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Breeding Autoflower Seeds Production

breeding autoflower seeds production

The cannabis industry is alive and thriving with an explosion of different strains with great quality. Very important too are recent advancements in cannabis growing especially the rise of the ever-popular autoflowering cannabis plants. Autoflowering or auto seeds are very beneficial for small-scale growers because these plants can grow and bloom even in a very small room or area. Autos are also heaven-sent to people who want to stealthily grow cannabis for personal and medical reasons. Finally, autos are for people who want to get more profits out of breeding autoflower seeds. Autos are can grow in just 3 weeks of growing and are ready for harvesting in as early as 8 weeks.

Autoflowers are basically easy to grow. All you need to do is to bathe these babies with sunlight for 24 hours daily to help them maximize their growth potential. There is no need for separate vegetation and flowering rooms for auto seeds. But auto-flowering plants are not at all wonderful through and through. These plants cannot grow from clones. These have to be grown from autoflowering seeds.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are definitely the most in-demand marijuana seeds in the market.  And just like any good, high demands give suppliers and dealers a reason to jack the price up. If you are growing auto plants from seeds that you purchased from a dealer each and every time you grow then you are going to be spending a small fortune in the long run.

Cannabis growers have perfected a way to create autoflowering cannabis seeds. By learning how to make your own seeds you will be able to have a steady supply of autoflowering seeds all year long.

How to Breed Autoflowers

Every female autoflowering seeds can create more than a hundred seeds and in optimum conditions, a single female plant can make even more than a thousand seeds. This will surely be more than enough supply of seeds to last you for years. However, you must understand that there is a good possibility that the batch of seeds you got maybe 50% male and 50% female. The trick is to identify the male plants from the female plants by growing them.

  • Grow your regular autoflowering seeds

Grow your seeds according to strain instructions. If you are growing outdoors, just place these in small growing cups and just let these be. If you are growing indoors, in a special grow room or tent, place your seeds in a grow cup with the best soil growing medium. Place this under a grow light for 24 hours every day. You will soon have seedlings in just about 3 weeks.

  • Determine the male seeds and the female plants

By the time your seedlings are showing pre-flowers, you can now clearly identify their gender. Both male and female cannabis plants show preflowers found in between the main branch and the stems. You can easily spot males with their small ball-like buds. These buds are full of pollen and when male plants are ready to pollinate, these open and pollen will be blown to female plants who will receive these openly.

Now it’s time to locate the female cannabis plants. This is also an easy thing to do because females have very showy flowers. You can easily see these flowers which are also found in between the main branch and the stems. These flowers are just waiting for the male preflowers buds to open and pollinate them. And so, now that you have finally determined the gender of your flowers, it’s time to select the best male candidate.

  • Remove the male plants but select one superior male

You only need one alpha male to pollinate your batch of female plants. This male should be chosen because of its strong stems, good buds, and green leaves. There’s nothing much that you can see for now and the next step is to destroy all the other male plants. Why do you need to destroy all these male plants? Because you want to create a batch of strong, potent and high-quality cannabis. There is no room for error now and therefore you don’t want other imperfect plants to pollinate.

  • Let your male pollinate your females

Take your male and your females to your growing room. Set them a foot apart so that these plants can spread out and grow. If you must remove these from their grow cups then do so now. Transfer these carefully to your grow pot and let these get enough light, water, and plant food.  If you are growing your weed outdoors, you can now place them in their permanent places and let nature do her part.

  • Harvest your fully matured autoflowering cannabis seeds in a couple of weeks

After around 8 weeks it will be sure as the sun that you will have fresh cannabis. Improve your yield by supplying your plants with uninterrupted light and most of all; do not stress your plants so that they can be ready for harvest according to their 8-week deadline.

Breeding Autoflower Seeds – Step by Step

After learning how to create your own autoflowering seeds you might proceed to the next step and breed your own autoflowering strains. Almost every grower wants to create his own pot variety and the secret to this understanding of plant breeding.

Plant breeding is manipulating and changing various traits and characteristics of a plant to get the best outcome and in the case of breeding autoflowering cannabis, you are trying to get the best traits from one strain and the best ones from another strain to create a strong, potent and downright enjoyable blend that can be harvested in the least possible time. Breeding autoflower seeds has been happening for many generations with cross-breeding and in-breeding creating multiple offspring with unique characteristics. However, there is a problem with breeding autoflowering plants; the genetic trait of autoflowering is usually recessive and there is always a risk that this trait will not be passed at all. It basically takes years of experimentation and understanding how genes are passed to perfect a strain with the best characteristics.

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