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Lighting for Moved Indoor Marijuana Plants

For expert cannabis growers, they certainly know that every cannabis plant should receive light and uninterrupted darkness to promote flowering. That means whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, you still need to provide your cannabis plants consistent 12 hours of darkness until its harvest time to avoid re-vegetating and to keep them from their flowering stage.

So if you are growing your marijuana outdoors and you are living in warm-temperate area or equatorial zones, the only thing that you can do is to force your outdoor cannabis plants to flower earlier by means of capping and not by bringing your outdoor cannabis plants indoors without lights since it is a basic knowledge to every cannabis grower that a plant will not survive without any lights.

So if your only concern is if you can bring your outdoor plants inside for some reasons, the answer is yes, you can do it as long as you will be doing it carefully while providing your cannabis plants the same outdoor environment even if they are indoors.

But if you will do bring your outdoor plants indoors with no lights, expect that your cannabis plants will grow without great potentials or worst, they might die due to the inconsistency of light schedule which is one of the essentials when growing a cannabis plant.

That being said, if you want to know the other reasons why you can’t do such changes to your cannabis plants, continue reading this article to enlighten your mind.

Reasons Why You Can’t Bring Your Outdoor Plants Indoors With No Lights

  1. You will harvest hermaphrodite cannabis plants.

One of the reasons why you can’t bring your outdoor plants inside without lights is because they will encounter a tremendous stress which will result in many negative factors. And one of these factors is you might harvest hermaphrodite cannabis plants.

When a cannabis plant is under stress, you are allowing the plants to produce both genders and they might suffer from a risk of pollinating the other plants present in your growing environment.

In other words, if you are growing your cannabis plants outdoors, just let them be to avoid stressing your plants.

  1. The roots of your cannabis plants will be damaged.

How would a cannabis plant grow if their roots are damaged? How can they absorb or uptake the oxygen and nutrients that your plants need to complete its life cycle if the roots are stressed or damaged, right?

In other words, if your outdoor plants are directly planted on the ground and you want to bring it inside just because of a sudden change to weather, expect that your roots will encounter a stress which will cause your roots to be damaged. And when your roots were damaged, the growth of your plants will also be affected by it most especially if your indoor grow room has no lights at all.

Additionally, one of the best ways to fix a root problem is by giving your cannabis plants a happy temperature. That means they need a cozy temp at day and a bit cooler temp at night. And as a cannabis grower, you should know that your indoor grow room needs proper grow lights to be able to balance or adjust the temperature indoors.

  1. Your cannabis plants will not flower.

Sudden changes to the environment of your growing area will only result in environmental stress most especially if the light schedule is not being consistently provided according to their growth stage.

That means if you will suddenly bring your outdoor cannabis plants indoors without lights, they will be confused with the changes on the temperature, light cycle, and humidity.

And even if they need uninterrupted darkness, they will not still survive a room with no lights at all because, during the flowering stage, the cannabis plants need 12 hours of light with 12 hours of darkness.

But if you will temporarily put your outdoor plants indoors for about 36 hours when switching your light cycle for flowering purposes, then you can do this as long as there will be no leaks of lights around the growing area since if your room will encounter any signs of lights, your cannabis plants will not flower and might go back to the vegetative stage.

  1. You will get airy and loose cannabis buds.

If the amount of light that you will provide your cannabis plants will not be properly balanced or adjusted, you can expect that your cannabis will produce airy and loose buds. And this is not a good thing to look forward to since the ideal buds that every cannabis grower should have are denser buds because denser buds are rich in THC.

So if you want to avoid this scenario, you need to provide your cannabis plants grow lights when it is indoor since lesser or no lights will not help you from achieving your cannabis desires.

Overall, it is not typical to encounter an indoor grow room without lights on it since cannabis plants would certainly not survive if they will not receive lights. And even if you are already on the flowering stage of your cannabis, they still need to get right amounts of light even if they also need darkness because this is the only way for them to complete their cycle. So if you are planning to bring your outdoor marijuana plants indoors with no light, you better think twice or else something in your growing journey will be completely compromised.

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