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The Best Indoor Cannabis Seeds To Grow Today

best indoor cannabis seeds

There are certain strains that can thrive better when you use an indoor cannabis garden. Lucky for you, there are quite a number of marijuana strains out there for this purpose. Without having to worry about the yields that they produce, you can still grow indoors quite comfortably!

More and more growers are starting to lean more towards using and indoor setup. This should not be all that surprising, considering the benefits that come with it. But of course, you will also have to consider the type of marijuana strains that you use. There are a handful of indoor strains out there. All of them can be found in high quality from SunWest Genetics!

Here are the best marijuana seeds for your indoor gardens!

Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Type: 60% Indica, 30% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis

THC: 14%

CBD: 1%

Flowering Time: 7 Weeks

Yields: 60g to 130g

The Cheese Autoflower Marijuana Seeds are a premium choice for an indoor grow. They will require some very low maintenance demands, making them perfect for beginners. As one of the all-time classic strains out there, Cheese is sure to provide you with its signature sour and bitter tastes. Couple this with a tingling sense of relaxation and joy and you’ve got yourself a champ!

It is not the highest yielding strain, however. But this should not be a problem as you can use the SOG or “screen of green” method to boost its produce. The Cheese Autoflower will also be a very quick grower. With only 7 weeks between its vegging and harvests, it won’t be long before you start puffing away on its delectable buds!

Purple Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Type: 80% Indica, 20% Sativa

THC: 13%

CBD: 0.6%

Flowering Time: 7 Weeks

Yields: 100g to 150g

Purple Kush Feminized is another staple for those who are adjusting to an indoor cannabis setup. With the ease and convenience that its seeds bring, you will have no problem whatsoever growing them! Purple Kush, as its name suggests, brings deep streaks of purple in its leaves and buds. With the adjustable conditions of an indoor garden, you can properly maintain the climate to get the most out of these seeds.

Purple Kush Feminized seeds grow some pretty short and compact plants. This makes them ideal for indoor setups with low ceiling rooms. Additionally, they are very responsive to certain training techniques which can be used to boost the yields of your plants! They are not the most mold resistant strains out there so be sure to keep them comfortable!

Big Devil Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Type: 48% Sativa, 40% Indica, 125 Ruderalis

THC: 18%

CBD: 0.08%

Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Yields: 200g to 400g

As a hybrid combination of a sativa and indica strain, Big Devil Autoflower will give you a very blissful high. The ruderalis genetics of Big Devil Autoflower make it very easy to maintain regardless of the amount of light you are able to give it. With a THC content that has just the right intensity for beginner or experienced growers, the yields that you come up with are sure to pack a high volume of trichomes!

Big Devil Autoflower induces a really mild and smooth high. As it will not cause any overpowering effects, this strain will surely lead you into a relaxing and chilling state. Regular watering and providing ample doses of NPK and micronutrients can help boost the development of buds.

Lighting Systems: What To Use Indoors

The utilization of HPS lights or High-Pressure Sodium lighting systems is slowly becoming more and more popular these days. They work just as well as LED light panels and come at a cheaper price.  With the wide range of plants that they are able to cover, HPS lights will be able to provide UV spectrums without causing too much heat in exchange.

When you set up your indoor growing gardens, you should base the size of your crops with the amount of HPS lights that you will use. These bulbs may come in 250 watts, 400 watts, and 600 watts. More watts will naturally mean more heat and light exposure. If you are operating a small indoor setup (such as a grow box or grow tent) a 250 to 400-watt lighting system will suffice.


One important aspect that you will need to factor into your indoor gardens is the type of marijuana seeds that you use. There is a wide assortment of strains out there that will benefit greatly from an indoor setup. The marijuana seeds that you can find above are sure to provide the simplest and most convenient growing experience that you can have!

They are all made readily available at SunWest Genetics. There is no where else that offers a higher quality standard in their products with very reasonable prices! Shop now!

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