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Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Easy to Grow?

autoflowering cannabis plant

First of all, let us talk all about what autoflowering cannabis seeds are. What is it really? Autoflowering cannabis is fairly easy to understand. They do not depend on light cycle to fully grow and mature. Only time is the determining factor when it comes to autoflowering cannabis. Therefore, for autoflowering cannabis, they begin flowering all on their own after a vegetative period of around 2 to 4 weeks which is pretty short considering. Autoflowering cannabis strains were founded when breeders took the species of Cannabis ruderalis and made hybrids from it. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of growing autoflowering cannabis seeds.

If you are an outdoor grower, your autoflowering marijuana plants will flower on their own no matter how many hours of daylight they are exposed to. Therefore you do not have to worry whether or not your plants have received the appropriate amount of daylight which is really dependent on the seasons. This also means that you can plant several batches without worrying if you can harvest on time. Germination is also straight forward like any other type of cannabis.

If you are an indoor grower, the same thing will happen. Your autoflowering cannabis plants will grow on their own and will reach full maturity at around 3 months from the point of germination. At this point they are ready to start flowering. This is what makes these types of seeds very desirable for growers who want to harvest quickly and who want to plant several grows in a year.

When you expose your autoflowering plants to sunlight around 12 hours a day, they would still grow bigger buds in quite a short amount of time. Also, one of the good things about growing autoflowering cannabis seeds is that they grow to be small which means that you would not have a hard time in hiding them from prying eyes.

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