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Black Widow Feminized Seeds – Perfect for Amateur Growers

black widow feminized seeds perfect for amateur growers 1

Marijuana has been legal in a lot of countries and states in North America for a while already. And because of legalization, the demand for marijuana is expected to grow drastically over the next few years or so. More and more people will be using the pot from here on as the world is now accepting marijuana more than it has ever done in the past.

That said, if you want to enter the industry as someone who could profit a lot from marijuana, it may be a good idea to try to cultivate pot seeds on your own. And if you are not experienced in the field of cannabis seed cultivation, it might be a really good idea for you to try Black Widow Feminized seeds because of how it is a strain that was made for amateur growers.

What is Black Widow Feminized?

When you hear the phrase “black widow”, it is quite easy to remember the poisonous black spider that can easily put down any human. You might even be reminded of the famous superhero that has been making a name for herself in comics and films. However, this strain is not as dangerous and as deadly as the spider and the assassin-turned-superhero.

You do not have to fear Black Widow as a cannabis strain because it will not have effects that can put you down just as easily as the spider or the comic book and movie character. Instead, Black Widow is simply a rebranded version of another popular strain.

Black Widow has one of the more interesting back stories in the cannabis industry. Back in the middle of the 90s, a team of marijuana breeders worked together to create a White Widow, which is actually still a very popular marijuana strain today.

However, when those breeders broke up, one of them started his own company and brought White Widow’s genetics with him. He released the strain and rebranded it as Black Widow, which is essentially just White Widow with a different name. This strain is the result of the combination of two landrace strains: the Brazilian (a sativa) and the South Indian (an indica).

Black Widow aroma and flavor

Because of its background as a strain that comes from two landraces, Black Widow as an aroma and flavor profile that is quite similar to and reminiscent of what your classic marijuana should smell and taste like. In that sense, it makes you feel like you are smelling and smoking something that naturally grows out of the ground.

Black Widow has an aroma that skunky. It can be pungent in a strong way but its scent still has its appeal in the sense that it has a sweet profile that can be appetizing to your senses. That makes it a flower that actually smells quite nice despite its strong skunky odor. It is not like a lot of marijuana flowers that are skunky in a bad sort of way.

Meanwhile, the Black Widow’s taste has a similar approach to the way it smells. The sweetness of this strain comes from its fruity side as it will never fail to make you enjoy a unique kind of sweet fruitiness. Of course, it still has the skunkiness that is quite prevalent in its scent. Lastly, the aftertaste comes with that pungent kind of flavor but it also has a nutty kind of finish that provides you with a good experience for your palate.

Overall, while Black Widow might have the classic skunkiness and earthiness that you can always expect a direct landrace descendant to have, it still has its fruity sweet kind of appeal that certainly makes this strain an unforgettable experience for your senses.

Black Widow effects

Black Widow’s effects highly depend on the phenotype you are smoking because of how this strain has genetics that is not as stable as some other buds on the market. So, depending on the phenotype, Black Widow can actually be very potent. Tests show that it has a THC content that can be as high as 28%. So, depending on how you see things, you can be both lucky or unlucky if you manage to get your hands on the strongest Black Widow phenotype. But what is sure is that this strain should never be something that beginners and novices should start with.

As a strain with both sativa and indica genetics, Black Widow introduces itself to you with a very potent and trippy kind of high that brings about a euphoric state of happiness. The head high is so intense that it can help you become more of a creative thinker during the entire duration of the high.

Black Widow still retains the indica side of its other landrace parent. What that means is that it is a strain that also carries a very potent kind of body relaxing high. However, it is a reasonable kind of body effect in the sense that it will not make you feel lazy or lethargic. Some would say that there are times when you won’t be able to feel the body high you get from this strain because you will be too preoccupied with the heady buzz it gives you. Regardless of whether that is true or not, you can still expect this strain to help you feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

Growing Black Widow feminized seeds

Black Widow is a very easy strain to grow and is something that beginner cultivator will enjoy growing. This strain is so resistant to mildew and molds and will easily grow well if you use a hydroponic system to cultivate it. That said, you can simply leave the plants alone and they will basically take care of their selves so long as your hydroponic setup is doing fine.

This strain grows well in warm climates and can easily exceed six feet in terms of height. Make sure it gets a lot of light because of how it needs a ton of it to live up to its potential. You can expect Black Widow to be available for harvest in about eight to nine weeks.

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