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Can you Start your Outdoor Cannabis Plants Indoors?

Yes, you can definitely start growing your cannabis plants indoors even if you really opt to grow your plants outdoors. As a matter of fact, germinating your seedlings indoors would lead to bigger and higher yields when harvested.

Additionally, growing your cannabis strains indoors would help you from optimizing the growth of your cannabis plants because you can be sure that your plant will not encounter the unexpected weather changes, extreme winds, and pests that may bring tons of diseases.

However, before considering this method, you should determine first the reason of doing this technique – is it for vegetating purposes or do you want to start the flowering process outdoors?

Whatever is your choice between the two, you need to understand that each presented reasons have certain precautionary measures that should be followed to avoid stressing or hurting your cannabis plants. So let’s check this out to get some smart ideas.

For Vegetation Purposes

If you want to grab the chance of vegetating your cannabis under the natural sunlight outdoors, you need to ensure that your climate is in good condition for vegetation which is after the spring season (end of June).

Note: Never move your cannabis plants outdoors during the early spring or shortly after fall because your cannabis might start the flowering process instead of continuing its growth.

Another option that you can take to avoid stressing your cannabis plants is to give your cannabis plants 18/6 light schedule when vegetating indoors or 20/4 light schedule. After such, you can continue its vegetation outdoors by slowly exposing them to the direct sunlight for just an hour or two for the first two to three days. Then after a few days, you can gradually increase the exposure to the sun until you feel like your cannabis plants are already adopting the outdoor lights.

For Flowering Purposes

If you want to initiate the flowering process outdoors, you need to ensure that the height of your cannabis plants is about 50 centimeters. Another thing to consider is the timing before presenting them outdoors because if you will put out your plants during the late time of spring, your cannabis plants would begin re-vegetating instead of flowering.

So to better manage this, you need to move your cannabis plants during the late time of summer or early days of fall because this is the only time where the daylight hours are adequately brief.

You can also expose your plants outdoors during the early spring because the time is just enough to cover the whole flowering procedure.

So whatever is your choice between the given options, make sure that you will always follow the right timing to avoid premature flowering and re-vegging.

All in all, it is 100% possible to grow your cannabis plants indoors then move it outdoors to make use of wonderful benefits outside. So when opting for this technique, make sure that you will ask for an expert advice before starting your journey to growing because this is one of the best ways for you to achieve your cannabis desires and smoke the highest quality of marijuana!

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