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9 Easy Ways to Reduce Your THC Buzz


As much as we all love to feel that mind-bending THC buzz, you need to do something to tone down the effects of weed sometimes. Generally, you can have a high THC and low CBD variety which has high psychoactive effects and cannabis varieties with low THC and high CBD, weed that has a more therapeutic effect than psychoactive effect.

Reducing the buzz in high THC weed will help you control the effects as well as reduce any negative effects you may be experiencing. Reducing the psychoactive effects in weed can also help you master its therapeutic effects and help you stay safe especially when you are consuming high THC strains. Here are a few tips can help you manage THC buzz like a pro.

Calming down after taking a lot of weed

The first rule of using cannabis whether for recreational or medical purposes is you must never overuse or overindulge. Smoking or consuming too much cannabis can lead to severe effects. Most weed with high THC can cause headaches, dizziness, low blood sugar, dry mouth and red eyes. Some people who are new to using cannabis may even develop dizziness and paranoia. But these can be overcome after regular use of the strain.

  1. Manage low blood sugar levels

Possibly one of the most common side effects of smoking weed and too much weed is low blood sugar. This causes dizziness, possibly to the point of passing out for some people. THC in marijuana causes a dive in blood sugar levels and this leads to dizziness, cold and clammy skin and possibly the worst effect, loss of consciousness.

Therefore if you had too much weed or you have just consumed a very potent, high THC cannabis strain and you feel close to passing out, get out of your room and breathe some fresh air. Relax and simply let fresh air clear your head. After you have relaxed a little, drink something sugary to increase sugar levels.

Eat a light meal afterwards. Usually when you pass out, you will recover in a short while. Provide a safe environment if someone passes out. As soon as the person regains consciousness, give him a sugary drink and a light meal.

  1. Getting rid of red and dry eyes

Most high THC strains can cause red and dry eyes and if you are at home or at work, you need to immediately manage this common side effect.  Red eyes are due to the effects of THC. This causes an increase in blood flow to the entire body especially in the small blood vessels of the eyes. The eye area becomes warm as more blood rushes into the area causing dryness of the eyes.

Reduce red eyes and dry eyes by using eye drops or splashing cold water on your face to reduce redness and discomfort. Take a nap or sleep. Wear sunglasses to hide your red eyes.

  1. Get rid of cotton or dry mouth

This dry and uncomfortable feeling over your mouth is due to the effects of THC and is not just when you smoke cannabis but also when you consume marijuana edibles too. Dry mouth can be treated by chewing gum, eating food or taking a sip of water or juice. You can also use cannabis strains with less cotton mouth effects if you dislike this common side effect of cannabis.

  1. Dealing with restlessness and anxiety

If you are new to taking weed, you might feel restless and anxious and this is also true if you have just consumed a particularly high THC variety for the first time. These are the effects of increased blood flow to the brain.

The best way to go about the high is simply to ride it out. While riding the high, most users turn to art, music and other creative mediums. Some take this as a great opportunity to finish some work at the office or a longstanding project at home. Anything, just about any kind of interesting activity can help you deal with restlessness and anxiety.

  1. Sleep might help deal with anxiety

Some strains can make you feel sleepy and super relaxed at the end of the high and if this happens don’t fight it. Go home and if you are home, turn off the lights and keep warm and comfortable. Let the natural course of the high make you sleep.

Make sure to keep safe and just let the effect pass. You might feel restless but this will come to pass without any medical intervention. And no matter what you do, don’t panic. The symptoms will dissipate in just a few minutes to a few hours. Usually there will be no lasting effects and the most you will feel is a little dizziness.

  1. Increase hydration by drinking more water

THC will naturally dehydrate the body since you are using a lot of energy. Hydrate by drinking a lot of water or juice. Be sure to have a glass of cold water or juice on hand. Do not drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol. Drinking juice or water will reduce dizziness and treat dry or cotton mouth. Avoid alcoholic beverages because alcohol can increase the effects of THC in the blood.

  1. Use instant home remedies

There are a lot of simple home remedies that can help reduce THC buzz. First on the list is a kitchen staple: black pepper. This natural remedy can help you deal with dizziness, loss of consciousness and anxiety. Simply take a whiff of black pepper or chew on a few bits of black peppercorns to instantly get rid of the buzz.

  1. Relaxing activities can help reduce the buzz

There are a lot of activities that can make you relaxed to reduce the strong effects of THC. You can take a nice shower or a bath to help you relax. If you feel relaxed or sleepy afterwards, sleep or take a nap for as long as you want. Do any activity that will distract you as you come down from your high. Watch a movie or a cartoon, play a video game, listen to your favourite kind of music, talk to friends or do some crafts.

Some strains will make you feel focused and creative therefore you can use this time to finish a project or a task that you find hard to complete. It’s a guarantee that you will find it relaxing and you will be more focused to work on any kind of activity.

One way to relax is to eat something delicious. Most people who come down from a high usually feel hungrier than ever. You can also go out with friends and find an amazing restaurant where you can binge eat. You may also order out if you don’t feel like going out.

  1. Entertain yourself and simply take a walk

Get some fresh air or a change of scenery to turn down the effects of THC. If you must go out, have a friend or family member accompany you. Be sure to stay close to home.

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