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Best Ways to Store Cannabis Seeds

After curing your weeds, the only thing that you’ll think now is how to store cannabis seeds to ensure that it lasts longer and to prevent it from getting spoiled. It’s a problem that some growers faced after taking out a weed from curing. Like any food, herbs, and organic substances, it gets spoiled through time. That is why a lot of growers employ different methods of storing weeds to make it fresh as much as possible. As a first time grower, this article will assist you in different storing methods on cannabis buds.

How long will my Bud Lasts?

If you store it properly, your bud will last for years but if you won’t, the weed will get spoiled and loses quality just within a week. That is why it is important to keep your weed efficiently stored to keep it from losing its potency and smell.

Signs of a Bunk Weed

There are a lot of things that you should look on to identify if your weed is still potable or not. As a first time grower, it is important to realize this in order to become knowledgeable on the weed’s quality. The following includes;

a. Infestation of molds within the weed
b. It’s over dried. The weed gets easily break when you touch it
c. Its smell is unusual like a dry hay and does not smell like a regular high-quality weed
d. If you’ve placed it in a jar or container when you’ve notice moisture around it. For sure, it could not be smoked.
e. It has lost its original color for which is normally green.

Factors that Affects your Weeds upon Storage

Storage depends on certain factors. These factors make the weed become bunk and spoiled if these factors were not regulated and maintained. That is why storage is done to keep these factors from affecting the weed’s quality. These factors include;

a. Temperature
The temperature should be maintained not too hot and not even too cold. High temperatures could dry out your weed that often leads to molding and condensation of moisture around the container. Also, when you set your storage conditions at very cold temperature, this damages the trichomes that decrease the potency of the weed. Ideal temperature rangeis 15-21°C for weed storage.

b. Humidity
The humidity of your storage should be regulated according to what is needed. Optimal humidity conditions are from 50% to 65%. Anything that is beyond than 65% could result to molding. Also, this could make your weed brittle and less potent.

c. Light Exposure
Like on drying and curing, it should be kept in a dark and secured place. Exposure to light could decompose trichomes, a component of the weed that helps on preserving it.

d. Limit Oxygen Permeability

It needs to remember that oxygen aids on the decomposition of your weed. That is why as much as possible, you should keep your weed from exposure to too much oxygen. To do this so, secure an airtight container and do not get a large container that could increase risks of air accumulation. Make sure that your container has only little breathing ground to ensure maximum preservation.

Ways to Store your Weed
Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to store your weeds. As a first-timer, you should be acquainted with these methods to get a grasp on whatever method is suitable to your likes. That is why here are some of the common and best methods on which some growers apply to their weeds to preserve it longer. The following includes;

a.Storage using Glass Jars
This is the most common method that growers use when employing storage of their weeds. Except this is well-efficient, you will not also spend money through buying a container for this or consuming energy and electricity. All you need is to store it in a dark and cool place. This method for storing lasts for even more than a year if you’ll just maintain the same conditions needed.

b. Store it in a Freezer
This is ideal if you want your buds to preserve for long years. You just need to wrap your marijuana in layers of foil and then, wrap with a freezer bag to avoid development of moisture and oxygen accumulation within it. After that, put your bag in the freezer to keep your weeds potent for a long period of time.

c. Store in a CVault
These containers are made from stainless steel for which are commonly used to store your food. But nonetheless, this could also be usedin storing your marijuana for alonger period. All you need is to put your marijuana in the container and place it to anywhere you want. Thus, this container is well-enclosed, impermeable to light and any smell that comes out from the weed. This container also comes out with 62% humidity which is ideal for weed storage. Though the only downside about this container is that humidity often drops after 60 days of using and by then, you should replace your container again.

d. Store using Vacuum Sealers
You could use vacuum sealers to contain and store your weeds. You just need to have your plastic bag vacuum sealed for which prevents air from going in the plastic bag. Your bag should be placed in a dark and cool place to preserve it for years. Though theplastic bag is often discouraged on storing weeds it is safely employed for this method. But if you want to do it the other way, there are vacuum sealed jars available that could be airtight through this vacuum sealers.

Things to Avoid When Storing Your Weeds

1. Don’t refrigerate your weeds
While freezing is conducive, it is highly recommended to avoid refrigerating it. It is important to keep your weeds dry to protect it from molding and refrigerating it could increase its risks to it.

2. Avoid using plastic bags
While vacuum sealing is encouraged, it should remember to never use regular plastic bags unless sealed tightly. This makes the weeds less potent and more brittle.

3. Avoid touching or shaking it too often
When moved frequently, trichomes could get damaged and break off. Do not also touch often your buds because trichomes are sticky and could get your hands even if you did not mean it to. Also moving the buds too much when storage, could disorganize the bud’s arrangement and could tear off some weed pieces.

Final Thoughts!
Storage is important to prolong your weed. This also enhances your weed’s quality if you’ve just employed it to right and suitable conditions. Now, that you’ve known all methods on getting your weed stored, you are now ready to get your weeds through your noses anytime you desired and wanted to.

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