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Can Weed Cause Anxiety When Sober?

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A lot of debates has been happening whether or not cannabis use can cause anxiety and medically marijuana dependent patients have been wondering what weed strains are for anxiety. There are people who consider marijuana as a cure for the condition. While there are others who believe that marijuana and anxiety as a bad combination.

The answer to whether marijuana causes anxiety when sober might be dependent on different factors affecting the person taking marijuana. Here we present to you some key points to better understand if marijuana really causes anxiety if a person is sober.

Understanding Cannabis

Marijuana is considered a drug that has been derived from the cannabis plant, it’s still considered unlawful in some states. But there are efforts in the recent years to legalize it especially the medicinal purpose and it has succeeded. Some people believe that marijuana could help treat mental health conditions including anxiety.

There are also some who believe that cannabis use can help manage the symptoms of some illnesses like cancer. Many different compounds are in marijuana, they are called cannabinoids and they attach to various receptors in the brain of the cannabis user. With the different types of marijuana and the different strains available, these compounds also have distinctive levels thus affecting each person differently.

Proponents of cannabis use believe that cannabidiol (CBD) is a particular compound that can be used in treating anxiety. CBD is believed to possess anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can be beneficial to certain ailments the user is feeling.

Cannabidiol does not produce that high feeling and it can also be taken on its own without having to smoke or ingest marijuana. While THC, another cannabis compound is responsible for making people experience that high feeling and can actually contribute to the development of symptoms related to anxiety, thus it can worsen anxiety.

Understanding Anxiety

Before we look further into the connections of anxiety when sober and weed use, we should be able to understand what anxiety is.

Anxiety is a sense of worry or fear. Having a certain level of anxiety experienced in daily life is normal. What’s not considered normal is when an individual has persistent anxiety that interferes with daily life activities.

Examples of anxiety disorders that are clinically recognized are post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder.

Understanding the Link Between Marijuana Use and Anxiety when Sober

The effects of marijuana use when the individual has anxiety yet sober is difficult to pinpoint and will depend on a few factors.

An individual’s state of mind and the environment he’s in during cannabis use play a big role in the reaction process. An individual should be reminded that cannabis use can alter his feelings, perceptions, and mood.

Cannabis use and anxiety will go hand-in-hand for some people. Some may not get a pleasant or relaxing experience when using it. Your experience with cannabis use can be totally different for another individual.

For some people, they believe that marijuana can bring symptoms of anxiety or can even heighten their existing anxiety especially if they use it in a situation that isn’t pleasant and if they’re trying to hide the drug use.

A couple of researches suggest that marijuana and anxiety can be problematic with long-term use. This means that cannabis use might be relaxing in the short-term but with chronic use, it can cause symptoms of anxiety and can make it worse.

Chronic use of cannabis has also been linked to long-term problems such as cognition issues and memory loss.

Additional Information About Marijuana and Anxiety

Generally, the acute effects of marijuana use will include a sense of deep relaxation or well-being but this might not always be the case for all users. While understanding the anxiety-related effects of marijuana is essential, they are often misunderstood or underreported.

Side effects of marijuana use can include anxiety and panic and increased risk of psychotic symptoms especially to people with a genetic history of these diseases. Panic reactions for some people are also possible. With marijuana and anxiety, an individual may start out with feeling general anxiety and can eventually escalate into full-scale panic.

A panic reaction for people using cannabis may feel like they’re dying or even going crazy. In some instances, these panic reactions can be severe and can lead the person using cannabis into committing harmful behaviors.

Some studies suggest that in marijuana use and anxiety reactions, the brain is not able to filter out particular stimuli that can lead to panic and hallucinations. While other studies show that those who are using marijuana are more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression because their brain reacts slowly to dopamine.

There’s a belief that a slower reaction to dopamine may be the reason why individuals particularly marijuana users start showing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Best Weeds Strains for Anxiety

Picking the best weed strains for anxiety may be a tricky one especially if you’re not familiar with the compound content of the strain. The first step that you need to do is make sure you know your tolerance and sensitivity and you might want to try experimenting with new strains to determine which one works for your anxiety symptoms.

Here are some of the weed strains that can help you in dealing with your anxiety.

Grandaddy Purple

This cannabis strain eases you into a peaceful mindset while urging your body to release all that stress and tension. Sink in and you should experience a blissful mindset taking over.


If you’re THC-sensitive, it is recommended to take the high-CBD hybrid Cannatonic. This has a CBP profile that sizes up to its THC content in a 1:1 ratio that helps blunt the anxious edge that a lot of anxiety-sufferer experience with cannabis. This cannabis strain also boasts high levels of the terpene myrcene that contributes to the strain’s deeply relaxing attributes.

Jack Herrer

This is a high-THC strain that can be a hit or miss when it comes to anxiety as it can have a racy cerebral effect that tug at anxiety rather than help it But you can expect Jack Herrer to be different in a way that its euphoria tapers gently with calming effects.

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