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Auto Feminized Seed Growing Techniques That Can Benefit the Growers

auto feminized seed growing techniques that can benefit the growers

Growing auto feminized marijuana seeds offer myriads of benefits to growers. This is why a lot of cultivators all over the world are doing research on how to grow these marijuana seeds. And if you’re one of those people who is wondering about the best autoflowering seeds feminized and how to properly cultivate them, then this article is definitely for you.

First of all, it’s crucial that you understanding what auto feminized seeds are. Auto feminized seeds are not your average seeds. It’s important that you also take the time to ponder on some few pointers first before you start growing them. There are effective techniques that you can use in order to enjoy a great successful harvest.

Proper care and maintenance are definitely needed if you want healthy and high yielding crops. Like for instance, you need to make sure that you germinate the plant in the same container that they will be harvested. It’s also important that the plant undergoes little stress. Your goal is to ensure that you lessen the chances of stressing these plants.

Take note that they have a short life cycle compared to other strains or plants, and so you need to do your research carefully. By avoiding stress, you are enhancing the growth rate of the autoflowering plant. It’s also advisable that you take the time to seek for tips and advice from fellow growers if you really want to make sure that you enjoy the successful harvest. Check out what Phil Depault has to say about cannabis cultivation. 

What is Autoflowering Feminized Seeds?

One of the main reasons as to why many growers are attracted to growing these types of seeds is because, in time, these plants automatically flower on their own. As opposed to regular cannabis seeds, these seeds automatically flowers and not by specific timed light cycle. To put it simply, these marijuana plants flower on their own after a short vegetative phase which is about 2 to 4 weeks.

The unique trait of these feminized seeds is created by trustworthy breeders. What they did is they experimented genes from Cannabis ruderalis, which is a subspecies of the marijuana plant. Cannabis ruderalis is known for its short stature and autoflowering characteristics. These seeds grow and flower on its own time and don’t rely on photoperiods to flower.

Pros and Cons of Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Plants

Considering these factors should help you get the most out of your autoflowering cannabis plants. Remember these tips and techniques and there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to achieve incredible results.

When growing these plants outdoors, they produce buds automatically regardless of how many hours of light or sunlight they are receiving. This means that the grower won’t have to worry about running an expensive and sophisticated lighting system or adding supplemental light.  As a result, growers will be able to save a lot of money and energy.

Now, if you’re growing them indoors, then you can expect these plants to grow in a rapid manner. Believe it or not, their maturation becomes complete only after three months. And then again, this helps you save a lot of time, money, and energy.

What’s more, is that these plants are able to receive more than 12 hours of light and still create big and healthy buds in less time compared to regular cannabis plants. They are also perfect for growers who want to plant marijuana plants stealthily. As mentioned earlier, these plants are small. This is the reason why they are perfect for closet grows and even outdoor growing where you don’t want your friends, families, or neighbors to see that you’re growing cannabis.

For the disadvantages, autoflowering feminized seeds are small and small means reduced yields. Although they are small, they are still able to produce great effects. Another disadvantage of planting autoflowering feminized seeds is growers are unable to train them to make the most of grow space.

Top 5 Best Autoflowering Seeds

Bubble Kush Automatic

Bubble Kush Automatic is a great cannabis strain that is a lovechild of OG Kush, Buble Gum, and the famous autoflowering Royal Critical Automatic. The characteristics of its parents were brought together in one. It has gotten its best qualities and properties from its sativa and indica parents. If you’re looking for a powerful strain, then this one is definitely for you since it contains about 16% or more of THC. It’s also known for its sweet and rich flavors.

Amnesia Haze Automatic

Another popular autoflowering seeds that you can grow today is the Amnesia Haze Automatic. It’s considered as one of the most classical and well-known sativa variety. It is composed of 50% sativa, 20% indica, and 30% ruderalis genes. Every smoker will surely enjoy this strain since it packs a flavor and is strong enough to provide you a meditative and calming state of mind.

Royal Cookies Automatic

Growing these autoflowering strain is recommended if you’re a beginner. It’s known for its toasty rich aroma of cookies. You can also expect powerful indica high from this strain. And you’ll be surprised by the staggering yet calming effects of this strain since it contains 18% of THC levels. Regardless of whether you’re planting them indoors or outdoors, Royal Cookies Automatic is resilient enough to stay healthy and give you a great harvest.

Royal Gorilla Automatic

If it’s potency that you’re looking for, then the Royal Gorilla Automatic is the best strain for you. Believe it or not, this strain only takes about 5 to 7 weeks before it starts to flower. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. And yes, it contains 20% of THC level which means that you’ll be able to enjoy this strain healthily.

Royal Jack Auto

Came from the legendary Jack Herer, Royal Jack Auto offers many excellent benefits to both recreational and medicinal marijuana users. It’s one of the most potent cannabis strain that you’ll find in the market today. It has a genetic makeup of 40% sativa, 30% indica, and 30% ruderalis. If you’re looking for a strong and delectable cannabis strain, then this one is definitely for you.

Growing Tips

Always consider the climate, temperature, and humidity when growing these strains. Remember that these plants flowers on their own and there’s no need for you to follow photoperiod light cycles. Remember that although they don’t require you to follow light cycles, it’s still important that you provide them sufficient warmth.

It’s also essential that you go easy on feeding them. Keep in mind that they have a small stature thus, they don’t need to be heavily fed. Make sure that you feed them lightly and don’t give them too many nutrients such as nitrogen during the vegetative growth phase. And during harvest, make sure that you harvest them carefully and gradually. It’s recommended that you harvest these plants in a sequential manner. You need to take the colas first to allow more time for the lower buds to dense up.

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