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How Long is Male Cannabis Pollen Stay Viable?

In the same manner, marijuana seeds are kept, pollens of male marijuana can also be stored in such a way that growers can still find it viable even after ages. But unlike cannabis seeds that could last up to ten years when cultured carefully, male cannabis pollens could remain usable for several months only. Here’s a comprehensive best way to store male pollen viability.

Fresh Pollens Are The Best

Experts strongly advise that you use pollens that are still fresh when breeding your own seeds since pollens of male marijuana tend to lose its viability when unused for a long time. However, there are circumstances where you need to delay the start of your growing journey. You might perhaps get stuck in a lengthy period of cold weather where cannabis growing is impossible. There is nothing you could do but to resort to storing them temporarily. 

How to Store and Keep Male Cannabis Pollen?

The secret to keeping pollen viable for a long period of time is preventing moisture and storing it in a dark and dry place. The storage container is the first thing that you should consider. Your container should be colored dark or has an opaque appearance and should be sealed tight. A small opaque container with the size of a nail polish bottle with a resealable cap is the best container to store pollen. You may also use zip lock bags or resealable plastic with airtight features. These will store more pollen and can be sealed to prevent moisture from getting in.

The appearance of moisture is the last thing that you would want to see in your cannabis pollens and seeds. The presence of moisture can lead to the growth of molds and will eventually infest the whole plant leaving it worthless. The growth of molds is oppressively unceasing but it’s fortunately avoidable. You can prevent further infestation by utilizing some drying agents that are safe for food production or fragments of unprocessed grains of rice. Rice has the ability to take the moisture out of plants and inhibit molds from growing and infesting.

Is it ok to refrigerate male cannabis pollen?

Although freezing causes no harm to your marijuana seeds, expert growers strongly advise you to keep your pollens away from freezers or refrigerators since it alters your pollens’ viability. Ideally, pollens are ought to be used as soon as possible. If certain circumstances urge you to store your pollens, you should have it kept in a safe and resealable container and place in your cupboard or any area where there is no direct sunlight and moisture. Remember to label your container with the exact date the pollens were stored as well as the strain the pollens were taken from.

After quite some time, you need your pollens to pollinate females, you can take just the amount you need from your pollen stash. Do not expose the rest of your seeds and pollen from sunlight and air.

So How Long Will Pollen be Viable when Stored?

Male cannabis pollens will be viable for a few months when this is stored in ideal conditions. It’s always best practice to choose the best male for his pollen. Cannabis pollens may, therefore, be stored and used but not as long as cannabis seeds which can be viable for ten years.

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