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Building Marijuana Stealth Grow Boxes Yourself

stealth growing marijuana

With growing indoors, space is a common issue that most cannabis growers encounter. Nevertheless, space is an important thing to consider when you are growing your cannabis plants in these areas. Aside from the total area of the space, most growers also need to consider the safety and security of the location. Looking at all these factors, it’s usually hard to find a portion of your house that caters to safety, convenience, and space for your plants. This is why most growers improvise and build a grow box to cultivate cannabis plants inside these types of spaces.

In this article we will discuss the basics of building a grow box for your indoor cannabis plants. This will include a step by step and easy guide to making a stealthy grow box with only a few materials.


What things to consider when building a grow box?

Before immediately building your grow box, it is important to consider some factors in order to cater to the needs of your cannabis plant. These factors include the following:

  • Size

It is essential to look into the size of the grow box that you’ll be building. This will be dependent upon how many cannabis plants you want to cultivate and the area of the location where you are going to install your grow box.

  • Materials

Though a lot of growers don’t really care too much about the materials being, it does somewhat matter. Every grower should utilize materials that have no cracks or light escapes that could be created during cultivation. Thus, hardwood and non-transparent materials are an excellent medium for fabricating a grow box.

  • Convenience

It is also important for your grow box to be easily accessible anytime you want to check it out. Though we do want it to keep hidden as much as possible, we also need to make sure that it is readily available as needed. Also, it is essential for your grow box to be set up in a location where water and electricity are easily found and transported.

  • Safety

This is not just safety from authorities but also environmental factors like pests and molds. Also, it is essential to make sure that your grow room be placed in such a way that your dogs, cats, and possible children cannot easily reach it.


Designing your Grow Box

After learning everything written above, you are now ready to design a grow box. It is important when designing for the factors above to be a priority. Nevertheless, you can freely choose whatever design you like. As long as it meets your own convenience and satisfies your needs.

There are a lot of design tools and mediums that you can utilize in order to fully realize your dream cannabis grow room. There are lots of sketch rendering software programs such as SketchUp and AutoCAD that you can play with for this. Aside from that, you also have the option of manually drawing and sketching everything with a pad and a pen.


Building your Grow Box

After designing you can start collecting the materials you need for building your grow room. As every grower has the freedom to choose, you can decide to DIY everything using cheap and readily accessible materials or purchase new specific materials as well. In this part of creating your grow box, one can explore their creativity and let their minds wander around to whatever things they want to do.

Nevertheless, a cannabis grow box should be comprised of the following specific parts:

  • Covering or Shell

This is an important part that ensures your cannabis plants stay protected against external factors that could damage your plants. Also, this shell will serve as the outer appearance for the design of your box. If it’s possible, make sure that the coveringis discreet. A perfect camouflage for indoors could be a cabinet or a cupboard. Common materials used for covering are wood, metal, some plastics, etc.

  • The Interiors

This is comprised of the sides, ceiling, and floor of the device. While a few use the covering as their interior as well, there are growers who improvise and put additional materials or insulators to make sure that there are no leaks and cracks that could let things into the device. Materials used for insulation are styrofoam, aluminum foil, or any other material that provides additional insulation to the system.

Along with that, make sure to drill some holes for some connections and wirings if needed.

  • Lights

Every cannabis grow box requires a light installation for the plants to grow. You can use a variety of lights such as CFL or LED. Though HID and Metal Halide are doable, these can get too hot at times.

Other materials that you’ll need during installation include ceramic light fixtures, light cords or plugs. These materials can easily be obtained from most local stores in your area.

  • Fans

A grow box should have exhaust fans installed for good airflow. Also, it is helpful to put internal fans inside the device for temperature and humidity regulation around the plants.

  • Other Devices

You can also install odor controling devices (carbon filters) and systems for water and nutrient control as well. These can be unneccessary, but do provide assistance with your cannabis cultivation.


An Option to Purchase a Marijuana Grow Box

If you don’t have much time to build a grow box, then you always have the option to buy one. There are some grow boxes available for you to purchase online. These grow boxes could be bought at various prices depending on the size and the material you chose. This could be a reliable option for sturdiness and efficiency, especially if it’s fabricated professionally.

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