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Autoflowering Marijuana Growing Tips you Want to Know


If you are a first time grower of autoflowering marijuana seeds, Here are some tips you can bear in mind to get you started.

  1. Choose the correct time window
  2. In most places, the best time to plant autoflowering marijuana outdoors is during spring where the minimum temperature starts at 58 ⁰F. This is best to do between May and June. Make sure not to plant or transplant them too soon outdoors in order to avoid premature flowering. Autoflowering strains usually begin to flower at the two or three week mark. Therefore it is best to plant them during the suggested period to make sure they get as much light exposure as they can by the time it starts flowering.
  3. 2. During the early stages
  4. To ensure that your harvests will be good with autoflowering seeds, make sure that you store the seeds properly in the first place. The best advisable place to store them in is a clean refrigerator with temperatures between 41 ⁰F to 46 ⁰F under low humidity conditions.The best way to perform germination is to soak your autoflowering seeds in a glass of purified water. Make sure that the pH of the water you are soaking in is between 5.5 to 6.0. If you do not have purified water on hand, you could use tap water but make sure to leave it out for at least 24 hours before using so that the chlorine will have time to evaporate.
  5. 3. Subject plants to the right growing conditions
  6. In order to grow the proper way, autoflowering marijuana plants, like regular marijuana plants, need the right conditions. The humidity might be easy to overlook but it is one of the most important factors. Make sure humidity levels around your plants are more or less at 80% during the seedling stage. Then 55% during the vegetative stage and switch to a higher 70% again when flowering is about to begin.
  7. 4. About growing media
  8. It is a well established fact that plants need as much as they can get in terms of oxygen. Also, it is important that the growing medium retain water for proper nutrient absorption. Therefore you need a growing medium that has good aeration and good water retention. Examples of growing media that accomplish these factors include expanded clay pellets, coco coir and perlite. And whichever growing medium you choose among these examples, just make sure that you maintain the pH at around 6.0 to 6.5 for optimum growth
  9. 5. Proper watering practices
  10. People may tend to overlook it, but the right watering practices matter much to marijuana plants. Some people think that the more water they pour into the plants, the better. But that is most definitely not the case. Overwatering is a popularly overlooked but serious problem. When you put too much water on your plants, they become suffocated with too much water and therefore result in improper nutrient absorption.There is a popular rule of thumb when it comes to watering marijuana plants. Water only when the top layer of the soil or growing media you are using becomes dry. And you’ll know that you have poured in the right amount when only a fifth of the water you poured in comes out at the bottom of the pot.So there you have it, these are just some tips to remember to get you started on growing autoflowering marijuana seeds.

Every decision is up to what you want your end result to be. The key here is to take care of your plants properly and pay attention to their needs. Marijuana plants are more sensitive to growing conditions than any other plants, and autoflowering marijuana plants are even more so.

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