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Can You Tell if a Marijuana Seed is Female or Male?

can you tell if a marijuana seed is female or male

Can we really tell if a marijuana seed is female or male? The short answer to this question is NO. However, asking this question is very important. Why? It is because only female seeds produce buds and therefore only female seeds can give you yields at the end of its life cycle. One good way to go around this problem is to purchase feminized seeds online or in your local growing store. What are feminized seeds you ask? Let’s delve more into that below.

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized marijuana seeds come from marijuana plants that have been genetically modified so that only female seeds will be produced. Like humans and animals, the seeds that are produced from a single marijuana plant could also grow into either male or female. This is because of the seed’s processing of X chromosomes and Y chromosomes, much like human beings do. However, conditioning your marijuana plant is possible in order to produce only XX chromosome seeds or in other words, only female seeds. This process is called feminization and is where feminized seeds come forth.

Determining The Sex of Your Plant

But what if you do not have access to feminized seeds? Or what if you just happen to have an assortment of male and female marijuana seeds? What should you do? Here are some tips:

  • The obvious thing to be done here is to wait until your marijuana plants are done with the vegetative stage and have already gone into the flowering stage. At this point you do not peel your eyes away from your plants in order to determine if any of them have flowered or not.
  • But this is such a risky move as leaving male and female marijuana plants together for too long could cause pollination and therefore will not give you a good weed harvest but instead even more marijuana seeds.
  • If you are not into the business of breeding marijuana plants then you should avoid doing this at all costs.
  • While it is virtually impossible to determine whether the marijuana seeds you have on hand are either male or female, it is not impossible to tell if the marijuana plant is male or female at the early stages.
  • In order to tell if your marijuana plant is male or female before the flowering stage, there is an easy trick that you can do.
  • Place a small black bag over a small section of each plant, say a branch or just one cola.
  • This induces pre-flowering. In other words, it enables that part of your plant to go into the flowering stage a lot earlier than the rest of the whole plant.
  • And if you see that any buds have formed on specific plants on the particular area that you’ve shrouded, you are then sure that it is indeed a female plant.
  • Those that have not flowered or produced any buds on the shrouded area can then be moved to a different room or even disposed of if you don’t see any use for them anymore.

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