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Are Autoflowering Cannabis Plants GMO?

Autoflowering cannabis plants are genetically modified plants. This type of cannabis plant was genetically modified to bloom early, bloom anytime, to mature and be ready for harvest in just 8 weeks. Auto seeds bloom early regardless what time of the year it is and how many hours of light it gets. Therefore it makes sense to use autoflowering seeds to get more profit out of growing cannabis.

Comparing Phases of Growth of Regular Cannabis Plants and Autoflowering Plants

Regular cannabis plants cycle

The best way to understand how amazing autoflowering seeds are is to compare its life cycle with a normal or regular cannabis plant. Suppose you start growing outdoors in spring, a seed will sprout in the early weeks of spring. This is the time of the year when the days are short but are getting longer and longer day by day. The amount of sunlight it gets is the plant’s cue to begin growing and usually it starts growing during late summer when days are starting to become shorter again. The growing plant knows that it has very little time left before the harsh winter cold. The plant will move from the growing to the blooming stage when it detects that the days are getting shorter. It is also during this stage when the plant wants to procreate before it dies in the winter hence it will create preflowers or buds.

So to sum it all up, regular marijuana plants will start to grow or sprout during early spring and then continue growing all summer and will switch to blooming stage during the early weeks of fall. After successful pollination, you can now harvest your crops by the end of fall or before it gets too cold.

It’s a good idea to understand the seasons of the year where you are located if you plan to grow non-autoflowering cannabis species. If you are using a regular strain, planted during the early weeks of spring, it will take the plant around 7.5 months before you can harvest. It’s also safe to say that no matter what month you start planting your auto seeds, you can only harvest once a year.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds cycle

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are genetically modified to bloom after 3 weeks after it has sprouted from an already germinated seed. The exact blooming time is established at 8 weeks which means that you can plant and harvest at least three times in a year compared to a once a year harvest with regular plants. The number of times that you can repeat the cycle in a year actually depends on the nighttime temperature during winter where you are located. Remember that you will never be able to grow marijuana once the temperatures start to drop below freezing.

Normal seeds vs autoflowering seeds indoor growing

Regular marijuana seeds are generally for outdoor growing. This is because these seeds are designed to bloom in three months or more depending on the strain. Regular seeds that have reached 3 months are still too weak and need a lot of sunlight, food and air to survive. Growing and leaving plants outdoors to grow and thrive will be able to help make plants stronger and sturdier and of course crops produce a good yield despite growing just once a year.

When you grow regular plants indoors, these will grow taller for at least 3 months and then finally switch to its blooming stage. Indoor growing will make plants too tall and this is not advisable for any grower.

Autoflowering seeds are ideally grown indoors. This kind of seeds is in automatic mode; these switch to blooming stage automatically in just three weeks. Autoflowering plants are generally smaller than regular plants but harvest is great. You can be sure of a good harvest each and every time you use autoflowering seeds.

The downside of using autoflowering seeds

Just when you think that there are no cons to using autoflowering seeds, there are a few disadvantages especially for the novice grower. First of all, autoflowering plants only come from seeds. These do not grow from clones so technically, you need to have available seeds every time you want to start growing. So where do you get seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are so in demand and are very popular among all types of growers that it is one of the most expensive seeds in the market. It’s rare that you will find autoflowering seeds being sold in discounted prices online and of course many growers are not just looking for fast-growing seeds but seeds that have great quality strains and this could jack up the prices even more.

Definitely all these can affect your profit. Purchasing seeds to use season after season could leave a hole in your pockets. This is why growers who use autoflowering seeds switch to growing their own seeds instead. Growing your own autoflowering seeds is not a huge deal, it’s just like growing seeds from regular plants.

Growing autoflowering seeds are the best and most efficient way to save. You will be able to save money, save time and of improve your profit. Master the art of growing your own seeds and you will have hundreds and even thousands of seeds in just one successful pollination.

Another downside of using autoflowering seeds is that the yields you get are lighter compared to indicas and sativas coming from regular species. These seeds produce quickly but somehow the  quality of the yield tends to suffer.

Autoflowering seeds indoors

All autoflowering seeds will simply increase your profits in no time and will work even if you have never used this technique before. the ideal environment is an indoor one for autoflowering so that these plants can grow well under uninterrupted sunlight. Combined with the Sea of Green (SOG) technique too, you will be able to get more profits and have more seeds to use for months to come. Find out more about the species of the cannabis you were thinking of purchasing to help you grow sturdier, stronger and healthier plants for harvest.


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