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Black Jack Feminized Seeds – The Most Powerful and Productive Strains Created

Fast flowering, huge buds, and high THC, what more could you ask for when you grow Black Jack feminized seeds? Black Jack is a powerful hybrid strain that will knock you down because of its very high THC levels. It’s woody, pine and sweet flavor will linger in your mouth long after you’re done smoking too. If you want a powerful and productive strain to grow at home, try Black Jack feminized.

What makes Black Jack a very powerful strain?

There are so many reasons why Black Jack stands out as a powerful strain. First, the strain’s natural effects. This is an indica-dominant hybrid made by combining a very potent Black Domina which is an indica strain and a Jack Herer, a lively sativa. The result of this union is a strain that has overwhelming relaxing effects. It uplifts your spirit to make you feel happy and euphoric.

Some people feel very focused after taking Black Jack as it allows them to relax, remove racing thoughts and let them concentrate on their work or task better. Black Jack will give you focused relaxation and thus makes it a good strain for artistic projects and ventures.

Another reason why Black Jack is so powerful is that its relaxing effects may be harnessed to help people cope with many medical conditions such as insomnia, stress, depression, and pain. No doubt, it is one of the most favorite strains of people looking for safe, therapeutic relief.

When it comes to growing and cultivating Black Jack as a recreational or medicinal strain, you will find this a fruitful crop. It can grow large buds with hard and dense structures.  These buds have calyxes similar to large grapes and these are coated with heavenly THC.

These will also grow fast provided it is cultivated in the best growing environment. You’ll be able to harvest more and get more out of using Black Jack strain. And finally, the fact that this is a feminized strain makes it easier to cultivate. If you had to be very careful and very watchful about male plants before, growing feminized seeds will be a lot different.

No longer do you need to worry about growing more males than females and waste resources as well. Feminized seeds grow all female plants without the need to deal with accidental pollination. With all these fantastic properties you can now say that growing Black Jack as a recreational and a medicinal strain is definitely a smart choice.

Can you use Black Jack as a medicinal strain?

Black Jack has many impressive therapeutic properties. Primarily, it is used to relieve stress. Its overwhelming relaxing effects make this strain popular among many users.  You will feel very relaxed and completely in control of your emotions as you take this strain for stress. It can also deal with depression as it suppresses all negative thoughts.

Black Jack is also popular for pain. It has natural analgesic properties which can help you block out pain including headaches, backaches, muscle pain, muscle strain and so many more. With Black Jack, you can forget about using dangerous analgesics which can only do more harm than good to the body. You can also live pain-free without any regrets.

Black Jack is a very powerful tranquilizer as it can cure insomnia and sleeplessness. You’ll be able to sleep calmly and peacefully night after night. Because it calms the mind and eases stressful and negative thoughts, you’ll be able to fall asleep fast. It should be consumed at night or just minutes before you’re about to sleep because the effects will be very strong, it could knock you out fast.

Finally, this potent strain can also be used to enhance appetite. The munchies are real when it comes to Black Jack. You will feel very hungry as if you can eat everything you’ll find in your refrigerator. This craving is very common in almost all cannabis strains but is very popular among users of high THC strains as well.

People who have medical conditions such as cancer can use this strain to bring back appetite and to control the side effects of chemotherapy like nausea and vomiting. But before you use Black Jack for any medical condition or health problem, be sure to consult a cannabis-friendly doctor. He will be able to provide you with the ideal dose of Black Jack according to your medical condition or to find a suitable cannabis strain that will match your illness.

Is Black Jack feminized easy to grow?

According to people who have first hand cultivated Black Jack, this strain is one of the easiest to grow.  The fact that it can be grown outdoors without so much fuss is a joy for growers and breeders. It grows tall because of its sativa lineage but despite this, it can still be trained to grow indoors. 

This strain loves sunlight and would love to grow in an outdoor area where it can grow taller, wider and larger. As long as you grow Black Jack in a temperate climate, you’ll find it easy to cultivate indoors or outdoors.

And the fact that this strain is feminized, you will surely enjoy growing this compared to its regular, photoperiod counterparts. As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to separate females and male plants anymore when you have all-female plants. Forget about accidental pollination because there will be no males to pollinate your precious female plants.

Feminized seeds may be very expensive and are considered one of the most costly seed varieties along with autoflowering cannabis seeds but in the end, it is the most economical of all. First-time cannabis growers and those who want to earn a living growing weed will find Black Jack a lucrative strain.

How do you grow Black Jack feminized seeds?

Black Jack feminized seeds are the easiest to grow. As long as you follow the growing requirements of the Black Jack strain, you’ll be growing dense buds with impressive yields in no time.

The best climate for Black Jack

Black Jack cannabis plants will grow very well in a temperate climate. Countries that belong in the middle latitudes can grow this plant outdoors. It won’t do well with very cold climates where there is snow or too much rain. If you don’t have this kind of climate then you might as well look for other strains to grow or better yet, cultivate these indoors.

Indoors or outdoors?

Black Jack plants would prefer to grow outdoors because of its sativa lineage. It can grow tall and lean but may also stay short and stout due to its indica background. If you prefer to grow outdoors, plant your Black Jack in the shade. It may love the sun but direct sunlight can destroy plants. A spot under a tree will do. You may place the pot on your patio or in a shaded part of your garden.

When you choose indoor growing, you must take special consideration space where you’ll place your plants. As much as possible, it should be a room with higher ceilings to permit the vertical growth of this plant. If you were to use a grow tent or closet, cultivate only two plants.

Provide adequate lighting, water, and nutrition. Improve your growing area’s air circulation. Air must naturally move in and around the room to enhance circulation and to prevent mold and mildew growth.

When growing indoors, you might want to train your plants early. Use training techniques like the sea of green or screen of green methods to help your plants grow evenly and avoid competing with light.                                             These methods may even contribute to improved yields.

Care for your large and dense buds

There’s the usual threat to plants with large and dense buds: molds. This is because water or moisture can stay inside your growing area or even inside your dense buds enough to cause mildew and molds. It’s a challenge to remove molds but the best you can do is to remove moisture sources and to add fans inside your growing area.

Support your plants once the buds have emerged. Adding a trellis or using thread to support the plants can be very helpful.

The odor might be a problem

Almost all cannabis that has high THC and large buds tend to have problems when it comes to odors. Black Jack plants are no exception. Once these plants start to bloom, it will begin to emit a strong,  unpleasant odor that can be easily detected by neighbors and authorities. Whether growing is legal or prohibited in your area, you must take care of the smell at once. You may use carbon filters which can remove the smell and other hazards or you can use fans to remove the smell.

Important information about Black Jack Strain

Origin – Black Domina x Jack Herer

Fragrance – pine, woody and earthy

Flavors – sweet, pine, citrus and woody

Flowering time indoors – 62 to 72 days

Flowering time outdoors – early October

Height – up to 9 feet

THC – 14% to 24%

CBD – 0.24% to 2%

Indica/sativa – 70%/30%

Yields – indoors 18 to 22 ounces per square meter/ outdoors 18 to 24 ounces per plant

Growth  level – easy to grow, for beginner users

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