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Buying Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Online – Expect the Unexpected!

buying autoflowering cannabis seeds online expect the unexpected

When you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online orders and same-day shipping and yet bad things happen when you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online. Here are some of the bad things that may happen and how to react properly in order to protect yourself from fraud or an honest mistake that seed sellers sometimes do. 


Seed banks typically process hundreds if not thousands of orders daily and you could be just one of the unlucky people whose order have been processed by a frustrated, forgetful, or tired employee. You ordered a specific type of seed and yet what comes to you is a seed that is of the same-sounding name or just an entirely different kind of seed than what you paid for. 

Fortunately, reputable sellers are easy to contact during these kinds of foul-up. Most could be easily contacted through their customer service via phone or online via their website, email or social media platforms. That is why it is imperative that you only buy from reputable sellers in order to secure that the seed you ordered arrives as it is or if a mistake happens, they would gladly replace it for you after verification. 

Most reputable sellers would allow you to ship back the seeds at their cost of may even give you a full refund if you no longer want to but seeds from them, no questions asked. These sellers who have established their reputation for tens of years would never let even one customer down as they know the value of repeat happy customers who will keep buying and even recommend their products and services to colleagues and friends. 


This is a risk that only comes from a seller that is not reputable. Low-quality seeds may come from the same strain you have ordered but they come to you from the old stock of seeds they have or may have been damaged by the environment or some mold in their warehouse facility. 

Old seeds may take a while to germinate which damaged seeds may not even germinate whatever you do. This is bad news. As dubious seller will only dismiss your complaint as fraudulent or even accuse you of tampering with products to cause them problems and all the other things that bad people do to get away with selling you the bad stuff. 

This is really bad but what is worse is that you may not be the only one that they are ripping off. The best thing you could in these situations is to go the local legal experts at the city hall and as them about laws on consumer protection. If you’re lucky, you may even have a case against these people who sold you the bad stuff thus saving you and countless others from their fraud. 


This happens even if you buy from a reputable seller when your package gets mishandled somehow. Your package may be considered mishandled if it arrives ripped or deformed even if it somehow stayed in the box or packaging. This is more a concern with biological products such as seeds because any external influence may ultimately affect its ability to germinate later on when you try to plant it. 

Planting your seeds that was delivered to you in a ripped box may even deny you of any ability to complain later to the seller or the courier that your seeds did not germinate because it got damaged during shipping. So, you have to inform the courier immediately or the delivery guy that your package is not in good condition.  

Fortunately, all these are covered by the courier service that your seed back sent your package with and the same delivery guy himself will even help you in these matters. This is the beauty of buying from reputable sellers and only shipping with reputable courier services. 

There are some countries or states that courier services have the policy of leaving your package at your doorstep if no one answers their call or doorbell. This practice is bad for your seeds as they get exposed to extreme heat and cold and may even be stolen. If you knew that your courier or the mailman does this, inform your seed bank beforehand to give instructions to the courier to not leave your package at your doorstep or give you the option of picking it up in their business office in your area if you fail to be at home during their delivery. 


Legal matters is something that you have to take seriously if you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online for it to be shipped to you in your locality. You see, there are different laws in different countries and states. You have to be aware of any legal issues as to the possession limit, possession age and other issues. Any violation of these may be a criminal offense and you may be held criminally liable for such any mistake. 

Ordering from a reputable seed seller saves you this trouble as they will not ship you any marijuana plant or seed if they knew that it is illegal to that address that you are given. Black market sellers may not even care as long as you are paying.

It is never embarrassing to ask a law enforcement officer or a local town officer especially if you are new in town. Googling will also help you as most states, cities, and towns have their own websites setup and are ready to answer your queries too. 

There is always the possibility of something going wrong when you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online. Protecting yourself always start with knowing the law about marijuana in the locality you are in by knowing your rights as a consumer.

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