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Can I Get Seeds from Autoflowering Cannabis?

A comprehensive guide to growing your own autoflower cannabis plants

The autoflowering marijuana seeds have been a popular hit in the cannabis cultivation world because of its unique characteristics. For those who are unfamiliar and are just starting out in the home growing scene, they commonly encounter autoflowers as the most recommended starter seeds. But in uncertainty come questions, here in this article, we will answer one of the most asked, “Can I get seeds from autoflowering cannabis?”

Autoflowering Cannabis: A Short History

When you look at the genetics of autoflowering cannabis strains, you will be linked to the Cannabis ruderalis. This subspecies of the cannabis family gives the autoflowers the reason for their name. The Cannabis ruderalis draws its roots from Eastern and Central Europe, in some studies, particularly in Siberia. You can find most wild cannabis ruderalis nowadays in Canada and the United States. In some studies, the ruderalis is defined as its own cannabis subspecies, while others argue that the Cannabis ruderalis is more likely a subspecies of the Cannabis sativa that ended up in the wild.

The whole autoflowering business was brought to the light by The Joint Doctor who introduced the Lowryder strain to the world. It was a crossbreed between a William’s Wonder, Northern Lights, and a ruderalis. The Lowryder was the first fully autoflowering strain in the commercial market and paved the way to more improved autoflowering strains of this time.

Key Characteristics of Autoflowering Seeds

Here are the best characteristics of autos that make them distinctly different from other cannabis subspecies:

    1. Autoflowers have a shorter life span which means that they are quicker to harvest. There is no long waiting time to see the fruit of your harvest.
    2. Because they harvest faster, autoflowering seeds produce higher yields. You can get more harvests, at least two times per season.
    3. Generally, autoflower seeds are easier to grow because they are low-maintenance.
    4. Autoflowering strains mature to be small or compact plants. Usually, their adult height is 20 to 45 inches.
    5. Autoflowers are perfect for stealth growing if you need to be discreet with your cultivation. Their small sizes make them amenable to growing indoors or in the midst of other plants.
    6. With autoflowers, there is no need to worry about light cycles, for they grow within specific periods. Most autoflowers can complete their lifetimes within 35 to 90 days.
    7. Autoflowers are very hardy and resilient. They can withstand weather fluctuations and colder climates better than other cannabis subspecies.

Can I Get Seeds from Autoflowering Cannabis?

In a simple answer, yes, you can. Your autoflowering cannabis seeds, as long as they are regulars and not a feminized strain, will be able to provide you some seeds that you can use for planting and continuing your cultivation journey.

To give you an idea, once your regular autos are planted, they will produce pre-flowers or gender identifiers that will allow you to see if they are male or female. A male will produce a pollen sac, while a female will produce a pistil. These gender identifiers will be visible around the fifth week after planting your autoflowering seeds. After this, you can choose amongst your plants for the best male and try to pollinate them with your female plants. You can wait for pollens to be blown by the wind, or you can use hand-pollination and other manual techniques. After pollination, you will be able to get hundreds of seeds from your successfully pollinated plants. You can use these seeds immediately for growing, or you can place them under safekeeping for planting in the future.

Why You Should You Choose to Produce Your Own Autoflower Seeds?

You can always go for buying harvested weed or joints ready for smoking, but there’s something unique about cultivating autoflowering cannabis plants on your own. Here are some benefits of homegrown autos

You assure quality control. – One of the major challenges, when you order your supply from a dealer, is that you never really know if it contains something else. You are unaware if they use harmful chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides to grow their plants. When you grow your own, you have complete and total control over your plant. You can make sure it stays a high quality organic that gives a smooth smoke. As you go along, you can even improve the quality to match your distinct tastes.

You can save money. – Buying from a dispensary can be expensive while growing your own can be significantly cheaper. Your basics requirements are soil, seeds, water, and light, which nature already has available for free. For indoor planting, you may need to spend a little more but one harvest is already a return for your investment, and the tools can still be used in the long run.

Gardening is a stress-relieving hobby. – Most local and home-based growers can attest that planting is an enjoyable way to spend your time. You may encounter a few hindrances along the way, but these challenges will make the feeling of your first successful harvest even sweeter. Taking time off from your usual busy and stressful schedule to tend for your plants can help you ease your mind and relax.

You can also try making extracts and hash. – Are you also an enthusiast of hash or extracts? Good news. You can try making your own as well. You only need a few tools to start, and then you can make bubble hash, infused oils, butter, or creams.

You can start breeding new strains. – Growing your own stash can mean that you can play around with different strains. You can experiment with cross-pollination or mixing and matching until you find the perfect strain with the perfect high you are looking for. If you also use male cannabis plants to produce seeds, your planting will be self-sufficient and you might not need to purchase seeds again.

Now that you have developed a deeper understanding of the inner workings of autoflowering cannabis seeds, start taking chances in growing your own strains.

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