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Where to Buy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

If I’m thinking of growing marijuana seeds, where should I purchase one? Where are the good breeders of such distinguished plants? Well, you were ought to find out where to buy autoflowering marijuana seeds.

A great deal of more breeders with auto-flowering seed is discovered day by day, although if you will look around the breeders have cited developments to be noted for breeding a selection of the very best autoflowering seeds when it includes ease of development, yields, and potency.

It’s scary buying cannabis seeds online for in the starting opportunity and in addition, it is truly important you are making certain you find the seed items of yours from a trusted source! Not only will that help make sure your security and safety, additionally, but it is also going to keep you from being cheated and even perhaps tricked with substandard seeds and even possibly no seeds!

You can look anywhere if you want to buy Marijuana Seeds Online. We’ve looked after the 2010 summary with vital reviews of the marijuana seed options. These listed seed banks require online orders, in addition, to ship cannabis seeds around the planet, including the USA. We only suggest businesses with great stealth, customer service, reliability, and then just seed quality. Though these are the seed banks we recognize and also use ourselves, it definitely gives the possible options for you.

Last updated August 18, 2017, the so-called breeders have dedicated themselves over their entire career to grow autoflowering strains with an inspired quality and consistency transpired with their appearance. Let us know if there is an autoflowering cannabis breeder we must add to this particular checklist!

Excellent Breeders to Buy Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

(Included careful, honest seed resources and reviews for any online breeders)

  1. Seedsman

Located: U.K.

Ships: Worldwide


  • Free seed promotions & a sizable assortment of strains
  • Select their “Guaranteed Delivery” choice when looking into for assured stealth shipping. This ensures the seed products of yours will achieve you regardless of what.
  • They have only emphasized by reputable breeders, additionally, breed and better their personal strains in the home. They make it simple to locate a strain for the demands as well as an increased room – work their seed selector to find an excellent strain.
  • Trustworthy and long-lasting business – Seedsman provides cannabis seeds since 2003 and they’ve created a name on their own as a seasoned seed resource.
  • Accepts a broad range of payment options (bank transfer, money orders, postal orders, checks, debit cards, credit cards, cash, Bitcoin – suggested for nobody and discounts through you and the seller is able to recognize what you’re buying)


  • Deciding to consume “Guaranteed Delivery” into your order together with the cost of delivery has the capability to create purchasing from this spot a bit pricey, particularly in case you are buying only a number of seeds at a moment.

2. Nirvana

Located: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ships: Worldwide Except Australia (highly advised option for buying cannabis seeds in the USA!)


  • Well-Established – The people that developed Nirvana are actually breeding award-winning stresses and marketing seeds throughout the earth by mail order since the 1980s, moreover, the Nirvana as a global seed supply started for small business in 1995.
  • Fast, Discreet Shipping – Nirvana is actually among numerous stealthy seed vendors – seeds show up fast, more quickly, with inconspicuous item presentation. After I could not get the seeds in the bundle of mine after that should speak to Nirvana customer service to learn where you’re supposed to appear!
  • Excellent Prices
  • Responsive Customer Service – they actually breed and grow their strains in-house, so they can accurately answer your questions
  • Read consumer opinions about each and every strain as well as offer your own personal views
  • Go to them in specific assuming you are in Amsterdam!
  • Promptly ships more seeds at no cost in case you’ve quite a few issues and even perhaps in case seeds don’t arrive
  • Accepts a broad range of charge options (bank draft, credit, cash, etc)


  • They just require stresses produced by Nirvana, as they want to breed their own plant. And although they’ve good strains, and this suggests you have a drastically smaller sized option compared to an enormous “seed bank”.
  • Regrettably, with no seed shipped to Australia

3. MSNL Seeds

Located: Seeds Sourced in Holland / Netherlands & Shipped from UK

Ships: Worldwide


  • MSNL was created by a geneticist plus just offers hand-selected strains
  • Timely distribution, shipping, and delivery offered was assured by extra stealth choices and.
  • Running a business after 1999, as well as motivating cannabis seeds online via their present domain after 2003
  • Accepts a multitude of payment methods as Cash, most major Debit/Credit, and International Money Order and Bank Wire Transfer cards


  • They only carry their own strains, so they have a relatively small selection

4. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds (AMS)

Located: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ships: Worldwide


  • AMS simply has hand-selected stresses, along with home gardeners are actually delighted with the caliber of the genetics of theirs
  • We first found AMS seed bank account after farmers printed in with amazing comments about them. They’re in addition famous within the message board.
  • They’re renowned for excelling at customer care.
  • Accepts a multitude of payment methods, Bank Transfer, Western Union, including Bitcoin, Cash, and many major Debit/Credit cards
  • They have been marketing seeds online after 2002
  • At Amsterdam Marijuana was recognized by Bitcoin Seeds
  • Quick shipping, stealthy packaging, and guaranteed delivery


  • They just have their very own stresses, consequently, they’ve essentially small selection with around a hundred strains

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