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How Marijuana Seeds Grow in Colorado?

how marijuana seeds grow in colorado

Colorado has authorized full legalization of recreational marijuana use in the state. With this big leap forward, many tourists are now planning to visit, take a chance at buying marijuana seeds Colorado and experience their culture, entertainment, and weed. Read along this article to know how buying marijuana seeds Colorado has to offer, in terms of their rich cannabis industry.

Marijuana in Colorado

We know you have a lot of questions about the marijuana laws that govern Colorado. To help you address all of these, we created this site to answer everything you need to know. Our goal is to provide usable information among weed enthusiasts like you.

Who can Purchase Marijuana in Colorado?

To buy marijuana for recreational use, you need to be at least 21 years old or older. You must present an ID issued by the government to prove that you are of legal age. If your age is between 18 and 21 and you are looking for a way to buy weed, you need to apply for a medical marijuana card. You don’t need to be a resident of Colorado to purchase recreational marijuana in the state, but only residents can apply for a medical marijuana card. Lastly, Colorado restricts purchasing marijuana from an unlicensed vendor. Doing so would be considered illegal.

Who can sell Marijuana in Colorado?

Every pot shop that sells recreational marijuana in Colorado must be licensed to be considered as a legal marijuana dispensary. However, not all medical marijuana dispensaries in the state distribute recreational marijuana. Before driving to the dispensary of your choice, see to it that they sell weed among recreational users. You also need to double-check their business hours, since they differ from each place. It is against Colorado law to distribute marijuana without a license.

Where can I Smoke Marijuana in Colorado?

Smoking marijuana publicly in Colorado might not be allowed. According to the law, consuming marijuana is restricted in transportation facilities such as bus stations and train. It is also banned in school grounds, amusement venues, music and sports center, playgrounds and parks, and rooftop cafes. Moreover, you cannot use marijuana or any psychedelic substance in any indoor public areas, including restaurants, office buildings, business establishment, and theaters.

However, residents of Colorado can smoke weed in their own homes, assuming that they are not renting. In that case, they could talk to their landlord about the policies of consuming weed around the unit. There is also locally licensed establishment around Denver and Colorado Springs.

How much marijuana can I purchase or own?

Citizens and visitors in Colorado can buy at least 1 ounce of marijuana per transaction. Adults that are 21 years old or older, which are residents and non-residents, may carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana per transaction. Medical marijuana patients may buy and carry up to 2 ounces of marijuana per transaction.

What are the laws about marijuana concentrates and edibles?

The laws regarding the purchase and possession are all the same for all forms of recreational marijuana. However, dispensaries might only distribute 8 grams of edibles and concentrates, which contains a maximum of 800 milligrams of THC. Consumption of marijuana edibles is strictly prohibited in public areas.

What is the penalty for those carrying or using marijuana that is under the required age?

In Colorado, marijuana users and owners that are under 21 years old will be given a civil penalty, but that’s it. They will not face any criminal citation. Schools can also give additional disciplinary regulations among students who will be caught using and possessing recreational marijuana within the school property. Severe legal penalties include certain fees, jail, or prison sentences.

How to Grow Marijuana Seeds Colorado

More and more residents in Colorado are starting their indoor garden. It is convenient and beneficial especially for those who use it for recreational and medical purpose. Social media personalities in Colorado, like Jane West, are active in helping other marijuana users to regulate themselves.

Apart from that, growing marijuana in the comfort of your own home allows you to preserve the quality of the buds, without adding any chemicals that can be damaging to your harvest. So, if you are planning to put up your indoor garden, here are the steps that you can follow:

Step#1: Find a professional and legitimate source of quality marijuana seeds. The seeds should be matured enough to be cultivated and it should be workable. There are a lot of dispensaries in Colorado that you can check out.

Step#2: After acquiring the variety of seeds that you want, you need to have an ideal growing space, where you can cultivate your marijuana. It should have the right equipment to successfully support the growth of your seeds, including lighting fixtures, air-conditioner, thermometer, humidifier, and other growing tools.

Step#3: Once your seeds and growing space is set, it’s time to cultivate your very own marijuana plant. Make sure you allow the seeds to germinate first, before planting it.

When growing your marijuana, you also opt for clones of other plants. You could ask for clones from your friends or acquire them from dispensaries. Though this is a promising option for beginner and expert growers, it comes with several drawbacks including the possibility of bringing in diseases and pests in your plants. Apart from that, clones are prone to stress and it’s difficult for them to cope up with transplant, so be sure to do your research on a certain clone you are eyeing.

Moreover, if you have a stash of “bag seeds”, these can be germinated indoors and use them for future transplant. They will grow well indoors but they might not survive outside due to their weak resistance against pests. Apart from that, they might not be that feasible as the seeds you get from breeders or dispensaries.

The Best Marijuana Seeds in Colorado

Below are some of the most sought after marijuana seeds that are ideal to grow in Colorado:

  • Cherry Elixir – this is the best strain for users looking for therapeutic effects that can soothe the mind and body. It features a rich, sweet and sugary cherry flavor that is perfect for those looking for delicious strains. The bonus is, it thrives when cultivated indoors!
  • Strawberry Blonde – those who are diehard fans of large and potent buds will like Strawberry Blonde. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides high-yield that creates incredibly tough plants that have a powerful aroma and delicious taste. On top of that, it contains 20% THC and gives euphoric bliss.
  • Mountain Thunder – another sativa-dominant hybrid, Mountain Thunder is carefully created to have increased CBGA that doesn’t have paranoia and other psychedelic effects that are present in sativa strains. Mountain Thunder is a unique creation that offers seamless and clear-headed bliss that supports sharp focus the whole day.

Even though there are a lot of dispensaries in Colorado, most residents still turn to online distributors because they cater extensive collection of strains with different features and genetic. To make sure that you get the seeds that you wanted, we suggest that you stick to local shopping.


Colorado is the home of many wonderful tourist destinations, and now that marijuana is legal in the state, it offers travelers more reason to visit the place. In your next vacation to the state, we hope that the information we have given you would be useful in your trip. Don’t forget to check out their fascinating marijuana seeds colorado and critically-acclaimed dispensaries.

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