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As Tiny as a Seed, as Big as a Dream: The Untamed Potential of the Cannabis Seeds Business Market

the untamed potential of the cannabis seeds business market

Nowadays, all eyes are on Canada’s marijuana industry. Experts from all across the globe are currently in the middle of a massive race in coming up with various sort of intriguing data regarding the explosive growth and projected worth of Canada’s legal cannabis market.

In this massive euphoria, many still fail to fully apprehend the immense potential of cannabis seeds sales. To the naked eye, a marijuana seed is just like any other ordinary seed. However, to medical and recreational users alike, the tiny cannabis seed hides an untapped, untamed, and uncut potential of offering days, and even months of pain- and stress- free blissfulness for the senses.

As tiny as a seed, as big as a dream: this is one of the phrases that best describe what something as similarly small as a cannabis seed can actually provide to the well-being of thousands of marijuana users.

Cannabis Seeds and the Miracle of Life

Next time you have the opportunity to hold a fragile cannabis seed in your hands, we dare you to take an out-of-the-box approach when examining this miraculous gift from Mother Nature.

Look at the cannabis seed closely but do not solely make use of your sensory organs, for this is not the way to truly understand the beauty and wisdom residing in the tiny seed. Instead, we challenge you to take a holistic approach to decipher the ancient secrets of the healing cannabis plant.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed has the potential to get a single recreational cannabis user high, feeling happy and content, hundreds of times. Or it can just as well get a hundred of recreational pot consumers fly high, too.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed can provide a medical marijuana user with thousands of hours of sublime relaxation, keeping pains at bay while also assisting in fighting off inflammation and promoting restful sleep.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed can allow a cannabis grower to harvest well over 350 grams of high-quality cannabis flowers at a fraction cost.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed can allow weed aficionados to experiment with a whole array of homemade cannabis-laced foods and beverages.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed can allow cannabisseurs to keep upgrading their marijuana horticultural skills with confidence and joy.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed can give birth to thousands of smiles shining on the faces of those who choose to medicate or entertain by using marijuana.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed can allow professional breeders to create never-seen-before, exciting, amazing, brand new marijuana varieties.

Something as tiny as a cannabis seed is what determines the health and vigor of the cannabis-plant-to-be because, in a quite similar way as with humans, the genetics play a key role in determining the quality and quantity of harvest.

Quintessentially, a cannabis seed is nothing less and nothing more but the Miracle of Life in a miniature.

Cannabis: A Precious and Costly Herbal Plant

So, what is it that makes cannabis seeds so highly prized among cannabis enthusiasts, advocates, connoisseurs, MMJ patients, and cannabis business-minded individuals alike? After all, isn’t a cannabis seed quite similar to other seeds, like basil or rosemary seeds?

Partially, it is, however, we must not forget that even though marijuana is just one of many other herbal plants, it is definitely a costly one. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise why so many people are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of growing their green medication from seed.

But before cannabis growers can happily and proudly germinate, plant, grow, and harvest their cannabis crops, a high-quality seed goes through a very long journey that many know too little about.

Above all, it is crucial for business owners looking to reap the benefits from working with reliable wholesale cannabis seeds retailers to get acquainted with the lengthy and hard efforts accompanied the process of cannabis breeding.

Anyone can come across a random seed after indulging in a delicious cannabis bud, and that every seed can be easily tossed into a suitable pot, so the cannabis growing journey begins, right? Then what’s the point for people ever spending a dime on high-quality cannabis seeds sold in dispensaries, retail stores, or hydroponic stores, among others?

The thing is, high-quality cannabis seeds one can find available for sale both online and offline have nothing to do with random seeds falling behind from a gorgeous cannabis flower and/or cannabis seeds that are commonly exchanged between amateur cannabis growers who are still making their baby steps into the art of marijuana cultivation.

Growing Cannabis from Random Seeds vs. High-Quality Seeds

For anyone who is serious about his/her cannabis cultivation mission, there is only one option that is worth it: laying hands on nothing less but top-grade cannabis seeds created by professional breeders and sold by reputable retailers.

Currently, the regulation of the illicit cannabis seeds market in Canada is still very poor, but the truth is, marijuana users, looking into growing healthy, high-quality cannabis plants in their indoor or outdoor garden will always choose pricier seeds from trust-worthy retailers rather than random seeds or seeds promoted to be of top-quality by illicit dealers. Because in order for a top-notch line of cannabis seeds to be created, the process typically takes years, and so it is definitely not what illicit seeds retailers are eager to engage with.

Those fancy named cannabis strains provided by professional cannabis seeds companies have been brought to the public thanks to generations of carefully bred, selected, and monitored cannabis plants, nurtured with a mind to stabilizing the strain’s genetics and being able to measure the cannabinoid content, Sativa to Indica genetic inheritance, and dominant flavors and fragrances, among many other crucially important metrics.

As a comparison, when growing cannabis from random seeds, a grower has literally no idea of the average levels of THC and CBD, flowering time, and many other factors that determine the success of the cannabis cultivation mission.

Since people spend 3+ months in taking proper care of their cannabis crops, they want to have reliable achievements upon harvesting.

Simply put, growing cannabis from a random seed can be fun but it is not an accurate way to make sure your marijuana grow mission won’t end up as a total fail. Not to mention that breeding cannabis strains with strong genetics is equal parts science, art, and hard work, because a breeder needs to first grow several generations of the same strain before he/she can pick the best phenotype (the exact cannabis plant out of the bunch that exhibits the most satisfactory traits of a particular strain), and to also backcross the selected phenotype to stabilize the genetics.

The breeding process is not merely a time-consuming endeavor but it also requires access to professional equipment, such as lab testing devices used to measure the cannabinoid content, which the average users do neither have access to nor are able to work with.

As Tiny as a Cannabis Seed, as Big as a Dream: Final Notes

It is only fair to state that in the absence of high-quality cannabis seeds, the marijuana industry in Canada, as well as in other countries in the world where the public acceptance of cannabis keeps growing, would never possibly develop.

Sure, nowadays experts are looking into cheaper alternatives to extracting the cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant, such as THC and CBD, through methods evolving genetically modified algae and yeast, among others. However, never will there be any high-end method for extracting synthetically produced active cannabinoids that can outperform the all-natural process of growing cannabis and enjoying the best that it has to offer from seed.

For all the business owners who are just about to join the massive wave of excitement, as well as limitless opportunities for growth and profit related with working with wholesale cannabis seeds in Canada, the most important thing you want to know about the incredible journey of the tiny cannabis seed to making big dreams come true is that quality and genetics matter, so choose wisely in order to make sure your happy clients will keep coming back for more.

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