeds in South Africa. You need to do some extra research first to ensure that you’re buying high-quality seeds. Take note that high-quality seeds produce high-quality crops. Now, if you want truly want to enjoy incredible flavor, aroma, and effects, then it’s highly recommended that you choose high-quality seeds. 

One of the most important things that you need to do when buying cannabis seeds in South Africa is that you must always check the reputation of the store or supplier. Be sure that you visit their website and gather as much information about their background history. Reading reviews and testimonials from people who bought cannabis seeds from them is also a great way of determining whether or not they are indeed trustworthy. 

Stay away from stores or dispensaries that have received too many complaints or negative feedback from their customers. Also, don’t forget to check the ratings of their products. And if you know someone from South Africa and has bought top quality cannabis seeds before, then don’t hesitate to ask for tips or recommendations from these people. Finally, don’t forget to do research on how to determine the best cannabis seeds.

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