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All You Need to Know About Eruca Sativa

all you need to know about eruca sativa

Every expert cannabis cultivator knows that successful cultivation starts with growing good quality strains. Using good quality strains will help you in getting rid of issues that might arise in the first place. One good cannabis strain that you might want to check is the Eruca sativa.

This is an annual herbaceous plant that is widely distributed in the Mediterranean region. One of the highlights of this strain is that it also serves as an essential medicinal herb. Now that we got your attention, continue reading on as we will give you more information about this cannabis strain.

Eruca Sativa 101

The Eruca Sativa is known by its common names such as Rocket, True Rocket, Rocket Salad, Roquette, Arugula and White Pepper. It is well known in traditional medicine because of its therapeutic properties as an astringent, diuretic, emollient, digestive, aphrodisiac, laxative, stimulant and tonic.

Some species of the Eruca are valued as forage, fodder, condiments, oilseed and vegetable crops with the use of buds, leaves, roots, seeds, and stems of the plants. The name of this plant species has been derived from the Latin word Eruca that means a type of cabbage.

Plant Description

Eruca Sativa is a diploid annual herb that grows 10-100 cm tall and has a slender taproot, erect, stiff and has an elongated branching system. The roots have a spindle form and it has few secondary roots.

The stems are branched and leaves are compound. You will notice that the lower leaves are stalked while the upper leaves are more or less sessile with a long oblong shape. It’s also slightly fleshy with a hint of the pungent smell.

The flowers of the Eruca Sativa grow from 2-4 cm in diameter with the sepals growing from 8-10 mm long with a long, pale yellow or a whitish color with deep violet veins. The seeds are 1.5-2mm, it has a yellow-brown or reddish color while the shape is spherical or ovoid.

Ecological Distribution

The Eruca Sativa is distributed in different countries from Southern Europe to North Africa, India, Iran, and Pakistan. It is a winter crop that is grown in dry areas. It can be grown as a pure strain or as a hybrid strain.

It can even be grown on marginal land that there a slim chance for sowing and cultivation for other crops is not entirely feasible. It also has the feature to be drought-tolerant and can adapt to adverse environmental conditions.

This cannabis strain also has an efficient and fast-penetrating root system that it can be planted even in severe periods of drought that is coupled with late rains. Also, cultivators can grow even in severely salt-affected soils and tolerate temperatures that are down to up to -4 degree Celsius.

Propagation Methods of Eruca Sativa

The Eruca sativa grows readily from seeds and through transplants. The eruca seeds should be sown within 0.5-1 cm deep and in rows that have 15-20 cm distance. Within each row, the final stand should be 5-10cm apart.

Soaking the eruca seeds in water for 6 hours and sowing them in the evening has been known to improve germination.

Eruca Processing and Utilization

You will know that the Eruca Strain is mature and ready to be harvested when the siliquae have turned brown-yellow and the seeds inside have dried slightly. The crop will reach maturity in about 140-150 days, it is also manually harvested using sickles.

>After harvesting, the material is brought to an area for threshing to reduce the moisture content of the seed to at least 9% for storage and for processing.

You have the option to thresh the seed out manually by beating the plants with a long stick or by simply hitting small bundles of the crop against a hard surface. The top part of the matured plant will include about 20% seed and 80% straw.

The Eruca Strain seed can be processed into approximately 33% to 35% of oil and the other 67% into an oil cake.

Knowing the Quality of the Cannabis Seeds Before you Grow Them

Now that we have laid down all the information you need to know about Eruca Strains, we’ll now give you additional tips on what to look for in cannabis seeds before you and purchase them.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider in finding out the best cannabis seed strain that will work in your cannabis garden.

The Appearance and Feel

A good way to find out that your cannabis seed has good quality is by touching and observing how it looks like. The healthy and genetically superior seeds will express a darker color on the outer shell. Black and grey seeds are usually a sign of a good seed.

You will also notice that for healthy seeds, they will look like as if they have a wax coating on their shell. You can expose them to bright light and the seed will give off a shining effect.

They will also feel firm when touched, you can place the seed in between your thumb and index finger the squeeze it. The squeezing pressure should be just enough to test the resilience. If it doesn’t break, it’s more likely to be worth planting.

Float Test

This is a fun way to test the quality of your seeds, you need to fill a drinking glass or glass jar with water and then put the seeds on the surface. It’s preferred to use spring or distilled water.

The cannabis seeds that will sink to the bottom are probably healthy and should be given a chance to be germinated. The results are not immediately apparent and you might need to wait for around 1-2 hours before having a confirmed result.

Some good quality seeds may need adequate time to absorb enough amount of water for them to reach the bottom of the glass. Any seeds that don’t sink is no longer viable and can’t be used for cannabis cultivation.

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