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Can I Grow Weed Inside a Cabinet?

Space is one of the major problems when you are growing cannabis especially indoors. Living space is mostly occupied with a lot of things and you don’t have any space dedicated for the cultivation of your beloved weed. But then also, you’d never want to take risks on growing outside for safety and security reasons. That is why you are left with a dilemma on where to cultivate your cannabis plants. Don’t worry, there is an ultimate solution for this problem. Lack of space is never a hindrance to your cannabis success. You could innovate a lot of ways including cannabis cultivation in a cabinet or even a cupboard. A bit confused, on how everything fits together into one area? Then, find out as you’ve read this article.

Typical Small Mediums for Cultivating Marijuana Indoors

Growing marijuana through small mediums probably you think needs some engineering or architecture background to materialize, but absolutely anyone could construct growing systems like that. Commonly, here are some of the mediums and systems most cannabis growers use as an alternative for their growing cannabis. This includes the following;

  1. A Cabinet

A used or worn out cabinet would do. Just make sure that the size is enough to grow your cannabis and to insert the lights that it needed. It is highly recommended HPS lights or anything that could be adjusted to small sizes. Do not congest out the cannabis plants inside the cabinet and make sure to leave a space for them to breathe out. Also, if your cabinet is really small enough, you could research upon planting cannabis strains that grow short to maximize the space inside the cabinet.

  1. A Cupboard

If you really don’t have any space available within your interiors, then you could use a cupboard on planting it. Like in the cabinet, make sure that you don’t congest your plants out. Also, an indoor cannabis cultivation could serve on only a single user since you really could not plant a lot of plants in a cupboard. It is recommended to put 250 HPS watt light for your cupboard cannabis plantation.

  1. Grow Tents

This type of growing medium has been popular these days because of its portability, durability, and light resisting properties. You just need to set this up within your house and employ grow lights within it and then, you could start planting. Tents vary according to size and are made exclusively according to temperature, climate, and humidity conditions of the area or location. You could check out some grow tents online available for purchase if you are interested.

Why Grow Cannabis in Small Mediums and Cabinets?

There are a lot of reasons why you should cultivate your cannabis into small spaces. These include the following;

  • This saves out space.
  • Fewer risks against judgmental neighbors and for authorities ( especially to those places who still illegalize cannabis cultivation)
  • It needs less effort on set up and installation
  • It’s cheap and affordable knowing that you could recycle out your old cabinets or cupboard for cannabis planting.

The only downside of this type of cannabis planting is that you’ll get to plant limited strains and amount of cannabis knowing that it consumes out less space. But nonetheless, if you want to plant cannabis for just personal utilization then you could give this type of garden a try.

Building a Cannabis Small Growing Medium

Well, if you don’t have any cabinets, cupboards, or tents available then you could improvise using different materials and let your creativity shine through building a growing medium for your cannabis. Actually, there are a lot of ways to this and it’s generally up to you on how it could be done. Nevertheless, here are some basic steps on building your growing medium to help you out.

  1. Planning the design

You need to draw out or plan the design and layout that you’ll be using for your cannabis medium. Make sure to incorporate a space for your grow lights, exhaust, and fans if applicable. You need also to keep your growing medium secure and well contained. No matter what shape you wanted as long as it satisfies the basic needs of your cannabis plantation. It’s still highly acceptable. To help you out especially to those who draw badly, you could also use computer software like SketchUp or AutoCAD for designing.

  1. Preparation and Gathering of Materials

The material for construction differs according to what specific type of material you want to use for your growing medium. But most commonly, you should get an HPS Lamp or any type of grow lights, air duct, reflector, ballast, fans (if applicable) and basic tools like duct tape, nails, cutter, and much more.

  1. Building your Growing Medium

Start constructing using the materials and tools you have. Incorporate the design that you have planned out and materialize it given the tools. It is important to seek help from professionals especially on installation on electric related tools to avoid getting electrocuted or fire. Also, make sure to buy quality materials in order to avoid risks of getting with repair and maintenance along the way.

  1. Choosing the right marijuana strains

You are generating small spaces so you’ll need to purchase seeds that could grow short stature but quality cannabis plants. To assist you, here are some of the strains that you could buy related to it.

  1. Night Shade

Height:  grows from 50-60 cm.

Aroma and Smell: Pine-like

THC content: 22%

  1. Lowryder #2

Height: 30-60 cm

Aroma and Smell: earth and strong taste

THC content: 15.1%

  1. Betty Boo

Height: 40-60 cm

Aroma and Smell: Sweet flavor

THC Content: 17%

  1. White Dwarf

Height: 50-80 cm

Aroma and Smell: Sweet, Cream and Flowery Flavor

THC content: 18%

  1. G14

Height: 40-80 cm

Aroma and Smell: Citrus and Sweet Flavor

THC Content: 18%

  1. Mohan Ram

Height: 60-120 cm

Aroma and Smell: Earthy Pungent Taste

THC Content: 21%

  1. Planting your Cannabis Plants

After buying out seeds, plant it in a pot and grow it accordingly as needed given the set of optimized conditions. Just make sure to not put a lot of cannabis plants into your growing medium and congest it over. If you’d wish for a bigger space, then obtain a room for growing cannabis to help you out or perhaps, do it outdoors. But if you wanted a cannabis garden for personal utilization, then this is absolutely perfect for you!

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