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How to Avoid Powdery Mildew in your Cannabis Plants

Planting cannabis is really not easy. You need to maintain a lot of conditions in temperature and light intensity in order to obtain a healthy and conducive plant that produces quality plants. Also, it is important for a cannabis grower to recognize all threats that could pose danger and harm to your beloved cannabis plants. One of these risks is powdery mildew. This powdery mildew is often neglected by a lot of cannabis growers thinking that it is just nothing rather than white powdery particles. But don’t ever estimate their power because they have ruined a lot of fields and have damage millions of plants worldwide. That is why this article will explore ways that you could do in order to prevent powdery mildew from infesting your cannabis plants. This article will likewise discuss some things that you could do to eliminate this powdery mildew into your cannabis plants.

What is a Powdery Mildew?

This fungal disease is notably signified with white or gray powdery blotches and patches that are often located in stems, leaves, and even on buds or flowers of cannabis plants. This is somehow normal to some growers but absolutely affects the health and growth of the cannabis plat if left unattended. There are cases that severe exposure to powdery mildew with cannabis plants could result in fatalities. Also, humans who consume out buds with powdery mildew on it could pose a lot of risks in health. That is why upon detection of white blotches to your cannabis plant, it is a need to eliminate and remove it immediately to not worsen the effects and disperse towards other cannabis plants.

Reasons of Powdery Mildew Outbreak

These fungi could grow everywhere as long as there is moisture and it is extremely humid. High humidity promotes the reproduction of mildew. You need to understand that this fungus spread out quickly to your plants and its spores are easily carried by the wind or water currents until it found a place to thrive with. That is why it is important for you to regulate the air circulation on your plants. Make sure to avoid congestion with your cannabis plants to avoid powdery mildew. Also, ensure that your plants are not damp always most especially if you are watering the plants. Inspect your cannabis plants more during the wet season or in fall and spring because powdery mildew attacks most during these particular periods in a year.

Effects of Powdery Mildew to Human Health

Most of the plants that we all knew could be exposed and get infected with powdery mildew. Either way, cannabis users usually smoke out or ingest cannabis buds to their body. Along with that, you could take also powdery mildew to your system for which is really dangerous. The following are some of the adverse human health effects with powdery mildew;

  1. Allergies and Asthma
  2. Respiratory Infections and Lung Diseases
  3. Skin Diseases
  4. Immune System Deterioration
  5. Organ Damage and Cancer (Worst Cases)

Controlling Powdery Mildew

Prevention is every plant’s first line of defense against powdery mildew infestation. That is why you really need to exert an effort in order to ensure the prevention of powdery mildew into your cannabis plants. The following are some ways to avoid such action, these includes;

  1. Avoid planting near the river or very damp places and areas
  2. Increase light intensity of your grow lights to minimize moisture
  3. Examine the cannabis strains that you are going to use. Choose the strains that are highly invulnerable against mold and powdery mildew infestation.
  4. Use nitrogen fertilizer when it is deemed necessary. It has been found that application regularly these type of fertilizers promote powdery mildew attack.
  5. Prevent overcrowding of plants. Make sure to get a sparing distance for each plant to allow a good air circulation within your plants.
  6. Always check regularly your cannabis plants to indicate powdery mildew especially during wet season.
  7. If you are planting indoors, manage the humidity and temperature of your cannabis plant. Make sure that it is optimum so as to not induce growth of powdery mildew.

Tips on Managing Powdery Mildew

When your plants are attacked by powdery mildew, you don’t need to get panic immediately. There are a lot of ways to deal with this situation. The following are some of the treatments, methods, and remedies that most cannabis growers often do to treat and cure cannabis plants. Respectively, this includes;

  1. Apply an inorganic fungicide.

There are a lot of fungicides available online and for purchase to kill off the powdery mildew. As related to this, you should examine ingredients like potassium bicarbonate, copper, sulfur, and hydrated lime to follow through.


  1. Spray with an organic

    1. Baking soda

This is one of the best remedy known to eradicate fungi infection such as powdery mildew. You just need to add this to water, soap, and oil then spraying it with a fungicide to your cannabis plants.

  1. Garlic

You just need to add water to garlic and spray it over to your plants infested with powdery mildew regularly

  1. Neem Oil

These are extracts from Neem Tree and are often used by people to treat certain fungal diseases. However, it could also be employed to plants and correspondingly on killing off powdery mildew.

  1. Biofungicides

There are a lot of bio fungicides available for purchase online and to local agricultural shops aims to remove powdery mildew on your cannabis plants.

  1. Aspirin

This medicine has been known for its antifungal effects to humans and animals. But no one knows that it could be also be applied to plants. You just need to dissolve aspirin powders to a glass of water, mix it thoroughly, and spray it on the plants.

  1. Milk

This action of milk has been found out by Wagner Bettiol on his quest on finding a solution for the powdery mildew on his plants. Likewise, milk has known to even has many powerful effects on removing powdery mildew than normal fungicide. All you need to do is to combine 9:1 ratio of water and milk, then spray it on your cannabis plants.

Additional Tips when Encountering Powdery Mildew

  1. Separate the infected plants from the non-infected plants to prevent risks and spread of the disease.
  2. Don’t apply fertilizer to the plant until the problem is solved.
  3. Watering of plants should not come from above. Do it under the roots to avoid exposure of leaves and stem to water and moisture.
  4. If possible, remove the infected part of the plant to avoid spreading of it.
  5. Always stay clean and inspect very well your plants regularly!

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