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Best Places to Grow Marijuana

best places to grow cannabis

There are best places to grow marijuana and you can choose where to place them. These places are a suitable growing area that can give you confidence that your marijuana plant could able to grow well. These places are as follows:

Best Places to Grow Marijuana: For First Timer

1) Balcony
Growing marijuana on your balcony is just like growing in your garden. This place will let your weeds receive enough amount of sunlight and good airflow.

2) On the terrace
The terrace in your roof might also be a good place for you to grow your weeds. This place will enable your weeds to receive maximum sunlight supply however, this place also has high exposure to the wind for your weeds. A windy environment is not good for your weeds because it might ruin your plants. You can use windshields to prevent so much wind from your weeds.

3) The rooftop of a vacant building
If you have no balconies, rooftop or terrace, you can use the rooftop of a vacant building to grow marijuana. Just choose a vacant building that is less accessible to anyone. This is a good location because your weeds could able to make use of the sun as a source of light effectively.

4) Forest
If you are more fan of guerrilla growing, a forest is a suitable place to grow. In choosing a good spot in the forest to consider the water source, good soil, tree bushes to cover up, and sun exposure as factors.

Do not choose spots where pine trees and meadows grow because they have usually acidic soil which is not good for your weeds.

5) On a riverbank
A riverbank is also a good place for you to grow weeds. Usually, the soil type of this place is wet and you do not need to water it.

6) Indoor Grow Room

Indoor grow rooms are one of the most common places to grow marijuana. Due to most people living in apartments, this has become a popular/affordable and stealthy way to grow it. In 1 small grow room, depending on the strain of plant, you could grow numerous marijuana plants.

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