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Can I Use Mirrors As Reflectors for My Marijuana Garden?

Is a reflector needed for marijuana growing?

Most growers especially those beginners often asked what are the uses of reflectors and what is it all about. Commonly, lights are egg in shape, tube-like and spherical in shape. This is one of the reasons why growers need reflectors for their Marijuana growing. Reflectors will help you in giving maximize lighting to your Cannabis plants. Without reflectors, the light from your light source will be directed upwards far from the bulb’s top.

Can the mirror be a good reflector?

The mirror can be a good reflector; however, it is not the most recommended one. Mirrors will waste energy because it only reflects small fractions of lights. Although lights can be used as reflectors, it is not a good choice for your Marijuana garden.

Factors to consider in choosing a reflector?

Choosing the best and giving the best should be part of the priority in your Marijuana growing. There is an important factor that you should consider before choosing the best reflector. It should be not glossy finished but it should be dry, should be either aluminum or silver with a feeble finish. The most recommended reflector is titanium whites which have a very bright feature. Also, make sure that your chosen reflectors have horizontal shapes since this kind of reflectors is believed to be the most effective and efficient one.

Why should growers use reflectors?

Reflectors play an important role in Marijuana growing. They will ensure that all the lights will be given and concentrated to your Marijuana plants.

Most recommended reflectors

  • A reflector with an air-cooled hood
  • A Cooled tube

Reflectors should be chosen carefully. Every grower should know what are the important reasons why in growing Marijuana there is always need of reflectors. A thorough research on the best product is a must.


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