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Blue Dream Feminized Seeds – The Powerful Hybrid Strain in the World of Cannabis

blue dream feminized seeds the powerful hybrid strain in the world of cannabis

Blue Dream feminized seeds are some of the most popular strains in the world and are even regarded as the best that the state of Colorado has to offer. That is because this strain is full of great qualities that surely make it one of the most lovable strains in the existence of cannabis. But why exactly is Blue Dream such a sought-after marijuana bud?

If you want to know why you have to get to know more about Blue Dream itself.

What is Blue Dream?

Blue Dream is regarded as a pretty powerful hybrid strain in the cannabis community. This popular strain was the result of the crossbreeding between two other powerful marijuana buds: the tasty and fruity Blueberry and the energetic sativa Haze. Because of its indica and sativa backgrounds, Blue Dream is actually a very balanced strain with a 50-50 indica and sativa ratio.

As you might have already heard, Blueberry stands as a very well-known strain in the cannabis industry primarily because of its fruity and sweet blueberry-like aroma and flavor. However, It is also very popular because of its clean indica effects. Meanwhile, Haze is also just as good when it comes to sativas because of its great landrace genetics. Haze brings in an energetic and creative kind of high that is hard to match for any kind of marijuana strain.

The combination of those genetics has made Blue Dream a well-balanced strain that has the perfect blend of flavor and hybrid effects. Thos attributes alone makes this bud a truly remarkable strain to use and enjoy in almost any kind of situation or event.

Blue Dream Aroma and Flavor

Its aroma and flavor profile is one of the reasons why Blue Dream is one of the greatest strains to enjoy if you prefer smoking something that is not only great in terms of its effects but is also a delicious experience that your nose and your tongue would surely enjoy.

In terms of its scent, Blue Dream carries the strong and fruity kind of aroma that actually smells kind of sweet. This scent tends to last for a very long time in the air as you can truly enjoy its great aroma during the entire duration of your smoke. Moreover, Blue Dream also carries an earthy kind of profile that comes from its Haze side.

Blue Dream’s taste is really similar to its scent. The moment the smoke passes through your throat, you will immediately experience a flavor that is really fruity sweet. It actually tastes a lot like sugar but with a fruity kind of profile. As such, the obvious conclusion is that Blue Dream is a taste bud that anyone can truly appreciate and enjoy.

Blue Dream Effects

As mentioned, Blue Dream is a really balanced hybrid strain that is 50-50 in terms of its indica and sativa composition. That means that you can enjoy great effects that carry a good mix of a mental kind of buzz and a physically relaxing kind of high. Moreover, Blue Dream is actually quite potent. This strain carries THC levels that range somewhere in between 17% and 24%. In that sense, it is a strain that might not be the best for beginners and is certainly something that even experienced consumers should still be wary of.

Blue Dream’s high takes all the good parts of both Blueberry and Haze. What that means is that you can expect to feel the energetic cerebral high one can always expect from Haze. This allows you to feel focused and mentally energetic and motivated to do the tasks ahead of you. However, because it is a hybrid, Blue Dream’s heady and energetic high is not as overwhelming as Haze’s and is something that is quite manageable.

The good thing about Blue Dream’s mental effects is that it is quite the dreamy strain. You can expect it to help you with your creative thinking is it tends to make imaginative and novel thoughts flow into your head easier. That is why some call Blue Dream the perfect strain for artists and creative thinkers or writers alike.

As the heady high wears on, you will feel a physically relaxing sensation that comes from Blueberry. This body kind of high translates well into a feeling of relaxation that envelopes your body in a calming kind of breeze. However, this relaxing effect is not as overpowering as the one you might expect from Blueberry. Instead, it does not induce a lazy and lethargic state and still allows you to retain your productivity.

Because of that well-balanced combination of indica and sativa effects, you can say that Blue Dream is a strain that you can enjoy in almost any kind of situation. If you want to unwind and relax after a long day, take a smoke of Blue Dream. And if you feel like you need the energy and motivation to have something done, you can use Blue Dream to help you with your productivity. It might not be the perfect cannabis strain in terms of effects but it is as close to perfectly balanced as any other strain on the planet.

Growing Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

Even if you are not the most experienced cannabis cultivator on the planet, you can still find success in growing Blue Dream. That is because this strain’s hybrid qualities make it one of the easiest strains to grow on the planet. In that regard, novices can still find growing this strain a relative breeze as it is effective in almost any kind of environmental condition and is also very resistant to a lot of external factors that could easily affect its health and quality.

Blue Dream feminized seeds are not the fastest growing seeds on the market. You can expect it to be ready for harvest in about 10 weeks from the day the seeds started to germinate. Nevertheless, you can always expect it to give you a yield that is quite generous.

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