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How Grow Bigger Yields on your Marijuana Plants

Harvesting your yield is a rewarding moment of your Marijuana cultivation. However, it will be much more rewarding if you can harvest a higher yielding crop. Experts did not stop on finding ways to improve higher yield in Marijuana growing. Some of the tips will be discussed in this article so that you can apply it in your Marijuana cultivation for you to have a chance to harvest higher yield of Marijuana crop.

1)    Super Cropping

Super Cropping is an effective way to have a higher yield. This is also called as HST or High-Stress Training. This technique can be done through hurting your weeds slightly but in a planned way. As a result, the Marijuana plants tend to produce more bush and buds and even higher THC content. The said scenario is a natural reaction of a plant to give her a protection against the wild. Growers can use this as an opportunity to apply some technique to harvest bigger yield with more potent buds.

What do you need to super crop?

  • Your weed plants
  • A little growing experience
  • Something to use to tie the branches
  • Duct tape in case of mistakes

Steps in super cropping Marijuana plants

Step 1) Choose a branch that you will be using to super crop

Super cropping must be done during the vegetative stage, make sure that the branches are healthy and vigorous. In choosing a plant to super crop, choose an old part but are still flexible.

Step 2) squeeze and bend the branches

You will squeeze and bend the branches because of the idea of damaging the inner tissue without damaging the skin or the outside surface.

Step 3) fix any tears on the outside part of the stem and tie it down

Steps 4) remove the tape you used

Finally, the result will be more production of buds and branches; you can also control the bush of your plant. These are more suitable for Marijuana growing in the closet.

2)    Using the SCROG or screen of green method

Scrogging is a term used for the process of manual changing of the natural growth of the plants. Scrogging will use the screen (any type of screen) to maximize the usage of lights and as a result, it will produce more buds.

3)    Manifolding or mainlining

Is the technique where it involves a process of making “manifold” to your Cannabis seedling to let it form bigger buds. Manifolding is a process by which the stem of your Marijuana plants will be evenly split in two. This will result in taller and thicker colas.

4)    Topping and fimming

Is a process by which a Cannabis plant’s top part is to cut off. Topping is to cut the plants between nodes and fimming is removing the new ones.

5)    Low-stress training or LST

It is through bending and tying the stems to change the plant’s shape. This will result to more bud sites and all in all, a higher yielding crop.

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