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Buying Feminized Cannabis Seeds Online – How to Deal with Sellers?

buying feminized cannabis seeds online how to deal with the sellers

Are you planning to buy single feminized cannabis seeds? There are certain tips which you need to follow if you are planning to buy one online. Bear in mind that buying online can be risky as compared to getting them from a dispensary. But there are ways and even methods which you can easily apply that will help you buy the best one online and avoid any issues in the long run. Let us share with you these amazing tips today.

Tips on How to Buy Single Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Getting the best kind of feminized cannabis seeds usually comes from other countries. With this, you need to place your order online and have to ship the product to you. However, it is important that you apply extra care when doing online transactions especially when it comes to this kind of product. Below are some useful tip and practical tips to help you get the best online deal.

Keep your secrets always a secret

This method should be applied to both offline and online transactions. You don’t have to broadcast as to whether you are planning to buy cannabis seed or if you have already bought one. How can you expect the person you are telling about this matter? Some may understand and see your point of view while others will give negative thoughts about you. Be extra careful.

Ideal practice

If you are going to order online then make sure that you use your business credit card and not the personal ones you always use. You will get less risk if you will follow this method. Bear in mind that all business firms have their own CC billing information to provide convenience.

Credit card information

For years, the information as regards to your credit card is fully confidential and safe. Most online sellers actually delete and even destroy your information once the order is processed and all. They never sell or share your info online. If you are still unsure about this then you can always use your Pre-paid Visa card, Postal Money Order, and even Cash on Delivery.


It is important and could be very helpful if you will use your real name for the shipment details. The mailman actually knowns if a certain house is already abandoned or if this person really exists. This is very much efficient especially if the mailman regularly drops mail and packages to your doorstep. If you wish to have more privacy then you can make use of your initials. Make it deliverable. This will avoid any hassle.

Never give an unknown address

Since you will be dealing with cannabis seed grower, it is important that you send them your real address. You will find numerous reliable cannabis growers online which you can trust when it comes to your details. They will keep them safe and secure so there’s no need for you to make up anyone’s address. Doing so will only make you look suspicious and it will surely create tons of issues in the long run.

Use a public email address

When ordering online, it will be helpful to use a public email address and not your business email address. This is a very safe method since you have the capability to protect your online transactions and letters. Make sure to save your business and personal address somewhere safe. By using a public email address, you will not only be protecting your identity but most of all the entire online transaction and deals.

Send your package right

Buying cannabis seed online should be taken with extra care. In fact, it would help a lot if you will, for example, give your girlfriend’s address instead of yours. It would help a lot that they don’t have any idea what the package is. The point here is that you will have a package and be using their address instead of yours. Cannabis seed growers and breeders actually mail and ship products in a discreet manner at all times.

Give enough time

Getting the best cannabis seed usually will be ship to you internationally. When we talked about this method, you should have more patience waiting for your shipment. Usually, it will take a week before your package arrives at your doorstep. The key here is to have open communication with your chosen breeder or cannabis grower.

Break-up orders

Another great tip to help you get the best from your online order is to break-up your actual orders. If you are planning to buy cannabis seeds then make sure to break-up orders to reliable sellers and breeders only. This way, in case something happened to your first package, you will still have the other orders on its way. With this simple but effective method, you will certainly get your shipment on time.

Buy female seeds

Did you know that you will save up more when you buy female seeds as compare to male seeds? Though this kind of see is far more expensive as compared to make seeds, you will still get to save a lot of cash. You can easily clone your seeds and this will prevent you from ordering again. In fact, people who are actually applying this method find it very convenient since they don’t have to make orders for about two to three months.

Get cannabis seeds from reliable breeders only

It is important and actually safe if you will only make transactions and deals with reliable breeders and cannabis seed growers. They actually have enough knowledge and skills that could help you get the best kind of cannabis seed. They might even give you amazing deals particularly If you are just starting out.

These are just some of the buying tips you should consider if you will buy Single Feminized Cannabis Seeds online. These tips will not only help you choose and get the best kind of cannabis seeds out there but it will certainly help protect your details and account as well.

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