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Why Aren’t My Marijuana Seeds Germinating

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Marijuana Seeds Germinating

Everyone loves how it feels when they finally see their seeds sprouting out. It feels like you’re growing little babies and it makes you proud to see that they are alive because of your care. Also, starting from marijuana seeds and germinating them is the best way to get as strong a plant as possible compared to when you start from clones or any other way. And it is impossibly frustrating when you think you’ve done everything you need to do but your seeds just won’t germinate, isn’t it? So why exactly aren’t your seeds sprouting out? Let’s take a look at these 5 possibilities and find out why.

Presence of Fungi

There are lots of kinds of fungus that could possibly invade your little plants. Although most kinds of fungus are not particularly harmful to us humans, take mushrooms for example, but they could be perilous to your marijuana seeds. When you see that your seeds have sprouted up a bit but start to turn brown and bend towards the ground, there is a possibility that fungus have invaded them. These fungi, whatever type they may be, are using your little marijuana plants as food in order to survive. So if you are seeing some signs of fungal growth on your plants, make sure to remedy them as early as possible so as not to have any lasting effects on their growth.

Mold Growth

Similar to fungi, molds are a pesky growth in your plants that could harm them severely. When your seeds are just not germinating, try and see for signs of mold. You would know if mold has caused the non-germination when you see a white and hairy growth on top of the soil or growing medium you are using to grow your marijuana seeds. When you’re growing marijuana outside, however, the presence of mold and fungi could not be all that bad. When outdoors, these microorganisms actually help in your plants’ natural growth. However, when you are growing marijuana indoors, this is a tell tale sign that your seeds are exposed to too much moisture. This is known to marijuana growers as “moisture lock”. Moisture lock, aside from causing mold growth, also attracts more pests so make sure to adjust the environment in your growing room to have more ventilation or you might try watering less often.

Other Pests

Aside from fungi and molds, another kind of growth that could cause seeds not to germinate are other kinds of pests. These pests could come in all kinds and in all shapes and sizes. The usual culprits though are bugs. And these pesky little creatures could be really hard to get rid of. They also affect your plants severely as they feed off of your marijuana plants, especially the younger plants. When you notice that your marijuana seeds are not germinating, check for bugs immediately. And when you see that they are indeed there, you must take action as fast as you can.

Getting rid of bugs come in two important stages, namely extermination and subsequent prevention. Most growers advice that an easy trick to get rid of bugs and pests is to use hydrogen peroxide. But if you are not into using such a chemical on your young plants, you could opt for other organic options that you could find online or in growing stores. And when you’ve successfully eradicated the presence of bugs, make sure to prevent it from ever happening again. The key here is to check your plants regularly. Checking your plants everyday, especially under the leaves, is a good practice to do.

Planting Depth

If you don’t see any signs of fungus, molds or bugs on your soil and still your marijuana seeds are not germinating, the problem could be how deep you’ve planted your seeds. Marijuana seeds can be extremely resilient and will adapt to almost any environment just to grow. But they need light, and as much of it as they could, in order to really grow. So when they’re not sprouting, maybe the problem is that you’ve planted the seeds too deep. When germinating, make sure to plant your seeds on the soil or on any other growing medium you’re using just enough to cover with a little bit of soil but not too deep that any sunlight or artificial lighting can’t reach them.

The Kind of Seeds

However, when you’ve done everything you can for your seeds to sprout and still to no avail, the problem could be with the seeds themselves. We never really know what kind of seeds we’re getting so maybe that’s where the problem lies. Just make sure that you are using fresh seeds from healthy plants so that you won’t get to experience this problem.

So there you go, those are just five of the possible reasons why your marijuana seeds are not germinating. Go ahead and check your plants as early as possible.

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