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Buying Feminized Seeds VS Making Your Own – Know the Seeds Quality Differences

buying feminized seeds vs making your own know the seeds quality differences

We cannot deny that the Marijuana Industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. More and more people have switched to Cannabis, in search of a more effective and efficient way to treat their illnesses. Good thing, these herbs’ ability to heal our health problems are all backed by legitimate medical researches. As the discoveries unfold, the surge of Marijuana usage around the world became unprecedented and unstoppable.

With this trend of demand, Cannabis farmers and Seed Banks are finding ways to grow Marijuana Strains faster and with a greater number. This is how the Feminized Seeds are born.

Knowing Your Feminized Seeds

As we all know, Feminized Seeds are specialized seeds that came from effective genetic changes applied by the scientists who invented this strain during the 70s and 80s. This bold scientific invention has been a breakthrough for the Cannabis Industry regardless of what is happening around the world during those times, especially in the United States, Middle East, Vietnam, the Soviet Union, Africa, and the looming Asian Crisis.

As the growers found effective ways to make the regular seeds successfully turn to feminized seeds, the Cannabis Industry, particularly those included in the Medical Cannabis sector, have enjoyed Cannabinoid-rich flowers that offer their much-awaited flavors and effects.

Commercially Graded Feminized Seeds

They are the existing seeds being sold in the online stores and local shops worldwide. These seeds came from different farms that have worked in the industry for years and continue making more for the growing Cannabis Industry.

The makers of these seeds should not be underestimated because they have already mastered the art of simplifying complicated steps, such as producing feminized seeds. We all know how hard it may be, especially when you are starting to apply that magic spray. They have already built a concrete template of producing the seeds, given that they have to produce massively. Not only that, they have the right facilities to give Marijuana Seedlings rooms for growth and development.

The best thing with these seeds? They came from proven and trusted groups that have made the feminized seeds for the past few years, with little chances of failing their customers- probably due to their minimal lapses or due to the customers’ negligence in taking good care of the plants.

However, with the commercial graded seeds, everything is not full of sunshine and rainbows.

Their seeds cost more expensive than the regular seeds and more prone to defects because of the unknown chemicals they are applying with the plants that they are using. The seeds are not easy to create, as indicated above. Even though they have mastered the art of producing feminized seeds, these groups may still find it complicated, especially when one of their employees lapsed in doing some steps for feminizing the plants.

They also experience logistical problems, such as delivering the seeds which can affect their quality, especially when the seeds are packed for a long time.

DIY Feminized Seeds

On the other hand, you are a determined Cannabis user who wants to save money and create your own feminized seeds

It has been a growing trend for the entire Marijuana Industry to make their own feminized seeds to enhance their skills as growers and develop their deeper appreciation with the Marijuana plants over the years. Good thing for a risk-taker like you, the online world has so many tips to offer, including some life hacks and ways to keep your growing feminized plant remain well-nourished and of good quality.

However, you should keep in mind that you have so many hazards and dilemmas to defy, especially when the season drifts to a new one, the plant’s organic sunlight exposure will be reduced and your financial resources may go short. Unlike the commercial facilities intended for the Marijuana plants, you may not have the efficient room and properties that can enhance the plant’s growth and quality.

To grow a feminized plant is not as easy as how you have done growing your regular and autoflowering plants. Keep in mind that the feminized seeds are the most sensitive among the three, regardless of the strain that they will grow in the future and how will they grow.

It’s a good sign that you are interested and determined in creating your own feminized seeds and plants. With the planting of its kind, you will be able to learn better experiences in growing plants either indoors or outdoors, meet new challenges and manage your finances to make the plant survive. After all, you have to treat your feminized plant and the other growing plants like a real child that needs to be protected against everything and anything.


Due to the existing properties, facilities and proven record. The commercially grade feminized seeds have a more refined and better quality of seeds compared to our homegrown seeds. This is not to belittle nor underestimate each other’s efforts, but the companies competing within the grounds of Marijuana Industry are simply pushing their technical and moral efforts for the betterment of their products, year after year.

Bandwagon as it may sound, but all Cannabis companies are innovating just to meet our expectations and demands for each of their products being released to the market.

Their greatest secret? The manpower that works harmoniously throughout the years. What they are doing is a collaborative effort of different communities that they partnered. More hands mean greater results and bigger facilities mean wider possibilities for each strain that they are taking good care of.

On the other hand, our homegrown seeds are indeed unique and incomparable with the commercial seeds. We excel with the personal touch that connects us with our environment especially with the plants that we are going to make. And it is purely exceptional.

The employees of different Marijuana companies could be plainly doing their job and maintaining the company’s reputation, out of their good and justly compensation. Most of the time, they neglect to put their best foot forward to personally connect with what they are doing, making their efforts be complacent and simply out of requirements to earn money.

We may not be compensated by the companies, nor supported by our families in growing our seeds, but the experiences and skills that we can gain with it is surely unmatched and can be used for harnessing more effective growth for the seeds that we will do for the future times. This is badly important in building a more stable and fruitful Marijuana Industry.

Do not be discouraged with the quality of the company seeds that you can see online. Like you, these Cannabis institutions started from humble beginnings. They carried out so many trials and errors, experienced bittersweet moments, left by their colleagues, ran out of finances and failed in finding trusted partners that may help to fortify their group.

So, go out from your comfort zones, buy your seeds and start growing! After all, we aim to have a sustainable environment for Cannabis users. Be the change that you want to see in this world. Conquer your fears and be motivated in planting your own and homegrown seeds!

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