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Autoflowering Grow Box Planning and Design

autoflowering grow box planning and design

Growing autoflowering cannabis is mostly preferred indoors because you can control pretty much all the factors in your plant’s growth and development. And if you are just a personal use grower or just growing your own weed for medicine then there is no need to use a room or the basement to cultivate your own cannabis plant. You can use an autoflower grow box where you can grow and cultivate weed effectively and stealthily. The following tips can help you with grow box planning and design as well as choosing the right equipment that you will use to care for your plants.

Your grow box size

The very first thing that you probably thought of was how large your growing area would be in proportion to your home considering that this is where you and your family live. Some growers plan this partway ahead of time before they construct the actual grow box or before they place their plants in. There are many important things to consider when planning for your grow box size.

Grow boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes and may be constructed from the actual part of the house like a clothes cabinet or from a piece of furniture or appliance. Take note that whatever your plan may be, you must have at least three or more options just in case you need to tweak your plans.

Your budget also plays a huge role in choosing the right materials, equipment and other important factors that can affect the growth of plants. But anyone with a small budget can start growing cannabis at home with a little bit of creativity and DIY skills.

Finally, the amount of weed you expect to have is another factor. If you are just growing weed for personal use or for leisure then grow box would suffice. Medium-scale to large scale grow rooms and tents are already for commercial use.

Grow box lights

Grow lights replace the sun in a small grow operation. There are many kinds of grow lights and there are many ways to install these so that your plants can get maximum benefits. The very first thing that you need to consider as you shop for grow lights is the cost. Are you prepared to purchase top of the line lighting equipment for your plants? How about the corresponding electricity bill which would surely inflate once you have set up your grow box system.

Grow lights can easily become hot and this heat could be distributed all over our small growing space. Therefore you must use an efficient ventilation system to get rid of trapped heat inside the room. Watch for the intensity of the light source, the type of bulb and more. There are many kinds of grow lights from cannabis growing sites and in accessories sites online. You can choose the right one for your needs.

Heat and ventilation

Heat can accumulate inside grow rooms and affect your plants if you are not careful. One way to remove this is by using a ventilation system that can move heat away from the plants and allow plants to breathe. Fans are usually used along with filters to clean up air and to remove odors. You need this even if you are just planning for a closet operation or a small room operation. Remember that air exhaust, air intake, negative pressure, and air circulation.

Electricity sources/wiring

No matter what size your grow closet or room is, you need a reliable and efficient electricity source and wiring. The wiring should be safe and efficient and if possible, have a professional check and double-check for any problems. Check that the wirings are not near any water source and should not disturb normal traffic in a home or from any location.

Reflective material

Reflective material is important so that you can redirect light back to your plants. The use of these materials has been proven to increase the number of yields and therefore you must use the most efficient materials. By far, Mylar is the best reflective material that can reflect 95% of your light. It is cheap, easy to use and strong. She is available in most craft stores and hardware stores. And of course, there are more materials to choose from like emergency blankets, white paint and panda sheets and more.

Water distribution

For small scale growers like you, you can use a drip system or a wick system. You can also try hydroponics for larger grows. There are many kinds of water systems to choose from but in your case, a small closet operation may not need a super-efficient water distributing system. Regular watering and checking on plants is definitely more important.

All about stealth growing

Growing weed may not be allowed in some places and this could be detrimental if you need cannabis medications and therapy. Stealth growing will allow you to care for cannabis plants in a very discrete manner. This is where your imagination takes over as you can use almost anything at home to hide your cannabis growing operation. From using cabinets, refrigerators, wine cabinets, beds and so on, you are looking at growing weed in the most careful way and therefore the right design, as well as the right equipment for maintenance, should be used.

Your cannabis strains

As with growing other kinds of plants, you must understand the kind of strain you want to grow. Keep in mind its height, water requirements, harvest period, temperature requirements and so many more factors. You will build your grow box according to your plants’ needs.

Finally, you will surely get more maximum yield cannabis and have healthier plants when you consider using organic food and avoiding chemicals that can harm your plant more than care for it. Cannabis is a very hardy plant and is one of the easiest to grow given the right conditions. Your cannabis plant will surely give you good yields when you consider these factors for your grow box or room design.


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