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Growing for Beginners – Choosing Autoflowering Cannabis

If you are just beginning to grow cannabis then you must not waste time learning about the different types and strains of cannabis that will fit your abilities as a first-time grower. There are two types to choose from: autoflowering cannabis or regular cannabis. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages so let’s see which is the best to grow for beginners like you

Autoflowering Cannabis

Autoflowering cannabis can guarantee a quick harvest and will surely be a wonderful experience for first time growers. An autoflowering strain can be growing in just 3 weeks and then ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. Usually you will be able to harvest an ounce or two of cannabis per plant but when you expose a plant under light for 24/0 light/dark cycle, you will be able to increase your yield to 5 to 6 ounces per plant.

Advantages of growing autoflowering cannabis for first-time growers

  • Autos are ready to harvest in just 2 to 3 months

Auto seeds are ready to harvest in just 3 months so it’s great for growers who want to try their growing prowess. Because it just takes a few weeks for a plant to grow, new growers can find satisfaction that they are able to grow plants from scratch. Indeed there is some kind of joy that will never compare with just buying weed from a distributor when you already know that you can grow your own!

  • Autos do not have special light requirements

Autos do not have specific light requirements so new growers won’t have to be tied down to worrying about their lamps. Autoflowering plants can do well with 18/6 light/dark cycles but for the best yields, they must get as much light all day or a 24/0 cycle. Anyone new to growing cannabis will surely appreciate this easy growing type of cannabis.

  • Autos have higher CBD

Definitely auto plants have 1% higher CBD levels or even higher than regular strains. This increase in CBD makes weed more relaxing and can help with anxiety. And having this CBD levels makes cannabis ideal as medical marijuana or for people who would like to use cannabis to relax and deal with anxiety.

  • Autos can be grown indoors or in grow closets

Autos are typically shorter than regular cannabis and therefore perfect for stealth growing and for grower who would like to grow their weed covertly in basements and grow closets. Someone new to growing marijuana may still feel some kind of apprehension about doing it and so it’s better to first start low-key with an autoflowering plant.

Disadvantages of Auto Cannabis For Beginner Growers

  • Autos need your full attention

Growing autos is easy but you must still monitor everything. Remember that you must make sure that your plant gets a lot of light, just the right amount of water and the ideal amount of food. You must also monitor their development as they move from growing to flowering.

  • You must have access to premium quality seeds

You might still encounter some seeds that will not be able to fulfill the 3rd week growing and 8th week harvest which could mean that you got seeds with simply bad genes. Those new to growing cannabis might find this a set-back.

  • Autos can be easily stressed

Autos have a strict deadline and anything that can stress it can affect its yield and lengthen its harvest time. New and inexperienced growers may only stress autos more and could again lead to less yield and problems with harvest time.

  • Auto seeds are more expensive

Technically auto seeds are more expensive and this is why most growers simply grow and use their own auto seeds to curb with the costs.

Regular cannabis

Regular cannabis on the other hand will grow and mature and be ready for harvest in 6 months. Its vegetative state and harvest time depends on the power of the sun or is influenced by light and dark times. Regular cannabis may be grown indoors or outdoors and are typically grown by experienced growers. However, new growers are still welcome to try.

Advantages of growing regular cannabis for beginner growers

  • Regulars won’t make buds unless these are told to do so

Regulars are photosensitive plants and it will only bloom when you want it to unlike autos that need continuous lighting to complete its seed to harvest requirements. This could be easy for new growers since they won’t have to worry about strict light requirements.

  • Regulars will allow you to make mistakes

There is no doubt that you can make as many mistakes as you want when you are growing regular cannabis. You might make mistakes in setting up your artificial light or your ventilation but still have time to correct this with regulars before you stimulate it to flower and be ready for harvest.

  • Regulars will allow you to experiment with your seeds

You can do whatever you want with your seeds. You can make your own strain or strains and make unique blends of characteristics you like by growing regular plants.

Disadvantages of growing regular cannabis for first-time growers

  • Regulars can take a lot of time to grow

People new to growing cannabis could find it too long to grow regular cannabis. It would also be too long to harvest which could be too boring for many young growers. There are many special techniques in growing regulars and techniques that can improve its yield, trying these techniques out will be too much work for new growers and therefore they might settle for something more exciting.

  • Regulars can be too large to grow indoors

Most regular plants are just too big to grow indoors and this could affect the stealthness of your operation. And although there are techniques to grow regulars short, learning these could be too time consuming for some modern growers. Therefore if you want large plants then you must grow regular cannabis plants outdoors or in a greenhouse.

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