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Alternative Ways to Make Feminized Cannabis Seeds

alternative ways to make feminized cannabis seeds

Cannabis popularity is surging as of this moment. Because of legalization, there has been a shortage of marijuana in a lot of countries and states especially in Canada, where authorities are even doing all sorts of things to tackle the shortage. But if you want to tackle your own personal shortage yourself, you can start doing so by making feminized seeds.

Feminized cannabis seeds are great for people who want to start their own grow space at home. After all, you can reap the benefits of your own harvests. But buying feminized seeds can be pretty difficult in a lot of places and might even be more expensive than you think. Therefore, it might be better if you start making them yourself.

But before we go there, what exactly are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds

If you still do not know yet, there is a 50-50 chance that any regular cannabis seed will end up either as males or females. That is the same as almost any kind of two-sexed organism on the planet.

Male marijuana plants are the ones that are responsible for impregnating female plants by releasing pollens from their pollen sacs. They pollinate nearby female marijuana plants to make them produce seeds.

On the other hand, female plants do not have those pollen sacs (except in cases of hermaphroditism). Instead, they have buds or flowers that can produce seeds whenever they are pollinated by male plants. However, those buds or flowers have another purpose—they contain THC and other cannabinoids, which are responsible for giving you the kind of high that marijuana is known for. In other words, the parts that are consumed are the flowers because they contain the chemical compounds that make us high.

So if you are looking to maximize bud production from your seeds, it is imperative that you should only have female marijuana plants. You also have to make sure that no males will ever impregnate your females because of how the latter will focus their energy on seed production instead of bud production. Essentially, males are not only useless but also very impractical and annoying for those who want to focus all of their efforts on bud production.

That said, using feminized seeds is the solution to this predicament? Why is that? It is because feminized seeds produce only female plants! What that means is that you no longer have to waste efforts on growing seeds that will eventually turn out to be male. All of your female plants will end up producing buds, which can be harvested and sold or used. That means more buds for you to use for profit or for personal consumption.

How do you make feminized cannabis seeds?

There is no single way for you to make feminized cannabis seeds. There are actually several methods to do it. Here are some of those ways:

Rodelization method

The Rodelization method involves using natural means and ways to force marijuana plants into producing feminized cannabis seeds. What you first have to do is to wait and see for one of your female marijuana plants to develop into hermaphrodites. Hermaphroditism happens in female cannabis plants whenever they are forcing themselves to produce seeds. This is when your female marijuana plants eventually produce pollen sacs of their own especially when you have left them out far too long during their flowering period.

When hermaphroditism happens, female plants develop pollen sacs you can collect. After collecting these sacs, you can use the pollen to carefully pollinate chosen female flowers so that they can produce seeds. Seeds that are produced this way will almost always end up as feminized variants.

Using the Rodelization methods is a natural way to produce feminized seeds and is generally safer for the health of both you and the plants because it is free from any harmful chemicals or solutions.

However, there are a few downsides. First of all, you have to wait for hermaphroditism to happen even though it is not a guarantee. Second, since you will be using a hermaphrodite, there is also a chance that the feminized seeds will also end up as hermaphrodites. And lastly, hermaphrodites are not nearly as potent as male plants when it comes to their pollen.

Colloidal silver method

The colloidal silver method involves a more chemical means of producing feminized cannabis seeds. What you have to do here is to use a solution called colloidal silver, which is a solution that is treated with silver particles. You can easily make this solution at home by purchasing it from a pharmacy or from online stores. It has a lot of health benefits not only for plants but also for humans. But, when used on plants, it can help prevent bacteria and insects from infecting your plants.

Used on female marijuana plants regularly, you will eventually force the plant to develop male characteristics such as a pollen sac. What you have to do is to make sure you keep on misting your female plants. Do so for a maximum of two weeks until you see the results.

When the pollen sacs start to form, wait for them to mature until they are about to open up and burst. After that, take them off the plant and leave them in a cool and dry place for about a week or so. Once the pollen sacs are dry, use them to pollinate female plants. Seeds that are produced this way will almost end up as feminized variants.

Using this method is great because you are not waiting for the plant to transform into a male. Instead, the female plant will stay as a female but you will only be forcing it to produce pollen sacs. That means that it is still genetically a female and will not pass on traits of hermaphroditism to its seeds.

However, the one thing you have to consider when using this method is that you should destroy the cannabis plant that came into contact with the colloidal silver after it developed the pollen sacs. Do not ever smoke or consume buds from this plant as doing so can have a lot of potential health hazards.


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