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Brick Weed: What is It and How It’s Made

One of the best things about marijuana is that it can be made into all sorts of products humans could think of. Brick weed is one of the few products that can be made from cannabis. Although this type of product in the cannabis scene, they are still new to people who just recently made their way onto the cannabis scene.

So, for beginners out there, get ready as we try to give you plenty of information on what Brick weed is all about and how it’s made. Read down below!

What is Brick Weed?

As the name suggests, they are bricks made out of weed. it is a type of cannabis product that is compressed and pressed until they form brick-like structures. It is a very popular way back as early as you could imagine. Brick weeds are made for people to easily smuggle them from Mexico to the US.

The process of making brick weed is for smugglers and transporters to have an easier time shipping marijuana in and out of any country. Plus, consuming brick weed was a very popular way to consume weed that even dates back during the early ’70s and ’80s before the cultivation of Marijuana took off.

Today, brick weed is still sold in a few markets and dispensaries. However, they aren’t as popular as before. In today’s generation, there are tons of ways to consume marijuana, and most people are well-acclimated in consuming brick weeds.

One of the biggest importers and exporters of brick weeds is the country of Paraguay. Up to this very day, brick weed is sold through parts of Central and South America, even in Asia, and many more. Paraguay exports their brick weed through their neighboring countries of Argentina and Brazil.

Is Brick Weed Good for You?

Now and then, especially if you smoke with older people, most of the time they’ll talk about smoking brick weed. For some, brick weed was like a gold bar back in the days because it takes the shape of a gold bar too. Most of the time brick weeds weigh about 25 grams, that 25 grams are jam-packed and hard-pressed with high concentrations of weed.

The smell of brick weed will surely take you back from the days where the weed isn’t as popular as today. It induces strong scents of ammonia, pungent, with some spice. Due to their compressed nature, you would need to saw them get a piece of them. Once sawn, you could immediately see loads of branches, leaves, and all cannabis matters.

When brick weed is smoked, it delivers some of the strongest and most potent weed you could ever have back in the days. The sensations are pretty overwhelming and are incredibly harsh on the throat, lungs, and can even induce quick sedation.

Brick Weed: How Is It Made?

To give you a better understanding of why brick weed isn’t as good as you would expect, sometimes it pays to look at how it is being manufactured.

Unlike the bud you are after in which most people sell these days, the process of making brick weed is upfront and basic. When cannabis plants are harvested before they are pressed they go through the drying process. After that, they are hard-pressed using a hydraulic press to form brick-like forms. This means that brick weeds aren’t trimmed or cured. It’s a natural thing!

Back in 2017, Matias Maxx, a Brazilian Cannabis journalist gave his take on the brick weed production in Paraguay. He visited a famous cannabis farm in Paraguay to get a good grasp of how it is made and what goes through the process of making the brick weed.

He witnessed that the process of making brick weed was made with high-quality cannabis plants that are well-maintained, and often comes from reputable seed banks. However, one problem was the way brick weed is manufactured.

When harvest time concludes, entire branches of cannabis plants are loaded into trucks and onto big canvasses that are then placed with loads of cannabis plants that are left to dry. When so much plant material buildups everywhere, trapping moisture is inevitable. This leaves some parts of the cannabis plant getting rotted. That’s why brick weeds produce strong flavors of ammonia.

Once all the branches have dried up, the buds are harvested and torn from bigger branches. 

Because of this process, a ton of trichomes is lost. When they are done, cannabis materials are then placed onto a hydraulic-pressed and usually, they are formed like brick blocks that weigh around 50 kilos, after that, they are cut into smaller bricks in the process and then exports them to their neighboring countries and other countries as well.

The Fall of Brick Weed 

As I’ve mentioned earlier, consuming brick weed was popular back in the days. But when the legalization of cultivating Marijuana rose to fame, many growers grabbed the opportunity given. It was a lot easier for people to grow their very own cannabis in their backyard given that it is legal in their state.

Growers also emphasized making on high-quality weeds and there were many innovations back in the days that were made to consume weed in a lot of ways. Plus, most farmers and growers of weed are hesitant to brick high-quality weeds because prices are also going up.

Also, when bricking weeds, it tends to flake a lot more of the THC content present in cannabis plants, which people are after. However, brick weeds are still sold to this day to cater to old-fashioned individuals and other people who want to give it a try.


Brick weeds are famous back in the days because it was one of the easiest ways to consume marijuana and still have more left. However, due to the rapid legalization of cultivating marijuana, people aren’t sold on buying one because of the idea of how they are being made.

Finally, there are tons of ways on how to consume marijuana, if you aren’t sold on consuming brick weed, try other ideas and methods. Always remember that when smoking cannabis, always do it moderately.

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