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Beginner To Expert: Why Hybrid Is The Right Choice For You

why hybrid cannabis is the right choice

Many people say we are experiencing a big change when it comes to cannabis in why hybrid cannabis is the right choice. Different countries are starting to accept hybrid marijuana seeds for medical or recreational use, and more and more people are learning about its benefits.

But the cannabis we have today is not the same as what our ancestors used. People have been breeding and mixing different types of cannabis plants from all over the world, creating new hybrid marijuana seeds strains.

When you go to a store that sells cannabis or visit someone who grows it, you might hear about Indica and Sativa. Indica is often associated with relaxation and making you sleepy, while Sativa is thought to give you energy and make you feel uplifted. But it’s not as simple as that.

Nowadays, it’s rare to find pure Indica or Sativa strains. The original types of cannabis that grew naturally in different regions are mostly gone. They have been replaced by hybrid strains that combine different types of cannabis. These hybrids aim to give you a mix of effects and experiences that come from both Indica and Sativa plants.

Cannabis Subspecies And Landrace Strains

Landrace cannabis refers to the type of cannabis that has been cultivated and taken care of by humans. In the past, cannabis used to grow naturally without any human help, and we call this “open pollination.” As time passed and cannabis became more popular, people started changing how it grows, leading to the creation of hybrid strains that we enjoy today.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of cannabis that make up these hybrid strains.

Indicas are known for their short and stout appearance. They produce lots of resin in their dense buds. There are many famous Indica strains, and kush strains have become well-known in the industry. The term “Indica” comes from the region where the plant was first grown. Indicas originally come from places like Northern Pakistan, Nepal, and Afghanistan. The Hindu Kush mountain range is where many iconic Indica strains originated.

As Indicas gained popularity worldwide, they spread to different places, environments, and greenhouses. This led to the development of new Indica strains and hybrid varieties. People often choose Indicas for their strong effects, medicinal benefits, and rich terpene profiles.

Sativas, on the other hand, originated in Central Asia and were initially used for making textiles and folk medicine. Eastern rulers popularized Sativas by infusing them into tea for various health issues. Sativas are one of the oldest non-food crops in human history. They have a tall, tree-like structure with long branches. Sativa buds are usually less dense than those of Indicas and hybrids. Durban Poison is an example of a Sativa strain. Sativas are often associated with uplifting energy and mental clarity. They contain high levels of THC, THCV, terpenes, and other important cannabinoids. However, for people who are sensitive to THC, Sativas can sometimes cause feelings of paranoia.

Ruderalis cannabis is not commonly used for recreational purposes. Instead, it is grown as part of breeding programs to create new strains. Ruderalis has low levels of THC and doesn’t rely on changes in light to flower. It will start flowering after a certain period, regardless of the amount of light it receives. Breeders use Ruderalis plants to develop autoflowering or feminized versions of their favorite hybrid strains.

When you see feminized or autoflower strains in the market, it’s thanks to the inclusion of Ruderalis in their breeding programs.

Different Varieties of Hybrid Marijuana Seeds Strain

Hybrid cannabis strains are created by people to try and customize the characteristics of the plant they grow. As we mentioned earlier, hybrid cannabis can have genetics from any of the three subspecies. When breeders develop a breeding program, they often experiment with different combinations of parent plants.

In a hybrid strain, the genetic lineage of the plant will usually involve a combination of the following:

Sativa/Sativa: Two Sativa-dominant varieties are crossed to create a new strain. For example, Sour Jack is a hybrid of Jack Herer and Sour Diesel, both of which are well-known Sativas.

Indica/Indica: Two different Indica varieties are bred together. Strains like Skywalker OG, Purple Kush, and Green Gelato are examples of Indica-dominant hybridized cannabis.

Sativa/Indica: A hybrid strain with a Sativa-dominant profile will primarily exhibit Sativa characteristics. These hybrid strains often display physical traits from both parents, such as tall plants with deep purple buds.

Indica/Sativa: The opposite of Sativa/Indica hybrids, this type of hybrid cannabis emphasizes relaxation as a prominent experience.

Autoflower Hybrids: Any feminized or autoflowering hybrid strain will have Ruderalis genetics to ensure fast growth.

In summary, hybrid cannabis strains are created by combining different varieties to achieve desired traits, such as specific effects or growth characteristics.

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