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The legalization of marijuana in many states and countries is getting popular votes, and the stigma attached to the use of marijuana in medical and recreational purposes is slowly breaking. The legalization of marijuana is spreading like wildfire, and the cannabis industry is becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

Aside from using cannabis for medicinal or recreational use, cannabis cultivation is now a trend. Cannabis growers emerged from areas where cannabis is legalized. Whether growing it in your garden using the best soil for cannabis or any available space in your home, whether you are using different growing methods, cannabis growing is becoming a hype.

Growing Cannabis

Cannabis can be grown in different methods, but the most popular method is the traditional method. The traditional way of growing cannabis is by anchoring it in good soil. Like most plants, cannabis can grow well in healthy soil. 

If you have decided to grow cannabis in soil, it is important to know how to create a blend that will let your plant grow healthy. The soil is simply defined as the topmost the earth in which plants grow. Soil is a mixture of rock particles, clay, and organic remains.

In growing your cannabis using the traditional method, it is imperative to know what comprises a healthy soil. The soil varies in:

  • Water retention
  • Nutrient makeup
  • Drainage
  • pH level
  • Texture

Four Types of Soil

A natural soil comes in for varieties, and they consist of different ratios of soil types. Here are the four types of soil.

  • Sandy soil – has good drainage, but it has poor water retention, meaning it cannot hold water for a long time. Sandy soils have a coarse structure, low pH, and it keeps a good airflow.
  • Silty Soil – this soil is rich in organic particles and rich in minerals. It has good water retention and also good drainage. This soil is a good choice for most growers because it is easy to work with. It is a very healthy and fertile soil because of the minerals and plant nutrients that it contains.
  • Loamy Soil – This type of soil is a combination of silt, clay, and sandy soils. This is by far the best type of soil generally for all plants and just cannabis. Loamy soils have great water retention and drainage. It is also a healthy soil as it is rich nutrients, minerals, and oxygen.
  • Clay – this soil is not good to work with as it is heavy and does not allow a good flow of air. Though it is also rich in nutrients and minerals, it is not very advisable to use this soil as it is hard to manage. It can retain water well, but the drainage is poor.

What is the best soil for cannabis?

The best soil for cannabis should have good drainage, good retentions, must contain the needed nutrients and minerals, and will allow good airflow. It should give room for the growth of strong roots, allow your plants to get enough air with good air circulation, and have enough food nutrients.

Here’s a list of the best soil for cannabis:

  1. FoxFarm FX14047 – This brand is already trusted by cannabis growers and one of the best soil for cannabis. It contains microbes and fungi that are needed for your plants to stay healthy. This potting soil provides your plants with much-needed nutrients and minerals. It contains earthworm castings that can make your plants healthy. This soil has the correct pH level that is needed by your plant.
  2. Nature’s Living Soil – This soil is widely available in the market and is also very popular with cannabis growers. This soil is very healthy, rich in nutrients and minerals. No need for fertilizers because it is packed with microorganisms that will produce the much-needed nutrients for your plants to grow healthy.
  3. Coco Loco Soil Mix – This soil mix is best when you are planting seeds as the temperature does not go hot, unlike other soil mixtures. The Coco Loco Soil Mix has great water retention, which allows you plant to absorb water very well and keeps them hydrated. Also, it contains much-needed nutrients for your plants to stay healthy. This soil is simple and comes in handy, so it is easy to use and maintain.
  4. FoxFarm FX14000 – this soil is perfect for indoor growing with plants grown into containers. This is perfect for growers who are growing cannabis in a limited space. The FoxFarm FX14000 has the correct pH adjusted to the soil, it is rich in minerals and nutrients, and there is no need to add fertilizers. It is made of combined worm castings, aged forest products, and guano, which makes it a very healthy soil.
  5. Mother Earth Coco Plus – this soil mix has two fundamental components that comprise a perfect soil mix. It has good water drainage and water retention. It is a mixture of microorganisms, vitamins, and minerals which the plant needs to grow healthy.
  6. Big Roots – this is an excellent soil mix with the correct pH adjusted to the soil, good drainage, water retention, and airflow. It also contains the important nutrients and ingredients that your cannabis plant needs to grow healthy.
  7. Roots Organics Rod – this potting soil mix is considered environmentally friendly, and it is a rich source of nutrients and minerals that your plant needs. This soil mix is best for cannabis plants that are on the seedling stage. The reason for this is that this soil mix is nutrient heavy. It is composed of nutrients like organic matters such as fishbone, glacial rock dust, feather meal, humic acid, worm castings, and bat guano. The best part about this soil mix is that it comes in a ready-to-use pot for ease of transfer.

The list we have is just a few of the soil mix or best soil for cannabis that may help you if you decide to grow your cannabis garden using the traditional method of using soil. Cannabis, like any other plant, will grow healthy if the soil is also healthy. The soil feeds the plant with its needed minerals, holds that plant in place, and allows water to get through its root; that is why it is important to choose the best soil for your cannabis.

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