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How Many Cannabis Plants Can Fit in a Grow Tent

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When growing marijuana in cannabis grows tents, you tend to feel skeptical about on what is the best grow tent set up can take in order to optimize the use of space, utilization of grow lights and the reproduction of yields.

Genuinely, there isn’t really a definite answer to that. You have to deal with a number of factors before you can finally decide on how much marijuana plants to add per tent. However, as a good start, you need to know that a single grow light can only cover 1 up to 8 plants.

Again, up to 8 plants only since overcrowded grow tents will result in failures and problems into the growth of your cannabis plants such as but not limited to:

– Uneven distribution of air circulation, water, and humidity.

– Parasites and diseases will be spread easily all throughout the cannabis plants because of insufficient spaces.

– Cannabis plants might die if there is an infected plant/s that will not be immediately isolated from the healthy ones.

So if you want to prevent these issues, you need to follow the 1 to 8 plants per one grow light to allow your cannabis plants to grow at its full potential.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, growers must take time to evaluate factors that would tell how much marijuana plants to assign in every tent. So to find out what these factors are, here are the things that you need to consider as early as now!

1. Type of strain that you will use

Strains can grow in different sizes. This fact compels you to prepare a 9 square feet area if you ever plan on growing a large cannabis Sativa strain. On the other hand, if you plan to develop 8 marijuana plants in a grow tent measuring 9 square feet, you ought to select short-growing Indica strains to maximize space. To be precise, the bigger the strain, the lesser the number to grow in a growing tent.

2. Size of container

The size of your container will also matter if you want to know the exact number to add inside a grow tent. If you are growing a bigger strain, then you need to use a bigger container to fulfill its final size. If you are using smaller strains, then a small container should be used.

So to ensure that you will not compromise the quality of your cannabis plants, you need to know what could be the ideal final size of your chosen strain. But as a good start, you need to use 2 to 3 gallons of the container if the final height of your cannabis plant would result to 12 inches. But since there are different sizes, you also need to adjust the size of your container accordingly by following this pattern:

– 24 inches = 3 to 5-gallon container

– 36 inches = 5 to 7-gallon container

– 48 inches = 6 to 10-gallon container

– 60 inches = 8 to 10 or more gallon container

Note: Do not use a too-small container or pots when growing small strains of cannabis plants because this will stunt the growth of your plants, plus your plant might encounter nutrient problems.

3. Watts of grow lights

You can also determine the number of cannabis plants that you need to add in your grow tent by means of your grow light’s wattage. If your grow lights are producing lesser light, then you need to ensure that the number of plants that you need to put inside your grow tent would just be enough to cover your entire plants.

For an instance, a 150 watts grow light can only cover a 2×2 area, while a 250 watts grow light can cover 2×2 up to 2.5×2.5 area.

For 400 watts grow light, you can expect that it can cover 3×3 up to 3.5×3.5 grow area, then for 600 watts, you need a 3.5×3.5 grow area or 4×4 area. And for 1000 watts, it can cover 4×4 up to 5×5 grow area.

One important factor to consider when determining the number of marijuana plants to grow in a tent is the capacity of your cannabis grow light. To measure your grow light’s capacity, may use the following as your basis: 

  • LED and HPS grow lights: each plant will require at least of 75 watts
  • T5 and CFL grow lights: each plant will require at least 150 watts

Sample computation:

If you are using 400 watts of HPS grow light, then you need to divide your current wattage to the minimum watts per plant as per your grow light to get an ideal number of plants per grow light. So that would be 400 divided by 75 is equivalent to 5.3.

That means if you are using 400 watts of HPS grow light, your cannabis plants should not exceed more than 5 plants to ensure that light will be evenly distributed to each of the plants.

Final Thoughts

The size of your container, the power of grow lights, size of chosen strain, and size of grow tent are all needed to be figured out for you to know how many cannabis plants should be put in a grow tent. So before making a plan or finalizing your decision, make sure that you will do the necessary things that were mentioned above to ensure that you will get the best cannabis plants with higher and quality yields.

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