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Can a Female Marijuana Plant Turn Male?

can a female marijuana plant turn male

During the flowering phase, all the cannabis plants reveal whether they are male or female. The male cannabis plant is commonly used as a breeding object. But how if you do not have a male cannabis plant, is it possible for you to turn your female cannabis plant into a male? In this article, we’ll discuss if there are possibilities to turn your female cannabis plant into a male plant.

Can You Change The Sex of Your Cannabis Seeds?

There is no way to change the sex of the cannabis plant that was decided during the germination period. All you have to do is to know how to identify which male or female so that you would know what to use to have a successful crop. Since you cannot exactly turn a male into female or vice versa, there is still a possibility that you can trigger the production of a hermaphrodite, in this way you have both male and female characteristics.

If in case there is no male cannabis seed to pollinate the female seeds, there is a possibility that the female seeds will turn into hermaphrodite so that it can pollinate itself. But there are now studies and experiments that are being conducted to possibly turn a female cannabis seed into a male seed and vice versa.

How to Identify Male Plants

A male plant compared to a female cannabis plant of the same kind of strain, has a thicker stalk. This is because male plants tend to grow taller than female plants that is why they need support for their weight. Male plants also have fewer leaves than female plants.

Check the joints of the stalk, if there are little balls on the joint of the stalks, then most likely, your plant is a male plant. These balls release pollen that is why they have to be removed to have a good crop. However, if you are trying to produce new cannabis plants, make sure that these balls are left undisturbed.

Check signs for hermaphroditic (both sexes) signs. If you see signs that your cannabis plant is a hermie, remove it just like removing a male plant because it also releases pollen and destroys your crop.

If you have determined that your cannabis plant is a male since it can ruin your other crop, you can throw it away or other growers just keep it for breeding purposes. Just make sure to separate the room for female and male plants to avoid immature fertilization.

How to Identify Female Plant

You can identify the sex of your cannabis plant during its first 6 weeks of life.  A female plant has broad and fuller leaves compared to male plants. A female plant tends to be bushier, shorter and has more leaves especially on the top area.

Check the joints of the stalk. If you see a translucent hair known as pistols that is a tear-shaped that is tucked in the joint then most likely your plant is a female.

Make sure that your female plant produces big buds that are enriched with THC. If you will not remove male plants, the pistols of the female plant will attract pollen that will create seeds but making it less big and less potent.

What to Do With Male Plant?

Usually, male plants are removed so that it won’t cause harm to the female plant since it only produces less attractive buds that are less potent. Most growers not just remove it but they throw it away. The male plant is not that useless, it also has benefits that both a grower and user can utilize.

This is the obvious function of a male plant. The male plant supplies half of the genetic makeup of the inherited seeds. Male plants can pass on its shape, hardiness to withstand pest and molds and its rate of growth.

The male plants tend to have a softer material making it suitable and desirable for products that are mostly used in the household such as different kinds of clothing fashion, table cloths,

bed sheets, etc.

The male plant still consists of a little concentration of cannabinoids specifically THC that can be seen on the stems, leaves, and sacs. It can be used to make hash, oils, ointments, etc.

Male plant, as well as female plants, produces terpenes or their natural aromatic oil that has the ability to control pests and different kinds of plant diseases.  The male plant can be turned into oils that can serve as a repellant or gardener can use a male cannabis plant as a companion plant to combat different pests.

Final Words

You cannot dictate the sex of a cannabis plant during the germination period. If you want to exchange your female cannabis seeds into a male cannabis seed, you might as well create hermaphrodite cannabis plant to get male characteristics.

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